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date submitted 31.03.2011
date updated 04.01.2012
genres: Fiction, Thriller, Business, Erotic...
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Simon M Gray

A callous businessman, a disillusioned Trinidad detective, a thriller with a serious heart, raising questions that every one of us faces in our daily lives.


Two months before the launch of the Tomahawk Blade, his company on a financial knife-edge, Cayden Callejon comes into conflict with the shady Maalik Maharaj. Cayden attempts to control the situation but circumstances force him to cooperate with an overstretched Homeland Security agent, Sly Williams, who is determined to prove herself.

Meanwhile, a detective, Lancelot ‘Bumbles’ Winston (LBW), escorts Jada Gittens, a convicted criminal and Maalik’s enforcer, to be extradited. LBW’s apathy helps Gittens to escape, resulting in the murder of a sergeant. Guilt and disillusionment impel LBW to pursue Gittens, despite his official suspension.

Life may not have delivered all that LBW hoped for, but his true colours show themselves under pressure, while the reader senses Cayden’s capacity for change. After a kidnapping, a love triangle and a gruesome murder, the lives of the two men converge in Trinidad, where matters come to a head. Who will win and who will survive? Will Cayden ensure the launch of the Blade? And at what cost?

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, action, adventure, betrayal, blade, boats, brother, business, desperation, england, erotica, homeland security, love, miami, murder, people traffick...

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