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Meditative Musings

James Revoir

Musings about Faith and Life


This is a personal collection of poetry, borne out of twenty years of life experience.

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all ages, alone, autobiographical, bible, biblical, bizarre, bles, christ, christian, christian living, christianity, church, comedic, comedy, compass...

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First Dance

Friday night in 1982.
Lights dimmed in the high school gym,
kaleidoscope of shimmering colors
frolic and dance over and through
a skeleton of steel beams
crisscrossing the darkened ceiling far above;
past broken out light bulbs,
faded balloons in suspended animation
gradually exhaling their last gasping breaths
of life-giving helium,
and stranded red rubber balls
long having given up any hope of rescue.

Mustering up every last ounce of courage,
heart pounding, adrenaline surging
through every vein of his pubescent being,
Boy spots the object of his infatuation-
Girl Who Sits In Front Of Him In Algebra I.
Barely knowing her name,
he has already determined in his heart
that she is the woman of his dreams.

Painfully conscious of the zit
bursting out of his forehead-
no less violently than the
extra-terrestrial stomach baby in Alien-
armpits stinky with perspiration and
wiping his clammy palms on his pants,
he paces nervously like
a mentally deranged street person,
carefully crafting and rehearsing
every word, every syllable, every tone, every inflection,
in the theater of his mind.

Blind with fear
and in an altered state of consciousness,
Boy clumsily approaches
Girl Who Sits In Front Of Him In Algebra I.
"Um...wanna dance?," he blurts out.
To his shock and surprise,
she bashfully smiles, "Sure."
Like a lamb leading a shepherd,
She takes his sweaty hand and
Gently leads and guides him to the dance floor.

Not Fred Estaire and Ginger Rogers,
not John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John,
Boy and Girl shuffle and sway awkwardly
to the romantic wailing
of REO Speedwagon's
"Keep On Loving You".

Like a butterfly drying
its newly acquired wings in the heat of the sun,
two virgin hearts excitedly flutter
in the warmth of newly discovered love.



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alphamomma wrote 519 days ago

I am finally publishing my book of poems. I took your advice about the arrangement. I would like to include your comments in the front of the book along with the other "reviews."

“As your name means "like Christ" so your poetry beautifully reflects your passion and intimacy with Him.” James Revoir

If I have your approval, please leave a permission message on my Facebook page - Christine Gail Garcia.

Thank you.

Peter B wrote 533 days ago

Yeah, we all wanted to marry Audrey! Super collection of musings, that is a good assessment. This is not just one afternoons jotting down notes speculating on so many different topics and aspects of who knows what's to come next. Nice job buddy Jim. Peter B.

evermoore wrote 570 days ago

Such such a gift you've shared. From the first...Grampa's Hands...the descriptive way you spoke of his life, comparing it to the rings of a he used that axe making you bring up Adam in the Garden...and his comment...ohhhhhhhhh, James...I laughed. I knew your poetry would be a delight to read and I was right.

God bless...Linda
Children Walking With Jesus

patio wrote 582 days ago

Gloomy Gladness read like a song
I love poems, hence I love this book

patio wrote 664 days ago

You done a good story on Hitler

Cara Gold wrote 673 days ago

{Meditative Musings} – James Revoir
I read the first five of your musings; ‘Blackberries’, ‘Grampa’s Hands’, ‘Hitler’, ‘Mouses and Houses’ and ‘Rush Hour.’
What a lovely collection you have here! In these five short chapters, you have already shown such diversity and given me a great deal of enjoyment.

I like ‘Blackberries’ for the way you explore the relationship between mother and child. The last three lines truly touched me ‘There is mother and child and no one else/And the quiet sanctuary of their home/Is their entire universe.’ Mother/child relationships are something I like to explore too in my writing, so this really touched me!

‘Grampa’s Hands’ was very different, more personal because of the use of the first person. It made me pause for a moment and think – nice shift from the Adam in the ‘Garden of Eden’ and the old man, Adam Smith. Interesting… this made me think…

‘Hitler’ – your writing is powerful here, to capture the brutal nature of what Hitler did. The link to devil and fallen angels is very strong.

‘Mouses and Houses’ – such a light contrast from the previous chapter! Enjoyable with its comic undercurrents :)

‘Rush Hour’ – lots of terrific images to capture the feeling, indeed, of rush hour. The very structuring of the poem itself is ‘loose’ and rolls fluidly along, keeping the reading pace fast, and making us feel like we’re caught in the rush.

Thank you so much for sharing these, they are delightful to read and I hope to come back soon! Thank you also for your lovely comment on ‘Dawn of Destruction’, it means a lot to me that you like my writing :)

hadley wrote 716 days ago

Hi James I am finally making my way down my very large list of books to read and I have found yours to be quite delightful. Whether you are describing situations from high school, watching the News or going off to summer camp you obviously have a very poetic way of expressing your thoughts. I love how in the last chapter you sum it all up as being a choice as to how one decides to think feel etc no matter what life throws at you. God is still in control and we just need to trust. Thank you for your honesty and biblical creativity. This would be a great daily devotioinal and benefit many. Nice job, high stars and watch list,
Mary ann
Agent h

JamesRevoir wrote 896 days ago

Hello Bridget:

Thank you for your kind comments and for backing Meditative Musings.

Bless you!


I enjoyed reading your poems. I think you are a great poet.

Bridget Sherman wrote 896 days ago

I enjoyed reading your poems. I think you are a great poet.

John Page wrote 958 days ago

Beautiful poetry...meditative indeed. Clearly your life is one of wonder, musing, and reflection, and humor. Best wishes.