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True Life

Heather MacLaren Johnson

Who wants a life abundant with meaning and joy despite circumstances? These thought-provoking, heart-moving, lump-in-the-throat true vignettes spotlight the way to true life.


What's the meaning of life? Seeing everything through the eyes of our Creator whose ultimate goal is intimacy with His created. Heather MacLaren Johnson's inspiration for writing comes from her life as a wife, a mother of three adopted Russian children with special needs, a former teacher and clinical psychologist, an equestrian living on a horse farm, and a surivor of multiple emotional traumas. Her vignettes are true stories--sometimes raw and heartbreaking, sometimes light and funny--all examples of the wide-ranging experiences and emotions common to all. From dealing with manure (who hasn't, at least metaphorically?) to getting mad at slow drivers when in a hurry (of course you have!), to crying for children who are different, to coping with death, suicide, paralysis, slander, gossip, rejection, depression, anxiety, divorce--surely many can relate. Rather than become bitter or resigned, Heather helps us see God's promise in action--all things work together for the good of those who love God. All things. Even things we would never choose to experience again.

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autobiographical, christian, devotional, farm life, instructional, nature, non-fiction, philosophy, special needs kids

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Warrick Mayes wrote 810 days ago


I was not expecting to enjoy this, but chapter one was really uplifting.
I don't think you need the psalm at the end of the chapter - your story is strong enough without such quotes. Sometimes you have to know when to stop. You had me in your hand - but then you let me slip. Lovely though the psalm may be, your story is more uplifting, more genuine and more winning because this is honest, beautiful, caring Heather instead of some aged psalm.

You write really well, and tell a lovely story.

Best regards