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Is it worth a pair of Uggs?

Jody Seguine

True and touching, these short stories are inspirational and will be helpful to anyone who desires to share their faith in Jesus.


Written for the purpose of inspiring other believers to open their mouths and share the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Jody Seguine has an amazing testimony of God's grace that has helped her touch the lives of countless people throughout her years of ministry and outreach. These wonderful heartwarming stories will be sure to touch your soul and give you some new tools to use in your witness for the gospel. A woman of action; Jody's boldness is contagious and her unbelievable spirit of giving opens peoples heart to the goodness of God. You can use this book as a daily devotional or give it to others as a great resource in thier ministry tackle box. May you venture to be a great fisher of men!

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Not Just a God of Second Chances

Do you know we serve a God of many chances...and not just second chances; Jesus said to forgive 7 times 77 because of how much He forgives us. The other day I was taking some pictures of kids who were getting baptized when I saw a familiar face. I was so surprised to see her. It had been a while and now she was at church to get baptized. I was thrilled!


There are certain kids that I meet once in a while, that just need that special hug. The kind of hug that says, “I don’t care what you have done or where you’ve been, I just love you.” 


Well at first when I saw her I went to give her a high-five but she knew she could get a hug from me and so she opened her arms wide and I just held her tight. Have you ever hugged someone as if it could take your breath away? They long to be held as if to say, “I know you understand.” That’s how it is in my relationship with the Lord, especially when I am going through something very difficult. I get into His word, and it’s as if He loves or hugs me through His comforting words.


So I told her to meet me in the church coffee shop and I’d buy her something to eat. She told me that she was homeless, 20 years old, and living on the streets. She then asked if I had any blankets in the warehouse that I could give her. I had to tell her I was sorry because we just gave them all away the night before. There was however one thing I could offer her, a warm bed at my house. She accepted, wide-eyed and appreciative. Some warned me not to take her in. They said she had burned a lot of bridges, she had been doing drugs, and she was not to be trusted. All I could say was that she sounded a lot like me before I became a Christian.


My kids and I got in the car along with this girl and the first thing she said was, “Thank you so much. Do you know how cold it is out there? Thank you so much.” 


My kids were excited to be having company. When we got to our house I explained to her that God calls us to have wisdom and discernment, and in order for her to stay with me she had to allow me to search her stuff. I told her I had to look out for the welfare of my kids, and she said that she understood. I searched her and found nothing. After changing the bedding on my daughters bed, I tucked in our guest and my daughter slept with us. 


All night I could hear the warnings of the enemy, “You know she probably has drugs on her. You heard...she’s a user.” 


In the morning I let her sleep in until around 9:30. I made her some bacon and eggs and then yelled upstairs for my kids to wake her up, but they yelled back that she wouldn’t. But then I heard her starting to get up. I went upstairs and she was in the bathroom. 


I said, Breakfast is ready downstairs.” She asked if she could shower first. I said, “Sure.” 

The enemy was taunting me, “What if she is stealing things from you while she’s in the bathroom?” 

So as I folded my laundry I talked to the Lord.Lord, I know this stuff will all burn one day, it’s just stuff, but would you please give me wisdom to handle this. And He did. 


When she got out of the shower I asked if I could search her again. She said, “No problem, I understand.” 


So I searched her and again found nothing. I told her to come with me and took her into my bedroom. I said, You can have anything you want in here, as long as it is mine. You can take any of my clothes, jewelry, lotions, shampoos, cream rinse...anything that you might need or want you can have.” 


She laughed and asked me, “why?”


I said, “Because you could have brought drugs to my house, and you could have stolen from me, but you didn’t. You see, God rewards us when we do things right and so I am going to show you some of His rewards.” 

She went over to my stuff and could have taken anything but only took 3 bracelets and a bottle of lotion. My 3 year old daughter, who had been watching, then took our guest into her room and told her that she could have any of her clothes and even asked if she would like to have her new brush and hair ties. 


The girl just looked at me and asked, “Is that okay?”


I said, “Of course that’s okay. I want her to think of others.” I looked at my 3 year old and said, God must be so proud of you!” Then I asked our guest, “Is there anything else you need? She needed some underwear, so I said, “Those we can buy.” And we did.


Later, I called a friend of mine to find out if she would be able to take in our house-guest. She said that she would love to and could let her stay for at least two weeks and then see what God would do from there. Even though this lady has a big family and a busy schedule I knew she would do it with open arms. While driving the girl to my friend’s house she told me how tired she was of going from home to home and that she honestly wants to be right with God. She’s been sober for 2 weeks and told me how she wishes that she could just die and be in heaven already. 


So I offered God’s reassurance; that He has a plan for her, because I was also once a messed up kid but that God can use messed up kids like us to bring Him glory. Since I went through similar things myself I could really relate to her and encourage her, hoping she might be able to help someone with the same kind of compassion she had received and see that God really does cause all things to work together for good to them love Him and are called according to His purpose. It made me think, “Wow! His word truly is alive and active!


Well, we made it to my friend’s house and I introduced the young girl to her. At first you could see this girl was feeling awkward, but after I introduced them we all sat down, came up with a plan, and she seemed to feel much better. Tomorrow I am going to try and get her birth certificate to help her get a California ID. Then this weekend a couple of friends and I are going to look for a bike for her. That way she can have transportation and get a job. ( knock...Luke 11:9) 


    Brothers and sisters, we need to pray for opportunities like these, asking God for wisdom and then being willing to act. While some wanted to give up on her...He will never give up! With God, those things that seem impossible are made possible.


“But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?” (1 John 3:17)



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subscribe to comments for this book wrote 828 days ago

This is a lovely book, Jody. It gets the messages across without being 'preachy' and is told in warm, gentle chapters. Backed with stars and on w/l.


howard_dianna wrote 834 days ago

Jody is the prime example of what a christian should be. She proves her faith by her love for Jesus; and her actions. Her love for him is her way of life. She teaches her children what Jesus wants them to be, and lives her by her example. I know Jesus does love her.

When this book becomes published I would like to buy it for myself because I know it will help me in my faith, and I also it can benefit others too. I can't wait to receive the book when its released.

aprilyn wrote 834 days ago

When this book is published I would love to buy it for myself as a daily devotional and also to pass out to friends. What a great story, it brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to have this book in my hands!

eleanor stoneham wrote 834 days ago

Jody I love this and think it should go far - there is such a demand for this kind of material. I've only dipped so far but it seems well written and real food for thought. Bookshelved. You may like to look at mine....

LSmith wrote 834 days ago

Awesome read! These chapters are true testimonies of how God works through our lives when we are obedient to His Will and Purpose. Jody is an outstanding servant for the Lord.

Shiloh Yazdani wrote 295 days ago

This is a nice book that tells us the story of things not being as important as people. The chapters are quick and easy to read. This is an all-around nice book.
"Courage Through Faith"

Seringapatam wrote 378 days ago

Jody, Other than the cover and the title of this book there were a number of things that attracted me to this book. The two biggest things are number 1, its current and real and secondly it feel right and modern. They are the reasons I dont normally read this genre. Thats a big compliment believe me. I really did enjoy this book and your writing style and flow makes it all worth while. I can also see this doing so well. I am a fan. So so well done.
Sean Connolly. British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R) Please consider me for a read or watch list wont you?? Many thanks. Sean

evermoore wrote 462 days ago

Jody...I loved this. I will buy many copies when in print for gifts, I know that already. I particularly hold chapter 26 close for it speaks so clearly, the love, sacrifice, and sorrow our Lord must feel, but also to the hope held in us to be His voice...His vessels.
Great body of work...(hugs)

Daniel Simmons Journey
Children Walking with Jesus

Peter B wrote 491 days ago

Delightful insights into the Word and putting it into practice. Anyone who has trouble forgiving somebody...has forgotten what they themselves have been forgiven for. A wonderful work that will surely enhance understanding and empower others. Good stuff, Peter B.
"The Bible I Thought I Knew"

Elizabeth Kathleen wrote 649 days ago

I can see you truly love the Lord Jesus and I am humbled by your witness for Him. May God bless you and encourage you in your ministry for and love of our dear Lord Jesus! I truly was encouraged and blessed. Thank you!
God bless!!
Elizabeth Kathleen
"If Children are Cheaper by the Dozen, Can I Get a Discount on Six?"

Tom Bye wrote 724 days ago

Hello Jody -

book- Is it worth a pair of Uggs?

Randomly read almost all of the chapters posted, and conclude that this book when published, should sit
on the bed side table of all hotels and homes out there-

These are short stories that makes on think about God and for all of us to keep the faith-

Each and all i found joy to read and they are certainly inspirational-

God bless you Jody and keep up the good work- you will be rewarded-

tom bye Dublin Ireland

book- from hugs to kisses-
Please glance at mine, you might like chapters 19- priests-chapter 20- and or 23- thanks Jody-

Author apart from the rest wrote 732 days ago


I really enjoyed this book. I think your plug is right on track! Keep up the good work.

Dianna Lanser wrote 735 days ago


I’ve revisited Is It Worth A Pair Of Uggs and once again I was encouraged and challenged by your personal stories of the blessings you receive by trusting and obeying God’s prompting to serve right where you are. You are a very gifted writer. Each one of your experiences are told in a way that I can envision the circumstances and people you encounter along the way. I had to chuckle at the grocery store story, imagining this small circle of people gathered around the check-out area listening to some women talk about Jesus. That is so cool.

This should be made available or sold in every church’s library or book store. Your faith in action is what Jesus has called us to do and you are leading by example. I have been inspired by your obedience and courage.

Dianna Lanser
Nothing But The Blood

SandyLizShaw wrote 760 days ago

A nice piece of Christian literature that should appeal to anyone regardless of their religious beliefs. I could see this converting atheist and non-believers alike. I hope that I will read the entire books and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed what I have read so far.


Shelby Z. wrote 780 days ago

Is it worth a pair of Uggs? by Jody Seguine
This book I keep coming back to. It is one of those wonderful everyday books you want to see published so you can by it. Then you can just pick it up and flip to your favorite story.
It is so personal and deep in its message that it holds the reader or pulls the reader back to reading more later.
Everything about it is so amazing!!'

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

Neville wrote 796 days ago

Hi, Jodi,

Your book radiates love throughout; I found it to be an inspiring read.
I’ve read a few chapters and they are all very worthwhile stories that settle in the mind.
You are doing a great service and doing it so well.
I hope you continue with your work, I’m most impressed.

Kind regards,


Bart Jahn wrote 796 days ago

Dear Jody...I just finished reading your book. I read a few chapters every few days. I can see this book selling several hundred thousand copies in conservative, evangelical churches in the U.S. alone. It is the type of book I could see people in a particular church purchasing 25 copies or more, and placing them as free gifts on one of the tables at the entrance lobby to the church. This action alone would be a powerful investment in evanglism, if repeated across our land. The book has wide appeal and application to every person who has been Spirit-born and has a testimony of God's transforming love in their lives. The book reminds me of a very special verse in the Old Testament: "Would God that all the Lord's people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his Spirit upon them" (Numbers 11:29). I pray a publisher or an agent picks this book up soon. God bless you. Bart Jahn

PTingen wrote 799 days ago


Wow - you have quite a ministry! I love the title of your book and the cover. Very appealing. Your stories are certainly inspiring.

Many blessings to you!

He Was Never a Cat

Shelby Z. wrote 807 days ago

Exquisite piece of work!!!!!!!!!
I keep coming back to it to read more!
Good luck with it.

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

chrisq wrote 808 days ago

So many in the church are telling us we need to "relate" to the culture and be "missional" in our contact with the unbelieving world. Seldom do we see someone who does all of those things and is also unashamed to preach the true and genuine Gospel that the Apostles left us.

It's refreshing to see a person do the difficult things Jody does while being true to the charge the Holy Spirit puts on believers to be sure our message reflects that which the Bible clearly teaches. That message is the innocent dying, personal, for the guilty, the true Gospel.

Jesus came to set man free from his sin, and every man is responsible to Him for His sacrifice. Giving someone your Uggs is of no eternal benefit, but telling them you are willing to part with them so you can tell them Jesus' blood can cover their sins? Now that is evangelism and conviction that is lacking in the modern Christian "Kingdom" movement.

bigmouth wrote 812 days ago

I think the idea of a collection of short tales or modern parables to highlight or explain elements of Christian teaching is a good one - it worked quite well for Jesus if I remember correctly. However, if I am honest, I found this to me more about the author recounting a series of good deeds which, though admirable in many ways, did feel a bit like a self-promotional message than anything else. Sorry, but this didn't work for me. A great advert for this particular ministry - look at what we do! - but I cannot see this having wider appeal.

Bria Heart wrote 814 days ago

Totally inspiring!!
Each short story is so real and deep.
I keep reading the chapters to see each one.

Bria Heart <3

wingping wrote 814 days ago

God is good and God is real, again jody he has used you to reach out to people through this wonderful book. What an enjoyable read. :-)

Admirer wrote 815 days ago

I was blessed and encouraged by this book that is so easy to ready and enjoy. I am hoping to have the opportunity to buy it as gifts for friends and family!

Admirer wrote 815 days ago

I was very blessed AND encouraged by this book. It's easy and enjoyable reading that makes you wanna just keep reading more and more of her experiences. I would love to purchase the book as gifts for family and friends!

visioneerbob wrote 815 days ago

Inspiring stories that touch the heart and lift the spirit. When Jody stands before the throne of the Most High God she will surely hear "Well done good and faithful servant."

Anastacia Hawkins wrote 816 days ago

Beautifully written and extremely touching. A delight!

Anastacia Hawkins - MY SWEET LIFE

HBmama2 wrote 816 days ago

I've known Jody for nearly 20 years now, and have witnessed so many miraculous ways God has used her. These stories, amazing as they may sound, are true. Our Lord told us to "Deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him." I think many Christians like the last part of the command, but the first two parts are not as pleasant and we like to avoid them. Jody has faced many adversities in her life, but through the power and grace of Jesus, has just grown stronger and more commited to Christ. She walks the walk of the Christian life, not just talks the talk, and is one of the most amazing women I know. I highly recommend her book and can't wait to see it published and on the bookshelf!

dj4jesus wrote 816 days ago

Everyone should read this book!

dc creations wrote 817 days ago

This is a wonderful book so full of life changing stories. Jody never shys away from sharing what people really need spiritually while meeting their immediate physical needs. She is truly an example to us all of how we can trust God to meet our needs while ministering to others. MAy God bless this undertaking and challenge others to be bold in their faith.

Shawna wrote 817 days ago

This book is very encouraging. It should be published so all can be encouraged. Jody, thank you for showing us how to live out our faith!

julie3201 wrote 817 days ago

Very nice book, Jody. I had read quite a bit of it some time back and I do find it inspiring. I think it's wonderful that you take every opportunity to share your faith in Christ. You've done a lot. And it's probably not that you want praise heaped upon you, but rather you want us to understand that God can use our lives too in a powerful way for helping others. Yours is a wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing that. julie

LoriU wrote 817 days ago

I think this is a wonderful book. It touched my heart. I am looking forward to purchasing it. This book will be very helpful for witnessing.

scottu wrote 817 days ago

Jody is an inspiration. I have heard her say that she wants to be doing the Lord's business when He returns and she always is. These are true accounts of her experiences and she has touched so many lives and been an inspiration to baby Christians (like I was) as well as more experienced Christians. This book would be an excellent witnessing tool and inspirational reading.

MM812 wrote 817 days ago

These story's are encouraging, as well as inspiring... I read many of the stories and so far have loved them all!!

Gao Zuojia wrote 818 days ago

I began reading this book because I got a message that someone else had backed it. I agree with What others have written: Jody is what a Christian should be; she proves her faith through deeds, instead of playing lip service to the tenets. These stories are presented in an entertaining, not preachy, manner. I strongly recommend this work and pray for Jody's success.

ddbug wrote 818 days ago

I've known Jody for 20+ years. The stories she shares are honest accounts of her every day life. She is truly an evangelist at heart, and obedient to His calling. Jody constantly challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and share both the love of Christ and my Uggs with those who are lost and hurting. Will you take the challenge if God asks you to?

Please share this inspiring book with everyone you know!

howard_dianna wrote 818 days ago

I pray those children read God's Word and found the truth.

D. S. Hale wrote 820 days ago

Jody, your stories are awesome! Our Lord is so gracious. The Lord called my husband and I into the ministry, too. I've given away everything for Him. I would love to give my testimony if you want to hear it. it will really inspire you! I've seriously thought about writing it into a book, and maybe I will. We have witnessed miracles like the Israelites from the OT days. We've witnessed healings right before our eyes, I've been visited by an angel (or at least that's what I think!).....just so many things! The Lord truly uses His people if they will allow Him!

I've given you six stars and adding you to my shelf. Great book!
D. S. Hale
Jessup and the Teleporter

Dianna Lanser wrote 820 days ago


From the opening story I was convicted of the choice I made long ago - that I would follow God no matter what the cost. Today you made me think, “Am I holding anything back from you, Lord? Show me… Help me to be obedient.

Told with an open vulnerable heart, your little stories speak volumes of truth and encouragement.

I especially liked number four “Common Ground” How comforting to see God bring you full circle. You used your past difficulties to bring hope to someone who was going through what you had once experienced. When you wrote, “God entrusted Job with these trials because He knew that Job could bear it without giving up his faith in God.” it shed new light on my own troubles. “Thank you, God for believing in me… keep me strong.”

Jody, I read through chapter five and, of course, I wanted to keep going. You have the wonderful gift of loving, and caring, and sharing. You use them well. May God bless you and your ministry. Six stars and a promised backing.

Dianna Lanser
Nothing But The Blood

Shelby Z. wrote 822 days ago

I read some more of this.
I love it!
So Special!!

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

Bria Heart wrote 822 days ago

This an amazing piece of work you have here.
The cover is fun as is the title.
What an inspiring group of stories and scriptures! It really moved me!
I didn't see one mistake in here.
I very much enjoyed the Christmas story on seven or eight I can't remember now. It was very well portrayed.
Grand work you've done with this book.
May God take you far with it.

Bria Heart <3

Mystery Reader wrote 822 days ago

You have a fantastic skill of telling your stories. They are personal and so deep that they hit the heart.
Don't give up!!
I hope your book does well.
God bless you for writing these to encourage and inspire people most of all Christians.


Abralynne wrote 822 days ago

Thanks for sharing your experiences, feelings, and evangelistic attitude with the rest of us! So many times we feel we have to do the BIG things...but a little grace, a little encouragement, and a little smile or hug is all it takes to change someone's day - or life!
Reading these stories makes me want to flash forward and find out what happens next...but instead I will strive to start my own stories, or testimonies for other people.
Good luck Jody, this book is written in a style that will definitely appeal to the younger generation, a huge portion of our population and believers that we cannot afford to ignore. You will definitely fuel their hearts to spark a fire within and carry the word of the Lord to anyone they encounter.

CRJJWS wrote 822 days ago

This a very moving compilation of short stories. Each of the stories have a common thread, Jesus Christ. I love how the writer finds a creative way to meet each individual right where they are and leaves a imprint on their hearts and soul. I would recommend this book to church groups that are looking to evangelize and impact their communities with the good news of the gospel.

Painted Pony wrote 823 days ago

I've read a couple of chapters and am impressed with your ability to draw inspiration out of everyday encounters. I have so wanted to write something along these lines regarding some analogies God has revealed to me through everyday experiences, but am simply too busy trying to finish my novel to do so:) Best of luck with this friend - Highly starred! Ruby

iandsmith wrote 823 days ago


Kerry Young wrote 823 days ago

This book is an inspiration to anyone that has a heart for evangelism. At the same time, it challenges those that are praying for boldness!

psoup wrote 823 days ago

This book of 'real life' events and testimony is the natural progression of your relationship with our Lord, and I am confident that He will continue to use you in the area that you are called. And that my friend is evangelism!!! I read your book, and was truly blessed and inspired. Thank you for your bold and generous heart!

Shelby Z. wrote 824 days ago

Very Well written.
I think it is a wonderful put together and written book. Each story is special and full of real life.
I don't know why I haven't read this before now. It is a wonderful book idea.
The cover is creative as is the title.
Wonderfully done!

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

Mystery Reader wrote 824 days ago

I didn't know what to expect from this book.
I found it amazing!
It is so well written with so much heart and depth to it.
Yes, we Christians don't often remember just how special it is to share are faith. We aren't here for us, we are here for HIM!
I love the pitch and most of all the cover. The title is very unique but perfect.
Great work!!
God bless you.


waiting wrote 824 days ago

Jody, as always may you lead by example. This book should ignite with in all of us a desire to challenge ourselves to serve our Lord with all of our hearts, mind, and soul.

Nathan Maki wrote 825 days ago

Wow, Jody,

What an incredible story to inspire the title of your book. As I've worked down the list toward your book I've often wondered, "What does that title mean?" This story will stick with me for sure. I can identify with what you're talking about, doing street ministry. I did that for a good while. Every week I'd buy sandwich meat, two loaves of bread, a pack of cheese, a head of lettuce, and make good ham sandwiches to go hand out downtown. I was young, and it was about 20 bucks a week, but I knew it was worth it. "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these..."

I'm happy to give this book six stars and hope it stays on the top-rated books list for a long time to come. I've got it on my watchlist to back next time I rotate my shelf as well.

God bless you for sharing this inspiring book, and thanks again for backing my book too.

Nathan Maki - A War Within

Bart Jahn wrote 825 days ago

I just finished reading through chapter 11 today. I will try to read some each day to complete the book. This is a very well written book, with some wonderful and powerful Christian truths and lessons for all of us. We all have different personalities...I have found that if I am "prayed up", God will send someone into my path at work or out walking, that has a need that the Holy Spirit can meet through me. The greatest thrill in my life is to be able to share the gospel words of salvation or encouragement to someone. This is a good test for the Authonomy system...your book should be picked up by one of the large Christian publishers. You have a genuine gift for evangelism and a good writing style. God bless you. Bart Jahn

Maria Constantine wrote 826 days ago

Jody, the stories you recount are thought provoking and moving. I like the way you break it up in to short chapters to give the reader time to ponder on what they have just read. The cover looks really good, love the title and the story about the Uggs will stay with me. Maria (Georgina's Family) :)