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word count 33313
date submitted 06.12.2008
date updated 10.02.2009
genres: Fiction
classification: moderate


JJ Spillane

Is holding a dog’s severed ear in your hand the result of one person’s depravity, or a catalyst, supplanting self-loathing with fortitude and purpose?


When Jake, demoralised by the amputation of his leg, surprises himself by befriending a vagrant, he can little suspect the key to the man’s past lies in his own rural idyll on the Jurassic Coast. Here too, a confused young Irishman, with an unusual gift of communication with animals, comes to terms with his violent past and his sexuality. Rosa, who was beginning to wonder if she was paying the price for hastening her husband’s death, finds befriending the young man brings unexpected consequences. And then the sordid business of disappearing dogs comes to their door.

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courage, evil, gay, irish, romance, rural

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Andi Brown wrote 1069 days ago

Hi JJ,
If you like writing about dogs, I'm gonna guess you'll enjoy reading about them.

If Carl Hiaasen and The Office had a baby, it might look something like ANIMAL CRACKER.

Can a bunch of smart, sassy women get the goods on their boss at Boston’s venerable Animal Protection Agency? Hal Mason is Brad-Pitt handsome, with a Harvard professor wife and an adorable but shiftless son who wins the heart of Diane Salvi, the organization’s new communications director and the book’s narrator.

The malapropping, narcissistic Hal, famous for his animal-themed ties and jokes, has managed to earn the adulation of the organization’s board of directors and the scorn of his staff. When his negligence leads to the dogshit literally hitting the fan, Diane and her reporter roommate Genie set out to dig up some dirt on him, with a little help from friends in the office.

There's never a bad time for a fun read in which the good guys (or gals) wreak vengeance on a conniving boss who deserves no less.

Thanks for considering ANIMAL CRACKER.


DKTD1 wrote 1521 days ago

I'm not really sure what to make of your pitch, or the story through chapter 3, but it's very tense and I'm sucked into it wondering what's going to tie the amputee together with the vagrant, the policeman, and the boy in the hooded sweatshirt.

Shelved with great interest!