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Derivation Incognita: A Comprehensive Study into the Peopling of America

Diogenes Vindex

When the first European settlers arrived on the American continents, they found the land already inhabited. Who were the inhabitants? Where did they come from?


Once you read Derivation Incognita, you will never look at another world map or history book quite the same. The work is a serious in-depth history, which analyzes, cross-references and when possible correlates each and every migration, exploration, and visitation that occurred on the American continents prior to the Spanish arrival. It is the culmination of many years of research, investigation and scrutinization of a myriad of ancient and contemporary works and evidences, when possible, in their original context or circumstance. Arranged chronologically, beginning with the earliest records available then categorically covering each of the entries. Derivation Incognita attempts to clarify the unconfirmed prehistory of the American continents; what did really happen and when? In consideration of the obvious predilections that could and generally do exist in this particular area of history study, the author has specifically correlated the sciences with ancient histories and chronicles, in an attempt to link them to the known evidences that exist; rendering an amalgamation of all that is known and was written on the subject. This work will be consumed and appreciated by both the casual reader and scholar alike; as it is thought provoking, comprehensive, and consistently compelling.

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