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date submitted 31.10.2011
date updated 01.02.2013
genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror
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Edited By Adam Sifre

It's the end of the world as we write it, and I feel fine. Avoid the 2012 rush. End your world now!


There are a lot of strange people on Authonomy. People obsessed with telling dark, terrible stories. Fortunately, there is also a world full of people obsessed with reading dark, terrible stories. The bible's got nothing on these guys. Inside these pages, you'll find the apocalypse, the whole apocalypse and nothing but the apocalypse, so help me read.

Please, read. Enjoy. Before it's too late.

And Congrats to Paul Freeman for winning the Apocalypse Flash Fiction Friday Contest!

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Splinker wrote 139 days ago

This book has been up for more than two years! I would have thought the zombie apocalypse would have happened by now.

Seringapatam wrote 408 days ago

Adam. Brilliant short stories. I am impressed. I can also see these doing very well int he future because they are very readable. I take my hat of to you. I think by reading these I have found another genre I like, so thank you for that. Great flow to these and fantastic voice that you keep on a smooth flow throughout all the stories. I liked these and will score these high.
Sean Connolly. British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R) Please consider me for a read or watch list wont you?? Many thanks. Sean

Zena1 wrote 590 days ago

I am putting your book on my shelf for now and am reading. Hope to comment later. Also rated high.

R. Dango wrote 670 days ago

You make this surreal story very realistic for some reasons. Great dialogues and interesting setting.
The Forest of Vulcanus

patio wrote 723 days ago

I thought THE ENDz was about the ghetto but I was wrong. Its a sci-fi zombie narrative

Its all good though

Tom Bye wrote 861 days ago

Hello Adam;
you did a good job on editing these short stories.
Just gone through six of them and scan read some more.
they are certainly very easy to read, and the pages turn quickly, always a good sign.
as i said, short crisp and well told, almost synopsis like.
Found them to be enjoyable science fiction tales.
Ideal type of book to pull out on a journey, some of them could be read over and over again. to
savour the flavour, really liked chapter 3 somewhat gripping-

tom bye
from hugs to kisses
please glance at mine, although different genre, true life, certainly not sci-fi.thanks

Momma Bear wrote 892 days ago

Dear Adam,

I was hooked, I couldn't stop reading. I was so excited to see the zombie apocalypse mentioned several times. That would be my favorite. This is something as highly marketable as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I would buy it. I'd buy a few and give them away as gifts! I loved this, six stars!

Over eleven thousand teens vanish in one day. This is the story of where they went.

Stephanie King wrote 893 days ago

A lot of original ideas in here. I enjoyed the reads. If you decide to publish this one - let me know.

S.C. Thompson wrote 894 days ago

This is The Endz, beautiful friend, this is The Endz. My only friend, The Endz. It hurts to set you free, but you'll never follow me. The end of laughter and soft lies, the end of nights we tried to die . . . This is The Endz . . . .

LittleDevil wrote 901 days ago

Limiting backings wasn't the best solution IMHO. So I thought I'd support loads in one go.

TRM wrote 901 days ago

Excellent ! You're a star, Splinks.

1x80 wrote 902 days ago

I like the idea of a collection of stories. The first one is good enough that I'm watchlisting so I can read more later.

Ryan Holmes wrote 903 days ago

Another great anthology by the flash fiction Fridays team and a fitting end to a month of Halloween inspired horror. Don't miss this one! It might just be the end of you!

Smeg wrote 903 days ago

Fun read.

pallom wrote 904 days ago

Good training for when the world really does end.