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date submitted 04.10.2011
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Dani Amore

Grosse Pointe, Michigan private investigator John Rockne looks into the murder of a beautiful woman and quickly uncovers links to his own, mysterious past.


In the exclusive enclave of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, a woman who builds custom guitars is murdered. A disgraced ex-cop turned private investigator is hired by the dead woman’s father and immediately becomes the target of a violent ex-convict. An enigmatic music star performs damage control on her links to the dead woman. And a professional killer who idolizes Keith Richards is brought into town by a mysterious employer. “Dead Wood is a fast-paced, unpredictable mystery with an engaging narrator and a rich cast of original supporting characters.” –Thomas Perry, Edgar-winning author of The Butcher’s Boy. "This is the first new private eye novel in a long time that just swept me along for the ride. Amore is definitely one to watch.” — Edgar-nominated author Craig McDonald Dani Amore’s writing reminds me of the great thriller writers -- lean, mean, no nonsense prose that gets straight to the point and keeps you turning those pages.” --author Robert Gregory Browne "As gritty as the Detroit streets where it's set, DEAD WOOD grabs you early on and doesn't let go. As fine a a debut as you'll come across this year, maybe any year." --author Tom Schreck

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crime fiction, ebook, indie, kindle, murder, mystery, noir, nook, suspense, thriller

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popsHH wrote 931 days ago


Your cover and pitch look like a professional did them. I've only seen one thing out of place so far and that's the third paragraph of chapter one. You're discussing the fact that you are a cop, and then boom, weather report, and then back to being a cop. It's a nicely written weather report, though, I'd hate to see you toss it out. It just seems out of place where it is.


Richard Allen wrote 932 days ago

This book will grab your attention from the first sentence of the first paragraph. A strong opening chapter with the promise of more of the same. As mentioned earlier, Dead Wood is on my shelf for easy access. Thanks for sharing your work .