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date submitted 23.04.2011
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Rachel Fusher

Seth is a nephilim struggling daily in the mortal world that never wanted him and the immortal world that never understood him…


Redemption is about a nephilim named Seth Angelus Lee. He lights the way for the dead while keeping the living at arms length. When he’s tasked with looking after a young woman, Seth is forced into very close quarters with a living, breathing, human being. Personalities collide and sparks fly as the nephilim does his best to protect the human in his care while keeping his past, and what he is, a secret. When his cover is finally blown he is faced with the choice of either opening up or losing everything. But some secrets should never be told. When an old demon from his past comes to call, Seth finally realizes the darkness he’s tried so hard to fight may just consume him. Follow Seth as he journeys on the road to his…REDEMPTION.

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angels, demons, half-angels, nephilim

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“Three minutes left…only three…”


Seth’s mind raced, punching against the block with no success. He’d discovered the hospital by tracking his father’s mind. Kasen had wanted to be found but now…


There was nothing he hated more than the feeling of utter helplessness. It made him relive being ten years old and watching his mother die all over again.


“No, stop! Leave her alone! Mom!”


Seth picked up a chair and bashed it against the wall until the memories stopped and a giant hole yawned in the plaster in front of him.


“Katherine, I taught you better than this! Help me dammit or we’re both going to die!”


He waited but still nothing. Silence. The half-angel’s sigh echoed around the room. She didn’t deserve to die for his sins. It wasn’t right or fair.


“Who says life is fair?” he mumbled. “Is this my punishment for being born? To always have others die in my place?”


“One minute…”


“I can’t do this on my own anymore. Please sweetheart, don’t ask me to bury anyone else.”


A faint scream filled his head almost hidden under a burst of static. That was all but it was enough. The voice had screamed, “Morgue!” 


“Good girl,” he smiled, flashing to the morgue. “Katherine!”


A loud banging issued from one of the cooling units, “Let me out of here!”


Seth wrenched open the door which gave way with a loud squeal. He slid out the tray table and picked up the almost hysterical girl.


“He locked me in the body cooler!” she sobbed, clinging to him.


“Shh, I know. Let’s go home,” he whispered, flashing out of the building just as the raging inferno swept through the room.


*     *     *     *


“So, are you going after him?” asked Kitty, wrapping a blanket around her freshly showered, pajama clad, body.


Seth rubbed his face and nodded, his damp hair falling in his eyes, “I think I have to. Anyway…I owe him an answer.”


The young woman gave him an appraising look, “You’re not like your father.”


He snorted, “You don’t know me.”


“I know you enough. You don’t scare me like he does.”


Seth pulled off his muscle shirt and rolled over onto his stomach on the carpet, stretching out his wings at the same time. He wouldn’t have dared do this in front of her a few months ago but now it didn’t seem to matter.


“What you saw earlier…that monster with the red eyes…that’s me. I mean, the real me. I am my father’s legacy. It’s only a matter of time before Michael will have to put me down like some rabid dog. But, when I go I’m taking Kasen with me.”


“You are not going to die on me, Seth Angelus Lee. Stop talking like that’s the only option!” Kitty took his face in her hands and kissed him.


“You wouldn’t want me if I gave in to the demon,” he said, gathering her into his lap and folding his wings around them.


“Yes, I would. I will always want you. Forever and ever amen,” she replied, listening to his heartbeat. “What happened between you and Shireen?”


He sighed, “A long time ago I made a mistake and…”


“And?” she prompted, looking up at him.


“And…I don’t want to talk about it.”


“You and your secrets.”


“Yeah, me and my secrets,” replied Seth, squeezing her a little tighter.


“I’m sorry she hurt you,” murmured Kitty.


“Mm,” he grunted, resting his chin on her head. “It’s not really her fault. I hurt her first.”


The question burst from her before she could stop it, “How?”


“By being myself…” Seth changed the subject before Kitty could ask anything else. “There’s a war coming, Katherine. It will be dangerous and I don’t really want you getting involved.”


“It’s a little late for that. I’m already on the front lines.”


“Those on the front lines are usually first to be killed,” he sighed.


“Guess you’d better keep me close then, huh? So, where are we going?” she grinned.


Seth gave a short laugh and buried his face in her hair, “I give up!”


*     *     *     *


*One week later*


“But I still don’t understand why you’re going to New York City and especially with him!” protested Elise, watching her daughter shove last minute items in an old duffle bag.


“Mom, what if I told you I finally had a chance to do something amazing with my life?” asked Kitty, zipping the bag and slinging it over her shoulder.


“I’d say, you already do amazing things with your life! I have one of my feelings about this trip and you know they’re never wrong!”


“Yeah, I know. But…this thing…it’s bigger than you and me. Your baby girl is going to save the world. Look at me, Momma. You know I’m not crazy.”


Elise nodded once and marched outside to do battle with the man in her driveway.


Kitty smiled and took one last look around the house. She’d wanted to stop and collect a few things and say her final goodbyes. Removing a cracked china angel from the side pocket of the bag, she set it on the hall table.


“Look after Mom while I’m gone. Okay, Seth?”


She turned and left, not hearing the faint tinkling smash of a china angel falling to its death.


“…and if anything happens to her I will personally come and hunt you down!”


Elise was just finishing up when Kitty walked over. She rolled her eyes, handing the bag to Seth, “Mom!”


“I just want to make sure we understand each other.” Her mother nodded at the half-angel.


“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her,” said Seth, securing the bag and handing Kitty her helmet.


“You’d better.” Elise folded her arms and stepped back.


Kitty handed Seth one of her mp3 player earpieces before putting on her helmet. He placed it in his ear and kickstarted the bike. Kitty waved at her mom and grabbed on to Seth’s waist as he peeled out of the driveway.


Elise looked across the street and saw a tall man with long blond hair staring after the pair on the bike. Something about the man set her teeth on edge although he appeared pleasant enough. He turned slowly and grinned at the suspicious woman winking at her with silver eyes before disappearing altogether.


“You protect her Seth Lee or I swear I will kill you. I don’t care what you are!” she whispered.


“Hey, I found the perfect song for you,” smiled Kitty. “I was up most of the night looking for it.”


“Alright, let’s hear it,” he nodded.


Seth laughed at the song that came out of the single miniature speaker and revved the bike up to top speed, vanishing quickly into the distance.


“Carry on my wayward son.

There’ll be peace when you are done.

Lay your weary head to rest.

Don’t you cry no more.”






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