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date submitted 27.12.2011
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Scarlet Begonias

Stephanie Geman-Marcotte

Is it possible to unravel the ego, and if so, to what end? Follow the Psycho-cartographers into the dreamscape to find out...


Scarlet Begonias is a trans-realist, coming-of-age story and an exploration of the entangled relationship between the measurement of evolution and the evolution of measurement while the fate of one girl and the universally accepted perception of reality hang in the balance.

Suzi Greenberg is in trouble. She's found herself at the edge of an existential precipice, peering into the dense vacuum of nothingness, unable to connect with the self that existed before she’d sacrificed her friends for disillusionment in Veelura and her Helping Friendly Book, wondering if she needed saving, or if she’d unraveled beyond her ability to care.

The Psycho-Cartographers use the Qualia Spectarum, a magical map of perception, to plot a course through the dreamscape. Harnessing the missing mass from the International Prototype Kilogram, they catapult through the negative curvature of phase-cancelled space to attempt a daring rescue of Suzi.

They emerge, undetected, at a Las Vegas Grateful Dead concert during a stellar version of 'Scarlet Begonias' to extract Suzi from Sumbebekos, the eternal loop of existential contemplation.

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black hole, coming of age, dream, dreamscape, elixir, existence, existential, fantasy, grateful dead, kilogram, phish, physics, reality, science, scie...

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scargirl wrote 690 days ago

i agree with warrick. cool made-up words, but too many long ones in a string stop the flow and sound over-intellecutal-trying-too-hardish....overall you are a talented writer and give us many little hooks to feed us along....
what every woman should know

Juliet Ann wrote 837 days ago

just completed chapter 15. Really want to understand how Mannie's gonna win big money, very annoyed he didn't spill - or the more reason to keep reading.

Juliet Ann wrote 841 days ago

I've just read up to chapter 13. Loved the lucid dreaming chapter and want more of that. Very lost at times, the ideas are difficult to grasp (Rajesh and Mannie conversation), but eager to continue reading. Juliet

Warrick Mayes wrote 845 days ago


I had to read this as I saw you were a fan of Douglas Adams, and was hoping to see some of his influences.

They were there alright. However, you used what looked like made-up words, such as Jimbly and Ricockulous. However, Adams would have found a way of explaning these words to the uninitiated reader, so that they weren't left feeling out-of-touch of.

Also, using long words can be fun, especially when they are made-up, but too many in a short space looks pretentious and can alienate readers, slowing down the pace of the book.

Otherwise you have a great idea and some lovely dialogue between the friends.

Best regards

Juliet Ann wrote 847 days ago

The opening chapter of this is not an easy read, lots of unfamiliar words and ideas, but once I got past this, I couldn't stop reading and finished all you have posted. I am not sure if I could stay the course, the ideas in this are dense and you expect your reader to have a understanding of physics, but I would certainly continue further. If you post anymore please let me know. Your ideas on science and universal connectedness are fascinating and you present them plausibly. An intelligent sci-fi - good luck. There is a sci-fi critique group on here, see the genre boards.