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date submitted 04.10.2011
date updated 15.10.2011
genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction
classification: adult

Time Heals Everything

Linda Swain

Kat Collins must choose - the man she loves or the man that would give her anything - at a price.


Beautiful Katherine Collins, a girl from nowhere, suddenly had it all. Her promising career as an up-and-coming cabaret singer in a swinging 1930s hot spot known as Simply Blues lands her smack in the middle of a tug of war the likes of which she'd never dreamed possible. On one side stands the man who had opened the door to her career but who refuses to allow himself any further claim to her heart, and on the other stands a man who will do anything to claim Katherine as his own. Set in the tumultuous times leading up to World War Two, both men will shape her destiny in unchangeable ways, but whose heart will Katherine choose, and whose will she break forever

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drama, history, lovers triangle, nightclub, redhead, singer, world war two

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strachan gordon wrote 931 days ago

An intriguing start which certainly has me wondering what is going to happen next ;watchlisted and five stars:I wonder if you would be able to look at the first chapter of my novel 'A Buccaneer' which is set amongst pirates in the 17th century , with best wishes from Strachan Gordon

Dirty House wrote 931 days ago

A wonderful historical tale. Katherine is a character I can follow. I read the first two chapters. I gave you 5 stars.