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SHARDA SMIRITI-an anti-thesis to Manu-Smiriti

manesiro muratezi

The dark history of inhuman social engineering-how original people were dispossessed from their land and put into nitch of inferiro status in India.


The World is divided into countries. In each country there are ethnic groups who have gradually taken control of Power, Wealth,Business and Industry. Their active members who actively work for supremacy of their group and subjugation of rest of the people are called Fascists in Marxist Jargon, and Manusmiritivadi in context of modern Dalit awakening in India .The basic problem before mankind is who will do the household work for which women were subjugated,kept illiterate and in purdah ;and who will do the menial work of scavenger and sanitation for which people enslaved and made inferior. This book gives solution, puts the blue-print of a new world order. Every country has one section of Fascists who want supremacy of their ethnic groups and major section of Oppressed Backward Communities (OBCs) who want welfare of whole mankind. Now such people are awakening in every country and unitedly they may bring new world order based upon Human Equality and Universal sister-brother hood. Thus a World OBCs Manifesto is to be developed to ensure control of environmental pollution, end of over-exploitation of nature , safe disposal of nuclear, chemical and bio-weapons, making world safe for ever!

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fatema wrote 761 days ago

on my WL

fatema wrote 761 days ago

Hi Read ache in my heart, Chpter 3 might interest you.

writerwithacause wrote 890 days ago

Isn't it amazing how history repeats itself . Believe it or not I see this happening today in the USA. This reads as more of a list. I believe it could be made more interesting with story's to describe each concept. Lisa

Hema anand wrote 937 days ago

Good Work. The story is in a perfectly narrative manner and carries itself very well. The familiarity, similarity between the different sectors is wonderfully co-related. You have done good piece of homework, before penning down your line of thoughts.

sharda wrote 945 days ago

Its an excellent thought process. Every fact has been nicely put forth thread bare.

Religion should have been for the upliftment of society not for exploitation. The very object has been defeated by the the custodians and interpretters of religion.
Dr. Ahsan Murtaza