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date submitted 18.05.2011
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To Die For

Amy Bradford

Me and Antonia said we'd be best friends forever.
I never expected to take it literally...


Sarcastic schoolgirl Louisa Green was pretty normal - she went to school, she did exams, she almost died of boredom in the sleepy town of Rydon where nothing ever happened. Ever.


Until that October, when Louisa suddenly finds herself in the midst of a centuries-old fight between two vampire brothers that seem to have something to do with her best friend Antonia, who really isn't herself...
If that wasn't enough, she and Antonia's brother Simon uncover a community of creatures that claim to be distant cousins of the werewolf. With their new allies, the three of them manage to get attacked by tricks of the light, make bonds that no one really wants and make friends with the most unlikely of people - 'people' being used loosely. Nothing is as it seems anymore.
In the midst of this, a darker force arises to threaten what little is left of Louisa's sane world...

Somewhere in all of the running around trying not to get killed, Louisa has to establish exactly where her loyalties lie. She's got some hard choices ahead and none of them really appeals. One thing is for certain.

She can't save everyone...

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adventure, best, darkness, death, friends, life, love, loyalty, sarcasm, vamprie, werewolf

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WiSpY wrote 290 days ago

Hi - I came here from a search for werewolf stories. I like your opening (replace the second swoop - jarred me out of the nice flow of the first few lines) tone. You could use a line edit, but I love your voice and how you set a rhythm with your blocking of the text. This is a cool way to open a werewolf story.

You totally reeled me in with the events in the house after that ... you may have some tense agreement issues and little technical snags, but by the time she as going upstairs, you had me.

Nice work :)

M Mills wrote 918 days ago

I think the teen/young adult market would eat this up! Your writing and your characters are full of punch! High starred and watch listed!


Michelle Mills
~ Willow Lake Manor ~

pilot/writer wrote 927 days ago

Once again my grand-daughter has hyjacked my computer and she loves this site - always scouring for new books to read and she has chosen yours this week for my shelf. She says you have a knack fro writing tongue in cheek supernatural and that is very tough to pull off. Well done and she is making me shelve this for a while. Starred too! Henry

Naphilia wrote 1020 days ago

Haha, thanks, and it IS finished! Just not here :P In little notebooks scattered around my room waiting to be pieced together like some great jigsaw of fate...

aligatorz wrote 1020 days ago

Hey! finish this! I need to know the ending