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date submitted 07.05.2011
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genres: Fiction, Thriller, Children's
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Quentin Palmer's Amazing Pyjamas

Alexander Clement

Quentin Palmer is mistakenly supplied with secret agent pyjamas and becomes embroiled in a battle against the shadowy Consortium.


When Quentin Palmer receives yet another pair of tailor made pyjamas on his thirteenth birthday it comes as no surprise. They appear to be identical to the one’s he’d had the year before and the year before that. Except they’re not. In fact they are entirely the wrong pyjamas. Intended for a member of British intelligence but mistakenly supplied to Quentin, these pyjamas have incredible qualities and rapidly draw Quentin into the dark and dangerous world of espionage and bring him into conflict with The Consortium, an evil group of arch criminals bent on chaos, terror and world domination. Reluctantly caught up in a secret service mole hunt, Quentin not only becomes a target himself but a fellow pupil of St.Sebastian’s school and Quentin’s best friend, Penelope Masterson, is kidnapped by The Consortium and held to ransom. Quentin must rescue her and foil an ingenious plot that strikes at the very fabric of Western civilisation with only a retired British spy and a genetically modified secret agent dog for help. Can Quentin piece together a bewildering jigsaw puzzle involving geo-stationary satellites, shampoo and caravans to defeat The Consortium and save the day?

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childrens, espionage, spies

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Rachel H Campling wrote 33 days ago

Great concept and an opening line that really grabs the attention.

2004carlt wrote 1077 days ago

Great book. I have the feeling this will do well on the site. Backed.