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date submitted 22.07.2011
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genres: Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
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Hare & Hounds

Quleen O Queen

Reading this book feels like a walk on a beach at a lonely, suspenseful, apocalyptic nighttime…


The book indulges in diverse themes which are evocative of the general issues of our lives. Be it power abuse, freedom of media and speech, man’s diffidence and question of faith, teen problems and sibling rivalry, and finally myths of afterlife, it has it all! The seven tales from the start form a sensational corpus that depict the wake of a future world we are unaware of. But like I imagine I have drawn it with its growing scum fair and its rickety peace. The two words Scum and fair in fact portray an exhibition, a bazaar of what unlawful goes around us, unchecked and unpunished.There is also my inescapable play with phantoms and supernatural whodunits, and some new inventions of my own. The next set of seven stories which I collectively title as ‘Myths that were’ can appear as a tribute to the old mythologies of Scandinavia, of ancient India, and Greece. The last set of tales carry the horror, the mystery, the paranormal, the crime strains , which are my pet shots while penning a short tale.

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bullies, delusions, ghosts, mafia, mythology, revenge

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Juliusb wrote 998 days ago

Hello Quleen O Queen,

“It can be said with vengeance if meek had not been meek, but offensive, world could have emerged again in its first heavenly washings. But despair even the thought of it, meek can’t and don’t deserve the right to rule and prove what they show out rightly. It was time for a change.

Good fell and God left, evil rose and devil came…” - GEM! I have found your book, "Hare & Hounds", is as much of gem as George Orwell’s Animal Farm, only that yours is saying it “point blank”.


Yours sincerely,

Julius B [Destined to Triumph].