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Simplification of Everything

Andrew Vecsey

Educational entertaining short stories and essays illustrating fundamental concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Economics, Politics, and History.


The general reader will find this book thought provoking, interesting and informative.Students will find it entertaining and educational. Parents and teachers looking for short, simple and informative explanations for complex topics will find it useful. Non native English speakers will find the book, along with the accompanying Youtube videos a cheap, convenient and efficient tool for improving their English pronunciation, their listening and comprehension skills as well as increasing their technical vocabulary.

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chemistry, economics, educational, geology, physics, tutorial

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Cariad wrote 934 days ago

An interesting take. My daughter would have loved this if it had been around.

andali wrote 991 days ago

Entertaining, educative, and hilarious. A real eyeopener.

englishjustforyou wrote 997 days ago

Your weather chapter is full of sexual innuendos, but they are too subtle. Spice it up a bit and be more direct and daring.

demokrit wrote 1001 days ago

Your put a whole new light on mountain formation, by giving them the appropriate culture. The Asian way for the Himalayas, the American way for the Rockies, and the Swiss way for the Swiss Alps. So true. Hilareous. 6 STARS. PS The picture book version on Youtube is great.

booksofandrew wrote 1010 days ago

Your 2 books compliment each other so well. "A Short History...." makes you think, and "My first book on ..." make you laugh. . What a great combination.

andali wrote 1010 days ago

The audio picture book version of the chapters found on Youtube are awesome. This a great way to learn English. listening and looking at the video clips, and reading the text when needed.

englishjustforyou wrote 1010 days ago

Your book is very funny. It is an easy short read that uncovers so many hidden truths.

andali wrote 1010 days ago

In the 2 hours it took me to read this book, I have learned more about physics, chemistry, geology and money than I learned in all my school years.

demokrit wrote 1010 days ago

Scientists will find this book outrageous, children will find it delightful, and the rest will find it outrageously funny and delightfully enlightening.

alastone wrote 1010 days ago

A great summary of some of the chapters in your other excellent book " A Short History of a Long Future".