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word count 19505
date submitted 03.12.2008
date updated 10.02.2009
genres: Fiction, Comedy
classification: moderate

Get on the Bus Jonathan

Tony Mulholland

A comedy about a struggling screenwriter trying to get his derailed career back on track.


Andrew Tarnish was once a successful screenwriter but recently his career has gone down the plughole. He is now living alone trying with comic desperation to get back to work, dealing with TV and Film executives who seem determined to try what limited reserves of patience he has left. At every point where he appears to be getting back on track, up pops the shadowy 'Jonathan' to stymie him. Andrew develops an irrational hatred towards 'Jonathan' culminating in a comic confrontation in a London club for media movers and shakers. It is not only his career which is in the gutter, Andrew's love life is also in decline, but both career and emotional life take an apparent a turn for the better when he meets an American producer who wants him to rewrite an earlier script. Could he be turning the corner? Is he just turning the corner to be met with an oncoming truck?

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comedy, contemporary, film, satire, television

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Strayer wrote 1567 days ago

This is a delightful read. Thank you for writing Get On The Bus Jonathon.