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date submitted 23.04.2011
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Rachel Fusher

Seth is a nephilim struggling daily in the mortal world that never wanted him and the immortal world that never understood him…


Redemption is about a nephilim named Seth Angelus Lee. He lights the way for the dead while keeping the living at arms length. When he’s tasked with looking after a young woman, Seth is forced into very close quarters with a living, breathing, human being. Personalities collide and sparks fly as the nephilim does his best to protect the human in his care while keeping his past, and what he is, a secret. When his cover is finally blown he is faced with the choice of either opening up or losing everything. But some secrets should never be told. When an old demon from his past comes to call, Seth finally realizes the darkness he’s tried so hard to fight may just consume him. Follow Seth as he journeys on the road to his…REDEMPTION.

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angels, demons, half-angels, nephilim

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“Seth, I swear! I have to do more for you than the entire world put together! You sir, are high maintenance.”


The half-angel shook his head as cold water was sprinkled on his face, “Alright, alright! You can stop I’m awake!”


“It’s about time! You’ve been out cold for the best part of half an hour. The only reason Kitty hasn’t come looking for you is because she’s too ticked off to care. What did you say to her?” Jessica swiped a cloth over the blood smeared counter.


“Oh, I kicked her out of the bathroom. And I suppose I was a bit rude about it,” sighed the man, tousling his loose hair. “But, I promise you she would try even your temper!”


“I highly doubt it,” chuckled the immortal, giving the marble a final rub down. “There, I’ve done the job for you.”


“Lovely,” he mumbled, falling back on the cold tile floor.


“You gave Mosely quite a black eye,” smiled Jessica, settling herself on the rug next to him. “His nose was an interesting shape too.”


“Good.” Seth rolled over on his side, turning his back to the angel.


“What’s wrong?” asked Jessica, concern marking her brow.


“I’m slipping,” he replied, hugging himself before returning to a supine position.


“Well, I could have told you that months ago,” she said, attempting to make light of his confession.


“I’m serious! I don’t usually pick fights with demons. I knew Mosely would have gone away but I raged out on him. And look what happened!” He raised his bandaged arm.


“Mm, look what happened,” she repeated, tsk-ing under her breath. “Looks like somebody cared enough to hold you down and take care of your arm.”


“She didn’t hold me down,” huffed Seth. “Besides, it’s nothing Anita wouldn’t have done.”


“But, why do you think Anita and Kitty do the things they do?” asked Jessica, poking him in the shoulder.


“Because neither one of them wants me to bleed anywhere,” he snarked, rolling into a low crouch.


“You are a complete and utter idiot, Seth Lee!” yelled the immortal, shoving the man and making him lose his balance. “You’re so…I don’t know why I bother even talking to you!”


Jessica snorted in disgust and vanished, leaving a puzzled Seth in her wake.


*     *     *     *


Dinner was a silent affair, punctuated by angry and blank looks.


“I can’t stand you!” Kitty finally muttered, savagely stabbing and cutting her meat.


“That makes two of us,” Seth replied, drinking his beer.


“Don’t you dare try and make jokes!”


“I wasn’t joking.”


Kitty got up from the table and slammed her plate into the sink. She knew she was being childish but she was sick of being lied to!


“This is the second time you’ve gotten mad at me today. What did I do now?” he asked, setting his plate next to hers.


“Nothing. It’s something you always do so why call attention to it.” Kitty pushed a wet hand through her brown hair, turning it half a shade darker.


“You’re calling attention to it now. C’mon, out with it.” Seth folded his arms and leaned against the counter.


“How did you get hurt?”


“I told you, I fell and scraped my arm.”


Kitty lost her temper, “Stop lying to me!” She walked up and slapped him right across the face. Her hand automatically flew to her mouth in shock, “I’m sorry…I…”


Seth looked her up and down while a tic worked in his jaw. A bright red handprint showed in stark relief on the pale skin of his cheek.


“I don’t ever-” she began at the same time he said, “I lie to keep you safe.”


“What?” asked Kitty, breathlessly.


“I lie because if I told you the truth you wouldn’t be able to handle it,” he spat through clenched teeth, while closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose.


“Don’t try to tell me what I can and cannot handle!” snapped Kitty, her temper getting the better of her again.


“Katherine, just go to your room, I can’t talk to you right now,” he growled, putting both hands on the edge of the sink and leaning over the basin.


“Oh no, you are not tossing me out of here this time-”


“Katherine just leave!” he roared, banging the sink so hard he left a dent in the metal.


The next two sounds Seth heard were running feet and the slamming of the front door.


“Damn,” he muttered, tilting his head back. “You’ve done it now.”



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