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date submitted 21.05.2011
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The Fortune Hunters...a journey of eternal love

Aslam Rahaman

This is a love story that breaks all religious barriers.


This is a love story that breaks all religious barriers. Amir, a young Muslim once addicted to overnight romances is transformed into a staunch believer in the power of everlasting love, thanks to Ragini, a simple and cultured Hindu girl. Both belong to conservative families. Is their love strong enough to withstand the strong opposing currents that threaten to tear Amir and Ragini apart? 'The Fortune Hunters' is a touching saga about the quest for true love that has been corrupted by the cynicism of modern living. Amir, an MBA, finds that his life is empty in the midst of the alluring but elusive Sofi. He discovers that simplicity and sincerity is far more fulfilling that empty glamour when Ragini enters his life. But will the two families validate Amir's discovery of true love?

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commitment, emotions, feelings, love, loyalty, togetherness

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iandsmith wrote 805 days ago

Hello, Aslam. I'm sure The Fortune Hunters wasn't here when I first looked. Thanks for accepting my friend request. Interesting formatting. How did you do the narrow column? I need a narrower format, although one drawback is it took me three years to scroll down. I'll be keeping an eye on this. It looks good.