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The Sacrificial Diet

Leslie Miller

One fat, lonely woman's journey of weight loss through the power of fasting.


I was fat. Obese. I had more rolls than an overstocked bakery. One day I took a good look at myself and took in the facts: I was thirty-six years old, unemployed, divorced, mother to a fourteen year old know-it-all, no savings account, and seriously addicted to food. I was the heavyset, lonely woman who lived with her three cats. I had issues!

My journey to a happier life is one of humor, brutal honesty, and unexpected results.

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Journal and Jesus

Writing all of this down has really been a trip. I never used to journal. When I was about ten years old I kept a diary, diligently recording all of my deep, important feelings and thoughts…about boys. Who I wanted to grow up and marry, what we would name our ten kids, describing the big castle we’d live in.

You know, important girl stuff. Then one day my brother found my diary. And he stole that diary and read it to God and everybody, including the boys I had written about.

My brother is a great guy, he loves his family and we have a fun relationship. But I can honestly say he almost didn’t make it to puberty that day. If looks could kill, he’d have been stuffed and mounted on the wall like a prize elk.

So I never bothered to keep a journal after that fiasco, until the little voice spoke into my life. When I began to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard, I felt like I graduated officially from girlhood to womanhood. That’s the power of the pen. Or keyboard.

Sometimes I think we expect God to move in our lives like a tidal wave, overcoming us with instantaneous answers to all life’s problems. But I’ve found that He has already given us the answers to our problems and issues. It’s called the Word of God, more commonly known as the bible.

Yes, the bible. New readers of the bible can feel intimated at the sheer number of pages, the books with a book, and the vast amount of historical data it contains.  But fear not! There is a solution to help you get going. At the back of most bibles there is this great thing called a Concordance, which is a big word for menu.

Feeling depression? Look up the word depression in the Concordance and it will point out verses that deal with depression. Want some joy, salvation, hope, faith, love, mother in law advice? Look up the word and you’ll get a great start in beginning your own journey.

If you believe in God but aren’t sure how Jesus fits into the picture, no worries! The bible is here to help and so am I.  I’ll summarize it for you:

Mankind stinks with sin. Even just one sin separates us from God. What is sin, you ask? Sin is anything that God hates. Some obvious sins are murder, lying, acting like a tramp, stealing other people’s stuff, etc. Some less obvious sins are thinking bad thoughts, hating others even though they deserve it, and not doing what God asks us to do.

Whew, you are probably asking who isn’t a sinner? Great question, the answer is we have all sinned. Remember how animals were sacrificed to God in Ye Olden Days? They were killed because only an unblemished blood source can remove sin.

But God had a better plan in place and one day God sent His only Son, Jesus, who was God’s mirror image, to the earth in human form. Jesus was perfect, without any sin or blemish, and having a human body meant he had blood. So Jesus willingly offered Himself up to be killed as a sacrifice so that our sins would be removed. When we believe in Him and His blood sacrifice, and confess that He is our Savior, then our sins are removed and we are able to cuddle in close to God, so that He can now cuddle in close to us.

For more details I recommend reading the book of Matthew, followed by the book of Acts. Checking out your local church is also a good idea.

John 3:17 “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him (Jesus) might be saved.”





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