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Revenge and Redemption

Mariela Baeva

The novella goes back to mid-80s of the 20th century when a process started with the Turkish population in Bulgaria. Human values and national security.


The specific process of changing the names of the Turkish population in Bulgaria had time ago a heavy impact in moral, international image and national security sense. The story develops around three major acts of violence, inspired - predominantly - by hurt human dignity as having some historical references as well. The approach is psychological in shedding light on the internal life of the characters, touching personal contraversial features, assuming motivation for a certain behavior, conscious or unconscious, speculating on how political decisions of nation-wide interest can change the course of events and post factum developments, the way national security is treated as of utmost importance in a former communist state, the values and principles of a society in a concrete context. No general conclusions or assessments can stem from the story; however, a true aspect of a certain mentality could be caught. The development of the story is vivid and full of details to be observed and fixed to the general picture.

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AudreyB wrote 884 days ago

Hi, Mariela - I stopped by for a quick look at your first chapter. I like the robust verbs.

This segment begins rather slowly - I wonder if it would be stronger if you started with the paragraph starting "The whereabouts of a cell..." Get the reader into the action immediately.

You've got a fascinating subject and a confident style of writing. I wish you well!
Forgiveness Fits

Neville wrote 903 days ago

Revenge and Redemption.
By Mariela Beava.

…’You mean they’re here, in the country – Five suspects – Good lord, is it possible – We must handle this…’ (Question mark after possible.)
…’Could you give us a (resume) of the state of affairs up to…’ (Resumption)
…The pendulum clock stroke. No one heard it… ( I would say, The pendulum clock struck or chimed.)

I love some of your descriptions – Faces tightened to iron out the furrows of fatigue…
…That warmed him inside neglecting the night drills, the tasteless morning porridge, the endless hours of waiting on street corners for his deed of valor to come and stay…
…Cool down serg. I work here… ( I think serg need to be capitalized, it’s a shortened name.)
The above are just suggestions and not meant to be critical in any way.

A really exciting book, that draws the reader into the story.
Plenty of tension throughout…enough to keep the reader wondering what’s to come on the next page.
Good characters and dialogue make it an excellent read.
Well done! Many stars and BACKED.

Kind regards,


strachan gordon wrote 904 days ago

Hello Mariela , very lovely call sign , are you an F. Scott Fitzgerald fan? Well, this is certainly a unique book in English , writing about the Bulgaria of Thidor Zhivkov and the attempt to culturally assimilate the Turkish minority , which I understand led to mass Turkish emigration . Presumably the First is Zhivkov? He reminds me of the characterisation of the Dictator Trujillo of the Dominican Republic in Mario Vargas Llosa's book 'The Feast of the Goat.' A very interesting millieu and one that is only dimly understood in Western Europe. I wonder if it is at all possible that you might have the time to look at the first chapter of my novel 'A Buccaneer' It includes lost love, Pirates ,the Great Plague of London , Sir Henry Morgan ,beautiful Spanish ladies , a five handed duel and much more . Backed.With best wishes from Strachan Gordon.