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The Fortune Hunters...a journey of eternal love

Aslam Rahaman

This is a love story that breaks all religious barriers.


This is a love story that breaks all religious barriers. Amir, a young Muslim once addicted to overnight romances is transformed into a staunch believer in the power of everlasting love, thanks to Ragini, a simple and cultured Hindu girl. Both belong to conservative families. Is their love strong enough to withstand the strong opposing currents that threaten to tear Amir and Ragini apart? 'The Fortune Hunters' is a touching saga about the quest for true love that has been corrupted by the cynicism of modern living. Amir, an MBA, finds that his life is empty in the midst of the alluring but elusive Sofi. He discovers that simplicity and sincerity is far more fulfilling that empty glamour when Ragini enters his life. But will the two families validate Amir's discovery of true love?

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commitment, emotions, feelings, love, loyalty, togetherness

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Chapter 2

Chapter -2

New Delhi-2002

I had shifted to New Delhi with my friends after

completing MBA to set us up for better careers.

We lived at South Extension-II, one of the posh

locations of Delhi. I stayed with three of my

friends, Devesh, Rohit and Abhi. Devesh and Abhi

had girls in their lives but Rohit and I were still

single. Devesh and Abhi had 3C’s, Lajpat Nagar

and PVR Saket as weekend destinations while

Rohit and I enjoyed watching movies in theatres

like Chanakya, Chanakyapuri and Paras, Nehru

Place. Rohit and I had instructions from Devesh

and Abhi not to be at home on Sundays and other

holidays; so we had to take shelter at a neighboring

public park at Neeti Bagh. It meant to us that we

were not supposed to be at home during the day

on any of the days because on weekdays we had

to be at office and on Sundays in the public park.

Devesh was dating Manjari and Abhi was involved

with Manjari’s elder sister Sarika; fortunately or


I used the term fortunately because both the girls

needed no excuse to move out of their house if

they were together and were easily accessible to

our friends. I used the term unfortunately because

if Sarika went through some trouble with Abhi

then Devesh had to put up with a good deal of

discomfort and if Manjari had some problems

with Devesh then Abhi would be in trouble with

Sarika. We had to count the condom packets kept

in the cupboard to decide whether the day was

fortunate for them or they had to eat humble pie.

Both of them had clear cut instructions from us to

carry the used condoms along with them when

they leave. So, the girls had to keep their share of

used condoms wrapped in newspapers to dispose

off them outside.

The girls were hi-fi Delhiites and dominated

their boys. I never understood their relationships.

I heard from Devesh and Abhi that both girls

detested Rohit and me and saw us as low profile

guys with rural upbringings, perhaps because we

had no girls. I pulled together because I was aware

of the fact that the guys did not love them and had

no intention to marry them. We planned to throw

a new year’s party at our home to welcome 2003.

All our MBA batch mates were invited. Sarika

and Manjari were also invited and Devesh and

Abhi had convinced them to stay at our home

that night. There were only two rooms in the

apartment so it was decided that both the couples

will share one room and Rohit and I would restrict

ourselves in the other room. Devesh and Abhi did

not resist because they thought the room would

be dark enough and the quilts would set apart

them to enjoy sex with their partners without any

hindrance. They were also amused because they

were getting the whole night with their partners

who would be equally drunk. The party started

after all our friends had arrived. There were drinks

and cigarettes, non-vegetarian food from Nizam’s,

a very famous restaurant in Delhi and cold drinks

as well. We danced hard to the rocking numbers of

Bollywood. There was pleasure all around; people

drinking hard and partying harder.

‘Don’t you drink?’ Manjari asked viciously as she

sipped the glass in her hands.

‘No,’ I retorted and bent down to change the


‘Cigarette?’ Manjari gestured at the lightened

cigarette that she was smoking.

‘I don’t smoke. Sorry ma’am,’ I replied instantly.

‘Why do you live then?’ Sarika commented whilst

approaching me, accompanied by Abhi.

‘Enjoy life. Have fun,’ I said and sipped the glass

filled with Coca-Cola.

‘I don’t know why these people come to places

like Delhi and spoil the atmosphere. Bloody

backward people,’ Manjari murmured and started

walking away.

‘Behave yourself,’ Devesh shouted at Manjari.

‘Why are you shouting? I am not your slave. Get

lost!’ Manjari yelled.

‘When will Delhiites like you learn moral values

and etiquettes?’ I gazed at Manjari and walked

towards the exit door.

‘What happened? Where are you going?’ Devesh

followed me out of the house.

‘How do you tolerate such girls who drink to

their nose and misbehave?’ I asked as I sat on the

pavement gingerly.

‘She is drunk. I’ll speak to her in the morning

and tell her to express regret,’ Devesh replied


‘What will you do if she turns against your parents

and misbehaves with them after marriage?’ I asked


‘I will not marry her. I keep her for my cock,’

Devesh replied cheerfully.

‘Let me have her for my cock tonight,’ I replied.

‘What do you mean?’ Devesh asked.

‘Let me sleep with her tonight,’ I requested.

‘Have you gone nuts? Behave yourself!’ Devesh

said rudely.

‘What’s the harm? You are not going to marry

her. Let me show her what low standard people

can do to her if they want to. You are my friend

and belong to a similar background. How can you

tolerate such comments from a bitch?’ I said to

persuade him.

‘What will happen even if I agree with you? She

hates you and you are longing for her?’ Devesh


‘Nobody will know. It will remain between you

and me. Even she wouldn’t know,’ I said.

‘Are you mad? Have you gone nuts?’ Devesh


‘She is drunk. You make her drink beer as much

as she can. We’ll be through with dinner by

midnight and everybody would go back home.

You would take her to bed along with Abhi and

Sarika; Rohit and I would go to the other room.

Everybody would be badly drunk and I am sure

that Rohit would sleep as soon as he hits the bed.

Once I am sure that Rohit has slept, I would go to

the toilet. Your task would be to seduce Manjari in

the meantime and make sure that she is without

her clothes. You will meet me in the toilet taking

advantage of the darkness and would go and sleep

besides Rohit and I will go to be with your lady. I

promise you that it will be between you and me.

Now, you go back and see how the party is going. I

would be back in another 10 minutes,’ I elucidated.

I was delighted because I had hatched a plan

which would enable me to lose my virginity. I was

very keen to grab the opportunity. Everything

went in line with the plan. I went to the toilet and

Devesh met me as planned when everyone was

asleep. I gave my shirt to Devesh who went to sleep

besides Rohit. I, in only an underwear went to grab

the opportunity. As I lay down besides Manjari,

I embraced her. My feelings at that moment can

never be expressed in words.

‘How many times do you go to the toilet?’

Manjari asked. Her voice was quivering as she had

swallowed six bottles of beer.

I did not say anything as I knew that everything

would be spoilt if I opened my mouth. So, I kept my

lips over her lips and gave no way to air. I entered

her firmly and enjoyed every moment and every

posture. She was badly drunk and the room was

dark enough for her to realize that the intercourse

happened without using a condom.

‘You are too hot in bed, Amir,’ Manjari whispered

in my ears with a quivering voice as she had just

felt the orgasm.

‘How did you recognize me?’ I whispered and

pushed myself hard as I lay on top and her legs

were on my shoulders.

‘Perhaps, I did not want you to live with the

feeling that you raped me. Don’t question, just rock.

Enter me hard,’ Manjari whispered and embraced

me forcefully, making me feel out of breath.

I finished up with Manjari and as planned, went

back to the toilet where Devesh met me. I took

my shirt and went back to sleep in the other room

besides Rohit. Devesh went back to the room

and slept besides Manjari. I heard from Devesh,

the next day, that Manjari was not even aware

of the fact that she had sex the previous night.

I had decided not to reveal to Devesh what had

happened between me and Manjari the previous

night in order to avoid his male ego getting hurt.

I kept wondering how soulless Manjari was and

I was sure that Devesh and I were not the only

ones who had tasted her. She knew that she was

with me in bed and let everything happen with

her. She was not even interested in knowing how

Devesh was replaced by me in bed; possibly, she

forgot whatever happened with her the previous


Rohit and I were sitting in the room conversing

about life and career when my mobile buzzed.

‘Hello!’ I said.

‘Amir!’ a very sweet low pitch voice tangled my


‘Finally, you have fallen in love with me,’ I said as

I reclined on the chair. Rohit kept quiet as he was

taken by surprise after hearing the conversation.

‘Don’t talk rubbish. I called you up because I am

shifting to Delhi,’ the girl on the other side of the

phone said.

‘My unconditional love for you is pulling you

towards me,’ I said sarcastically.

‘Will you ever change in life?’ she retorted.

‘Change should be for betterment and I think

you are better than Sofi,’ I said sarcastically and

winked at Rohit.

Rohit took no time to understand who was on the

other side of the phone line.

‘Ragini?’ asked Rohit.

‘Yes,’ I replied instantly.

‘Stop joking and listen to me properly. I have been

selected to work with the Credit and Investment

Bank at New Delhi. I’ll reach Delhi tomorrow

morning by Lucknow Mail and would go to Karol

Bagh where my uncle’s friend lives. My uncle is

accompanying me there but he has to return back to

Lucknow the same day. I have to go to New Friends

Colony where my friend Madhu lives. Since I am

new to Delhi and you are the only person I know

in Delhi, I called you up to seek your help,’ she

explained swiftly with bated breath.

‘Okay. Call me once you are free. My office is at

Connaught Place which is very near to Karol Bagh.

I’ll pick you up from there and go along with you

to New Friends Colony,’ I assured her. Ragini

thanked me and disconnected the phone.

‘You will also be busy from tomorrow and I

would be alone,’ Rohit commented resentfully.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘With Ragini,’ Rohit said.

‘It’s not like that. We don’t have anything between

us. I was just teasing her. I have feelings for you

only, sweetie,’ I winked at Rohit and smiled.

Ragini met me at Connaught Place near Regal

Cinema. I accompanied her to her friend’s house at

New Friends Colony on my Hero Honda Passion

motorbike that was gifted to me by my father.

Her friend Madhu worked in some domestic call

centre at New Delhi and lived alone in a 650 sq. ft.

apartment. The apartment was fully furnished and

well decorated. According to Ragini, Madhu was

a very old friend and she had only prevailed on

Ragini’s parents to let her work in Delhi. Ragini’s

family was a very conservative and orthodox

Brahmin family. Her parents never wanted her to

live alone in a place like Delhi.

Her parents knew Madhu since her childhood and

it was after her assurance that they agreed to send

Ragini to Delhi. Ragini was quite absent minded

and dependent on Madhu. She was carrying a

suitcase full of clothes and some cosmetics. Apart

from her clothes and cosmetics there was nothing

she could say belonged to her in that apartment.

Ragini introduced me to Madhu as Tabassum’s

friend. So, it was very obvious that Tabassum

was also known to Madhu. Madhu showed us the

apartment she lived in and left quickly as she was

getting late for work and would be returning in the


‘You will sleep alone tonight?’ I asked


‘Not only tonight. I have to live alone every night

because Madhu works in night shifts,’ Ragini


‘Do you want me to attend to you every night?’ I

winked and said with a smile.

‘Behave yourself and leave me alone,’ she


‘I was just teasing you. Don’t take it otherwise.

Where will you have meals every day?’ I asked as

I tried to alleviate the situation.

‘I’ll manage. You don’t have to worry,’ she replied


‘I told you that it was just a joke. Don’t overreact.

I’ll accompany you for dinner tonight. You manage

from tomorrow,’ I appealed.

She agreed to dine with me. It was my first dinner

with a girl in Delhi. I was in high spirits, the night

appeared cheerful and feelings were different,

altogether. I dropped her home and returned back

to my residence. I had excitement in life after many

years. Devesh was very eager to meet and ask me

about what had happened. He was confident that

Ragini and I would fall into a relationship; when

two known people meet at an unknown place, love

is sure between them was his confident theory.

The only person who was not keyed into Ragini’s

presence in my life was Rohit who glared at us and

requested us to sleep.

I was sitting in the canteen of my office with

my boss Aditya when my phone buzzed. I saw a

landline number and ignored it being an unknown

number and also because my boss and I were

planning the allocation strategy of delinquent

customers amongst agencies which could enable

an enhanced performance. The phone buzzed again

showing the same landline number. My boss got

disturbed and I felt irritated. I attended the call

recklessly but fell back after hearing Ragini’s voice.

I was very afraid of Aditya as his father was my

father’s friend and I did not want anything wrong

to reach my father’s ears. I gestured to my boss to

excuse me for a while and went out to speak to her.

‘What happened?’ I asked.

‘When will you come?’ she asked instead.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘I was feeling down. Madhu is also not at home,’

she replied anxiously.

‘Where is she?’ I asked.

‘She has gone out with her friend and would be

back in the evening,’ she replied.

‘Did she sleep? When did she come?’ I asked


‘She came in the afternoon, took a bath, changed

clothes and left with her friend,’ she replied.

‘Will she sleep in her office?’ I said and laughed.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll try to leave office early, today.

Wait for me at home. I’ll arrange for a prepaid

mobile card for you by the time you get one from

your office,’ I assured her.

I disconnected the phone and went back to Aditya

who was busy sipping a cup of coffee.

‘Where had you been since so long? Who had

called up?’ asked Aditya.

‘My mother had called up,’ I replied.

‘Is everything fine?’ asked Aditya

‘Yes. I’ll forward you the mail pertaining to the

payout matrix for skip cases,’ I replied as I tried to

change the topic. I did not want to extend the topic

as I was not prepared for related questions that he

could have asked.

I left office and rushed to meet Ragini not because

I was eager to meet her but because I was concerned

that she would be unaccompanied. I requested her

to accompany me to my home from where I would

drop her back after the dinner. She agreed on the

condition that I would drop her back before 10 p.m.

I came to know that she did not take lunch as she

was sluggish to step down and go to a restaurant.

I took her to a nearby tea stall at Neetibagh where

I, along with my friends took breakfast and evening

tea every day. We fondly called it ‘uncle’s shop’.

Uncle’s shop was near Punjab Today’s office and

the locality was flooded with a high profile south

Delhi crowd. It was the preferred destination

for youngsters of the locality; mostly students

preparing for IIT entrance examinations due to

the ultra modern girls residing in the area. We had

noodles and tea and reached my home after that.

I introduced her to Devesh and Rohit who had

already returned from office. Both of them liked

her nature and simplicity and she got along with

them nicely. We went to have dinner at Agarwal

restaurant which was our one stop shop for

dinner. Rakshit and Akshay also met us there to

have dinner. Ragini recognized them as she had

met them at Lucknow. Both of them were shocked

to see her with me in Delhi as they were not aware

of anything since I had not met them for the last

four days.

I found Ragini comfortable with my friends,

possibly because she had found so many people

at an unknown place on whom she could rely and

trust. It was for the first time that I found Devesh

not watching a girl with mischievous eyes. The

guys had respect in their eyes, perhaps because

she was my friend or possibly because she was

too simple. She had actually won the hearts of my

friends in the very first meeting. I had a prepaid

MTNL mobile number which I used prior to the

post paid Hutch number that I was using under a

corporate scheme. I got the card recharged for Rs.

100 and handed it over to her to use. I dropped

her at her house after dinner and left with mixed


I tried not to call her the next day but could not

control myself when she did not turn up till the

afternoon. I gathered confidence and called her on

her mobile. I came to know from her that she had

had an argument with Madhu when she returned

in the morning from office. Ragini told me that

Madhu was accompanied by a guy who was not

the one who had accompanied her a day before.

The guy did not appear decent and was watching

Ragini indelicately. Ragini protested over the entry

of such people inside the house at a time when the

house was being shared by both of them. Madhu

argued with her and told her not to interfere. I was

shocked when I heard that Madhu did not sleep

that day also and that she had visited her home

only to change clothes. I saw something fishy and

decided to investigate.

‘Where does she work?’ I asked.

‘She told me she works in some call centre. She

did not tell me the name of the organization,’ she


I took her mobile number from Ragini and thought

of getting help from Bharat who was the owner of a

detective agency. Bharat was working as a vendor

for the organization that I was working with. He

did not take much time to come out with the facts.

I was aghast and astounded when I came to know

the truth. Madhu was a high profile prostitute and

did not work in any call centre. She had fallen prey

to high aspirations and bad habits that she had

developed in the company of crooked people. I

knew that Ragini would not believe me so I had

requested Bharat to arrange for evidence. Bharat

gave me a snap in which Madhu could be seen in

a compromising state with a famous businessman.

Ragini was shocked and could not control her tears

after knowing the truth.

She was upset and devastated. I explained to

her and persuaded her that she was not safe there

and she should immediately leave from there. She

packed her suitcase and agreed to accompany

me. She left the snap and a letter for Madhu in an

envelope and left with me. I reached home and

called up Devesh, Abhi, Rohit and Rakshit to discuss

the situation. Everybody advised me to arrange for

a hostel or a paying guest accommodation for her

as early as possible and she could stay at our home

till any other arrangement was made. She had no

choice but to agree with our recommendations.

She was worried about what she would inform her

home as she could not give any logical reason as

to why she was not living with Madhu. She was

not in the condition to tell the truth to her parents

because according to her: if trust is lost, everything

is lost. She was also worried because she had to

join office from the next day.

Rohit called up his friend who was a

property dealer in South Extension-I to arrange

accommodation for her. The property dealer did

not take much time to arrange an accommodation

for Ragini. Ragini had to spend one night in my

home. Abhi and Devesh went to sleep at Rakshit

and Akshay’s home that night. Rohit and I slept in

one room and Ragini took possession of the other

room. Ragini woke me up early in the morning

and requested me to drop her to the bus stand as

she had to reach her office at Karol Bagh at 8 a.m.

I was worried as Delhi was new for her and also

because she had never commuted by bus in Delhi.

I thought I should drop her to the office as it was

her first day of work.

‘Wait, let me get ready. I’ll drop you to your

office,’ I offered sleepily.

‘I don’t want to bother you. You have already

done so much for me. I’ll manage. Just drop me at

the bus stand,’ she requested.

‘It’s the first day of your career. Start it with

something good. Going with me will be lucky for

you,’ I grinned. I did not want to reveal that I was

worried about her.

‘Be fast. I don’t want to be late on the very first day,’

she warned me and entered her room to get ready.

I got ready and kick started my motorbike. I

knew that she had not had breakfast and would

eat it alone once she reaches office.

‘I feel low if I do not get tea in the morning,’ I


‘I’ll be late. Do whatever you want to after I reach

office,’ she retorted.

‘Bus takes 45 minutes to reach Karol Bagh; I

need only 20 minutes to get there. We still have

25 minutes in hand. I’ll just have a cup of tea,’ I


She agreed and we quickly had breakfast. Since

she was purely vegetarian, she had butter toast

and tea. I was purely non-vegetarian so I had to

satisfy myself with bread and boiled eggs along

with two cups of tea. It took me 25 minutes to reach

her office due to traffic jams and she reached just in

time. I dropped her to her office and reached mine

extra early. I was over with all the necessary work

and felt like talking to Ragini and ask her how her

first day at office was so far.

‘How are you?’ I asked

‘I am fine. What about you?’ she replied.

‘I am also fine. How is life rolling out?’ I asked.

‘It’s rolling out without jerks. It’s a wonderful

organization. I am lucky to have joined an

organization like this,’ she replied.

‘I know it is good but it cannot be better than the

Bank of London,’ I replied.

‘Stop praising your organization and tell me

about today’s plan,’ she said instantly.

‘What plan?’ I asked with surprise.

‘You forgot! I have to shift today to the hostel.

Come as early as possible,’ She replied.

‘By when will you be off?’ I asked.

‘5 p.m.’

‘I’ll try to pick you up from office,’ I said and

disconnected the phone.

I picked her up from office and went straight to

uncle’s shop to have tea. After tea we went to the

hostel which was a two story building for working

women. The hostel was situated in the posh area

of south Delhi and had a high class crowd. I stayed

back outside the hostel and waited for her till she

kept her luggage in her allotted room. She met the

warden of the hostel who was a lady of around

65 years old. The warden explained the rules and

regulations of the hostel. She had to anyhow return

back to the hostel before 10 p.m. according to rules

of the hostel. It was 8 p.m. and we still had two

hours with us.

‘Let’s go to Ansal Plaza,’ I offered.

‘Please call Rohit also. I want to thank him. He

has helped me a lot in searching for this wonderful

hostel,’ she said.

I called up Rohit and told him to meet us at Ansal

Plaza. It was a mall that every youngster was crazy

about. It was the place for the rich and high-class.

It was always bustling. It was a favorite place for

my friends who never refused to visit it because of

good, hi-fi, model-type girls. It was a pleasure to

stare at such girls. We rarely bought anything from

there because our pockets did not allow it. Rohit

was also accompanied by Devesh and Abhi.

We enjoyed a lot that day. Ragini had bonded well

with my friends and felt comfortable with them.

She had become a part of the group. She had very

soon become a habit for me. My day started with

seeing her off at the bus stop in South Extension-I.

She called me every day in the morning to wake

me up so that we could meet and have tea together

at uncle’s shop. I never called off my day without

meeting her even if it was too late. I had developed

good relationships with her friends and room

partners in the hostel.

I always tried to leave office by 7 p.m. in order

to meet her. She had started accompanying me

and Rohit on weekends to hang-out and watch

movies. Devesh and Abhi had pre-decided and

scheduled plans for Sundays and other holidays.

Now, Ragini had also joined me and Rohit in

staying out of home on holidays. Finally, Rohit

and I had stopped counting or searching for used

and unused condom packets to decide the fate of

our friends. She accompanied me in all that I did.

I was getting trapped in a situation which I never

wanted in my life.

It was a Saturday noon when Devesh’s phone call

buzzed my phone.

‘Will you accompany us to watch a movie?’ asked


‘Whom?’ I asked astonished.

‘Manjari and me,’ he replied. I could not control

myself and started laughing.

‘Don’t take me with her. I still remember that night.

I am still longing for her. Please do something. I’ll

be grateful to you. I’ll pay for your beer bottles,’ I


‘Fuck off. I am not a pimp,’ he said.

‘Where is Abhi? Is he not going?’ I asked.

‘He has developed some issues with Sarika. He is

in the office,’ he replied.

‘Abhi has been kicked on his ass so you cannot

use a condom today,’ I laughed wickedly.

‘Tell me if you are going. Don’t bark otherwise,’

he said rudely.

‘Okay, I’ll meet you at 3C’s. I’ll call Rohit also,’ I said.

‘Bring Ragini also.’ he requested.

I fixed up with Ragini and Rohit and reached

Lajpat Nagar at about 5 p.m. The show was

scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. Devesh and Manjari

had also reached and were roaming around

together. A stall was set up by ICICI Prudential

Ltd. at the entrance of the Cineplex. They had

organized a game in which they had prepared

a small golf ground artificially. A ball was to be

pushed into a hole with the help of a golf stick.

People were trying the game and a chocolate was

kept as the prize for a successful participant.

‘Why don’t you try?’ Manjari asked me. Manjari

had a wicked smile on her face.

‘I have not even touched a golf stick in my life,’

I replied.

‘Try it once,’ Rohit requested.

‘What’s the harm in trying? Max to max you’ll

fail. Everybody is losing. Try it once,’ Ragini tried

to convince me.

‘Okay. Let me try,’ I said as I gripped the golf

stick in my hand.

‘Let me see how much you love Ragini,’ Manjari


Manjari’s voice pinched me. I could not react. I

closed my eyes, breathed deeply, concentrated on

the hole and hit the ball. The ball went straight into

the hole. I don’t know how I did it but it actually


‘You proved that you love her very much,’

Manjari said sarcastically and patted my cock

whilst concealing her action from everyone.

Nobody could see as Devesh, Rohit and Ragini

had moved ahead and Manjari and I were left

behind. I was stunned by her action as I was under

the impression that she had forgotten whatever

happened between us that night.

‘Show me how much you love Devesh. I know

you will lose,’ I said as we walked towards the


‘Shall I notify her of your obsession when you

are in bed with a girl?’ Manjari whispered and

winked. She had lost the remaining respect that I

could have had for her. I ignored her teasing and

raced towards my friends who had already entered

the mall.

I was in fact astonished as to how I was able to

push the ball in the hole. From the core of my heart

I was contented and my thoughts were wonderful.

I don’t know how and why it happened but I was

proud of myself possibly because it let Manjari

down or perhaps because I had won for Ragini.

‘What kind of person are you? On one hand you

were searching for true love and on the other hand

you fucked a girl and that too without her consent,’

Pinaki asked mockingly.

‘She was very well aware of what had happened.

She was equally involved and evenly satiated,’

Amir replied to shield himself.

‘Why did you do that?’ Pinaki asked Amir


‘I wanted to take revenge,’ Amir replied bluntly.

‘What kind of revenge is this? The girl from

whom revenge was taken could never realize that

she had suffered,’ I commented.

‘Prostitutes don’t suffer. They make you suffer.

You would have also opted if you would have got

the opportunity,’ Amir replied recklessly.

‘I thought that you were a geek but you turned

out to be an opportunist,’ Pinaki commented and

laughed with a wink.

‘Virginity is never divinity but lack of opportunity,’

Amir winked and grinned.

‘You have ditched Ragini,’ Pinaki commented


‘I was not involved with her when I did that.

In fact, I was not involved with anyone at that

moment. I have never ditched her,’ Amir said.

‘You said that you wanted true love in your life.

Are you fickle minded?’ Pinaki asked.

‘Will you remain hungry if you wish to have

non-vegetarian food but only vegetarian food is

available?’ Amir asked bluntly.

We were stunned after hearing Amir’s reply. We

thought not to waste more time asking illogical

questions and requested Amir to continue with his




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iandsmith wrote 805 days ago

Hello, Aslam. I'm sure The Fortune Hunters wasn't here when I first looked. Thanks for accepting my friend request. Interesting formatting. How did you do the narrow column? I need a narrower format, although one drawback is it took me three years to scroll down. I'll be keeping an eye on this. It looks good.