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date submitted 07.10.2011
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The Prodigy Series: Book One, Virtuoso


Boston's most prestigious boarding school unintentionally becomes the nucleus of a century-old rivalry between twins struggling over a powerful resource: the Virtuoso.


Getting into Brighton Academy for the Arts was no easy task, neither was it cheap. But Virgil Chapman couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Unfortunately, the minute a beautiful and mysterious exchange student shows up in the middle of orchestra rehearsal, trouble began. Not only did this lovely new student put a snag in the attempts of other girls to rope Virgil into a date, but she introduced a fearsome, age-old struggle to her unsuspecting classmates. As Virgil slides deeper and deeper into his infatuation with Anya, the new girl, he makes a startling discovery about himself. Captivating audiences as first chair violinist is only the beginning. Virgil taps into his potential as never before. Cultures and eras collide as four teenagers combine their abilities to defeat a treacherous opponent, Anya's uncle. Enter a world of mind control, telekinetics and shape shifting as a ragtag group of art lovers re-write the future.

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, abilities, action, adventure, boston, fine arts, high school, latvia, paranormal, powers, russia, supernatural, teen

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ProfessorTarr wrote 898 days ago

Geesh... another one! Okay, I added you to my waitlist... but truth is - I won't be waiting. Thanks for writing - you know I dig your stuff. Looking forward to it!

scoz512 wrote 930 days ago

What I've read so far sounds really interesting! I really like your writing style.