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date submitted 22.12.2011
date updated 07.01.2012
genres: Fiction, Thriller
classification: adult


Christopher Robert Anderson

A hired assassin. The targets: western intelligence and security officers. John Ferry, ex-SIS, has a past with his government. Paranoia and suspicion are rife.


An assassin is hired by a rich Islamist to kill four members of Western intelligence and law enforcement organizations. The assassin studies each of the first three targets in depth before striking. The fourth target is John Ferry, ex-British Intelligence. On assignment in the Middle East, his colleague disappears with one million pounds of Government money, leaving Ferry to be Prime Suspect Number One. Although cleared by a board of inquiry, he is still forced from the Service by the Foreign Minister and SIS’ Chief. Now residing in the sleepy Essex village of his childhood, a career of cautiousness and suspicion is a habit of a lifetime that will not be broken. Paranoia is rife as he believes he is being watched, still the subject of an SIS investigation.

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action, action thriller, action/adventure, adventure, america, american intelligence, assassin, assassination, british intelligence, cia, fbi, intelli...

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David J Baron wrote 831 days ago


Read the prologue and first chapter - liking it so far. packed with detail and an interesting story.


David J Baron wrote 837 days ago

Hi Chris

Will definitively have a nose through this as I have a few spaces on my book shelf and WL. Would you be so kind as to have a quick look at my book - The List. Feel free to leave a comment.
ta very much.

David J Baron

GrahamD wrote 838 days ago

Hi Chris

I just finished reading 'Scarlet', and I think it's safe to assume that 'the assassin' is female. The absence of genitive pronouns and the use of non- gender specific forenames is a bit of a giveaway. I have to admit that I found this a little distracting, as I was continually looking for clues to confirm my theory. Perhaps you could try using the forenames a little more, instead of 'the assassin', which tends to attract attention to the gender ambiguity.

Having said that, the plot is sound, and I would assume that as the story progresses, we gradually get to unravel the true identity of Robin/Sam/Nicky. I like what I've read so far, but I think I'll wait for a revision or a few more chapters before I back it.