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date submitted 12.10.2011
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Gibble Gabble and the Land of Yum: The Palace of Cheese

Jeremy Hanlan

Children are the readers of the future and so we need to capture their interest to ensure the future of literature!


The Palace of Cheese:
Gibble Gabble the Guard is left to protect the King’s new palace which is made entirely out of cheese. A mouse finds its way inside the palace and starts to gnaw away at the building and furniture. Gibble Gabble buys a cat and places it inside the palace in a bid to be rid it of the rodent and mayhem ensues. Eventually, the palace is destroyed through their antics just as the King returns from viewing other palaces in the neighbouring countries. He cannot believe the remains of his once wonderful palace which greets his eyes; however, his horror is taken to a higher level when the fat cat that has destroyed his once beautiful palace is catapulted into his mouth and sends him rolling down the hill. He calls for Gibble Gabble’s head to be chopped off as punishment for his negligence but is dissuaded from doing so by the guard’s eloquence and so defers the beheading if the guard can build him a new palace made entirely of chocolate!

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