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Answer the Call

Kerrie Price

Reboot your Christian life!


Evaluate your Christian growth by answering the questions following each of 40 short topics. Learn how to survive church life, develop your people skills, transform your character and become the person God gifted you to be.

Every reader will benefit from the practical topics relating to personal development, people skills, church life and Christian growth. Upcoming leaders will find keys to help them avoid some of the pitfalls of ministry, and pastors and leaders will find a range of relevant topics for mentoring others. For those who have become discouraged or disillusioned with Christianity, this book is an oasis of hope, offering fresh perspectives and shedding new light on Biblical principles. It will reignite your faith and motivate you to live a life of significance.

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Tom Bye wrote 10 days ago

Hello Kerrie-

Book - Answer the Call-

This in my opinion is one of the better Christian books here on this Authonomy site-
Your writing style and the way you lay out the story lines are just perfect-
The food for thought endings certainly got me hooked and wanting to read more, in fact, it's
a book that one can go back and read again and again to get comfort in God-
The well laid out title of contents and headings are a big help, as I went in to read randomly -
This book should be made available in school libraries, that's for sure-
i wish you the best of luck on the way to the editors desk,
Your faith in God will get your book there sooner rather than later-
I give it my six stars in it's genre-

Tom Bye-
From hugs to kisses-
now available on Amazon in paperback and on kindle-
A memoir of a child growing up in poverty in Dublin in the 40s-

Charles Wise wrote 495 days ago

This is a must read book for all Christians. Too often Christians have a faith based on assumption instead of fact. Taking the time to explore, study, and understand what you believe is so important if you are going to have a true, long lasting relationship with God. I like the layout and I think that this would be truly beneficial to new Christians and those Christians who do not have a foundation on which to stand.

James Workman wrote 499 days ago

Hi Kerrie--This may be my final review of your work for CLF. I figured I better jump to the end and see where you have gone with this. You have written a strong field manual for a life of service to God. I hope a publisher sees the potential.

mcrose wrote 567 days ago


Thanks for asking me to read your book. I have gained insight into my relationship with Jesus through your wisdom. I thoroughly enjoyed your down-to-earth approach. Your writing is warm and inviting and I could not stop reading. I made it to chapter 11 before I knew it and cannot pinpoint any one part I liked more than another. If I were to give you examples of what drew me in, I would end up quoting your entire book. Suffice to say, I'd be honored to have your book in my home to aid in my walk with the Lord. Your practical method of writing is full of spiritual wisdom. I will continue reading and putting into practice much of what I have already read. Thank you.


nathanhausman wrote 585 days ago

Kerrie, I enjoyed reading your book because it was everything that you said that it was in your description. It is certainly a "how to" manual for a vibrant Christian life. It is an easy read in that it is rich with practical information, but not so academic that the reader needs a theological dictionary handy just to understand what you are teaching. I like that. I'm reminded of Pauls words in I Corinthians 3:2 "I gave you milk, not solid food....." After reading what you have written, I can tell that you have Pauls same approach to teaching the things of God. You are well read and intelligent, yet you don't lord it over those that you are teaching. You have a knack for knowing your audience and for that I commend you. Well done!
Nathan M. Hausman, Paul the Disciple

Tom Bye wrote 10 days ago

Hello Kerrie-

Book - Answer the Call-

This in my opinion is one of the better Christian books here on this Authonomy site-
Your writing style and the way you lay out the story lines are just perfect-
The food for thought endings certainly got me hooked and wanting to read more, in fact, it's
a book that one can go back and read again and again to get comfort in God-
The well laid out title of contents and headings are a big help, as I went in to read randomly -
This book should be made available in school libraries, that's for sure-
i wish you the best of luck on the way to the editors desk,
Your faith in God will get your book there sooner rather than later-
I give it my six stars in it's genre-

Tom Bye-
From hugs to kisses-
now available on Amazon in paperback and on kindle-
A memoir of a child growing up in poverty in Dublin in the 40s-

Rebecca Duvall wrote 27 days ago

I read the first few chapters and then jumped around to a few others. I agree with many others, this is a must read for Christians. It spells out how to live a Christian life as God desires us to. I like how you continually reference the Bible. I think it helps the reader understand it's coming from the Bible and you are just explaining it. This is truly a life long process. Thank you for taking the time to write this and best of luck!

Rebecca Duvall
In His Way

RGillett wrote 30 days ago

CFL2 review

There is a naivity and simplicity about this book that I recognise but don't necessarily appreciate. Having read through some of the comments it would appear that people like it, or maybe they are just being kind...

The abuse of biblical texts is common amongst preachers and teachers alike. The quotes are taken out of context and thrown around like confetti. At least they are properly annotated and acknowledged.

It is almost impossible to teach about an individual's communication with God as there are too many variables. Any attempt is doomed to failure. Likewise any attempt to suggest a path that God might be proposing... There is a tendency to a literal interpretation of the bible which is not universal by any means: Read Romans carefully -what is right for one is not necessarily right for another and it is not our place to judge how someone interprets scripture...

On the subject of suggesting reading the Bible - I, for one, do not wish to have a bible to hand when reading a book - if you want the reader to read something then quote it: even if it is a long passage. At least summarise it.


This is a typical piece of evangelical writing that will suit some but infuriate many more. There is not enough uniqueness or insight to make it viable for publication.

It may have a niche within church house or study groups but that will not make it commercially viable.

Richard Gillett

Kerron Lee wrote 38 days ago

Although this is not my general type of reading ( I am more of a narrative reader) the short story at the beginning got my attention, so I went ahead and took a quick sample of the other chapters. I think this is a well written and sound study guide/ devotional. From what I've read so far I will go ahead and back it.
All the best.

Shiloh Yazdani wrote 43 days ago

An excellent study and devotional on becoming and being a follower of our Lord Jesus. His Word is our best source, His cross the strength and His love the life-giver.
"Courage Through Faith"

Jerianne wrote 93 days ago


I have read the table of contents, intro and days 1-3. I feel like I have just stepped into my own brain. These teachings and aspects have been clear directives given to me by the Holy Spirit as well.

By the table of contents, it appears that you have structured your book in a good step by step building of faith. This is important.

I like the way you delicately handled the inability to hear God's voice... Many do not want to hear it is because of sin on their lives.

I'm diappointed that day 14 is not listed. I am very interested in that chapter!

Forgive me if I just missed it, but do you cover dreams and visions concerning your call? My daughter experienced a series of dreams to become a missionary... which frieghtened her at first, but became a reality and she is in the process of answering the call.I too have a call on my life!

I like the food for thought... I once thought of doing a Point to Ponder in my book, but dropped the idea. It seems to work for you.

I like you candid writing style... like I said, it was like climbing into my own brain. May God bless your book!


KathrynW wrote 253 days ago

CCRG Review

I have read the first seven chapters and have been very impressed by the clarity of your message, the readability of the prose and the way you handle scripture. As I read I felt completely at ease that God was speaking through your words and that you were presenting truth rather than your own personal opinions or doctrinal viewpoint. This is a very encouraging read, particularly for someone like me who has been feeling tired and mentally weary recently and a bit of a failure as a Christian. The chapter on maintaining motivation is particularly inspiring.

I very much hope you find a publisher for this - it is certainly of publishable quality. I am keeping you on my watchlist. I change my bookshelf once a month and review at that point which of the best five I have read during the month. Certainly if you get within the top 50 I will back you to the Editor's Desk - give me a nudge if I need one.

Best wishes

Waters of Grace

inspired2achv wrote 305 days ago

Great Book! Nice read for Christians, especially those who are trying to figure out their relationship with God.

Ernesto Tinajero wrote 328 days ago

I like what you are doing. I did find the jumping around the different translations a bit jarring. I would have preferred to see you keeping one translation of the Bible. (or at least give a reason for switching translations.

Barbara W. Bland wrote 354 days ago

Kerrie, I find your book fascinating and helpful. Also, I tried to give it a star rating but received the notice that this book has been rated too often from my computer! This was the first time I had tried to rate your particular book! Best wishes, Barbara

ibholdvictory wrote 365 days ago

Hi Kerrie

Great book. Well done, it is very faith focused and easy to follow. It will make a good teaching. Thanks for sharing your book. I enjoyed particularly Chapter 11. God bless. I hope you will find time to help me with comment on my book. Four stars.

If Only You Could Tell.

JOS CHIRAMEL wrote 396 days ago

hi kerrie, I just read a few chapters of your work and find the story telling style very gratifying. The use of parables if I may use the word is a strong story telling technique. Good Job.

Lyn4ny wrote 422 days ago

I have only read up to chapter three here, as time is limited for me. I think this is a great read for all Christians. I think its informative, well-written and thought out. It has a great flow in nature and i think it will do well for you. Hope to be back to read more soon.

Forty-Four Footprints Following Me

Narcissus wrote 436 days ago

What a very encouraging and concise opening for this book! I always take notes regarding compostion, grammar, errors and typos. Here, I found nothing to take note on. So, very well written and interesting reading, it draws the reader in to the idea of discovery, not tedious religious rules. The line that stuck out to me the most was,
"It means forget the struggling and striving to do the right things, and just love Him with all your heart."
This point needs to be shouted from the mountain tops. So many, I believe, are turned off to Christianity because they've been led to believe they must make serious changes in their lives before taking the "leap". This, of course, is simply not true. One does not have to become "religious", but rather, the opposite. The last line, "Enjoy the favor of God." is also a great line. The funny thing was that when I first read it, I thought it said, Enjoy the flavor of God. Both say the same thing. God wants us to know who He is, He wants relatoinship, and He already has favor with us. When Jesus took on our sins, we took on Jesus' righteousness. So we really can forget the striving of life, forgetthe judgements of people, forget all our failures, and just begin to love God, our Father in Heaven. I think I see where this book goes and I like it...!!! It's great to have a road map that helps make the word of God clear! Thank you, Kerrie!
Isles End

emarie wrote 445 days ago

Kerrie, from what I've read so far, you have a good book. I like the message in Chapt 4. God's voice is all around us and will never encourage us to do wrong only his will.
Jackson Jacob Henry Brown, III

Tlank wrote 459 days ago

Kerrie- Very Good! I just read the first 2 chapters, I'm very impressed with the Spiritual depth here. Good work.

Travis Lankford
Lost Kingdom

Torkuda wrote 473 days ago

Much as I respect what you seem to be trying to do, I can't help but say you need to rethink a few points.

The first thing that strikes me as odd is that you readily admit that not everyone actually fulfills the grand destiny God may have in mind for them, but continue talking the church main line of Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence, along with a detailed ultimate plan for all the people of earth. These are contradictory ideas and perhaps you need to study and think about which you truly believe. Either God is our divine and benevolent leader/creator or an all powerful puppet master who's will is always done, there is no middle ground on that. Either I can move apart from His will and plan, or I can't. Either I have choice or I don't. I would strongly encourage you to read your Bible closely on that subject, putting aside any assumptions, before you answer that question. The answer may surprise you.

The next problem I have is your relentlessly bright approach to things. Living in God's will can entail a mountain top experience, but let's think on that very statement shall we? One great mountain top experience was Moses receiving the ten commandments. Moses was living fully in God's will at the time. No sooner did Moses then step down from the mountain, than he saw everything he had worked for being mocked. The priest he installed, his own brother, was leading the people in prayer to a golden calf they made over a weekend, which the Hebrews were now literally fornicating with. Moses' mountain top experience ended with him trying desperately to reason with God Himself not to extinguish the line of Jacob and start over with him. Jeremiah lived continuously in God's will, and often wished he had never been born. Samuel's first prophecy was to foretell the doom of the entire family line of the man who raised him, starting with the deaths of his wicked sons. I don't know how fulfilled these men felt at any particular time, but surely, even when they served God with all their hearts, they often felt scared, confused and lonely. (Jeremiah even said so in his book directly.) I get that you want people to be excited about following God's will, and I want that too, however I would emphasize confidence that they can do what needs to be done, not that anything is going to be a path of roses.

Finally, I would seriously rethink telling people that they will necessarily receive a full mission from on high. Some people never hear the voice of God, and yet still do His will, simply by doing the right thing and sharing His word, while others claim to have heard His voice and use that as an excuse to do horrible things. When did Ruth hear from God? Did God speak to Rahab? How often He speak to David's friend Jonathan, or Moses' father in law Jethro? These were men and women who the Bible never claims heard God's voice, yet they still did His will. It was Isaiah himself, among others, who told us to beware, not to believe the wonderings of our own minds to be the voice of God. If God wants to speak to you, I doubt it will be a mystery, especially to you yourself.

Again, I believe sincerely that you are trying to do something good with this book. However I think you really need to rethink your presentation. I respectfully have read your book for trade as you requested, but given the negative tone, I understand if you just want to leave things at this. I'm sorry to be harsh and I wish you well.

David Olawoyin wrote 482 days ago

Christian Lit Forum Review:

Amen! That was my spontaneous response to Kerrie’s pitch. I am really impressed by how the literary quality of the book has evidently improved since it was first put up on this site, and the evolution only testifies to the vision and commitment of the author. Of course, the book is one that I have ‘forgotten’ on my shelf and I expect it to remain there till it gets to the ED. The progress has been slow, nevertheless sure. Since I am still trying to catch up with things on this site, I concede that this is not an in-depth review, although I have commented on the book a long time ago. Nevertheless, I would say that the title and pitch are very strong and effective. There are, however, a few things that could be tweaked here. I suggest that you begin a new paragraph with the sentence that reads “For those who have become discouraged…” That would improve the flow by accentuating the new turn the pitch takes there. Also, using “keys” in the sentence that reads “Upcoming leaders will find keys to help them avoid some of the pitfalls of ministry…” is not quite appropriate. “Key” signifies access, whereas we are speaking of avoidance here. You can therefore consider using something like “insight,” although that might require restructuring the sentence. Moreover, the present sentence can be tightened and strengthened by writing something on the order of “Upcoming leaders would obtain insight FOR AVOIDING some of the pitfalls of ministry…”
Although the book is past its time in the sun of this forum, so to say, I hope to continue with my take on in the soonest I can. Now, I must look at Maria’s GEORGINA’S FAMILY.
Bless us all!

David Olawoyin wrote 483 days ago

Yeah, the way you have the short pitch here is even better and fuller than what I suggested, which was made 'on the move.' Grace be with you.

Seringapatam wrote 483 days ago

Kerrie, A refreshing read and enjoyable today. Found this flowing well and so well told.
Sean Connolly. British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R)

David Olawoyin wrote 484 days ago

It's been a long time since I've been here. Things look different and much better. To tighten the prose and strengthen the impact, how about "A 'how to' book for Christian growth and service to God." Note also the non-capitalized "how." Blessings always!

Charles Wise wrote 495 days ago

This is a must read book for all Christians. Too often Christians have a faith based on assumption instead of fact. Taking the time to explore, study, and understand what you believe is so important if you are going to have a true, long lasting relationship with God. I like the layout and I think that this would be truly beneficial to new Christians and those Christians who do not have a foundation on which to stand.

Dianna Lanser wrote 499 days ago

CLF Review - Answer The Call

Hi Kerrie,

I am so glad to be able to comment on your book once again. Answer The Call is one of my most favorite books on Authonomy. Being a believer in the providence of God, I am convinced that in His goodness He lead me to read those first few chapters of your book. They were exactly what I needed to hear to keep me marching forward in faith.

I soaked in every single word of every chapter. Once again I found encouragement and motivation to continue in my service to God and others -- no matter how insignificant it seemed at the time.

It has been mentioned many times before, but I will echo it again. The contents of Answer The Call are practical, practical, practical and VERY useful to boost morale when the going gets tough or when doubts arise.

This morning I went read through the forward, introduction and then the next three chapters taking note of the incredibly, helpful truths that struck me fresh once again. I also skimmed through the book re-reading the portions that I had noted in September. Man! What you share is truly right on target for what I need to hear and know.

Here’s a quote I’d like to share that is an example of the practicality and truthfulness of your book. This is from one of the later chapters, “How to Hear God’s Voice”:

“God’s voice is almost always tender, loving, merciful, and kind, even when He’s correcting or challenging us -- though occasionally I have experienced a stern rebuke. If the Lord rebukes you it will never be condemning, though it may be a warning or a simple instruction such as, ‘Stop the negative talk.’

By contrast, the voice of Satan is condemning, negative and critical, or maybe even scheming (trying to provoke you to do the wrong thing). It may make you feel hopeless, or it may stir up pride and rebellion….”

Further down the page you write, “God may speak to you in a tone that sounds rather like your own voice. After all, He lives in you and is speaking in you. Sometimes it will be more of an impression or thought than a voice.”

Answer the call is packed full of inspiration and live-giving rations not only for the professional Christian worker, but for any man or woman who is truly devoted to seeking God’s will and obeying.

I like that you give clear warnings in the beginning of your book that following God is not for the weak, there is a cost. “The pathway of the Spirit-filled life will take you through many places of personal challenge where the required response is always the same -- surrender to the will of God. And that’s hard…” But you don’t leave the reader in fear and trembling. You show them the way to trust and obey by providing them with the tools to be a successful disciple and worker in God’s kingdom. This is a must read for anyone who decides to “take up his cross and follow” Christ.

Just like your writing and contents, I feel the mechanics of your book are practical and put together sequentially with a very natural flow. You begin by addressing the basics and gradual work the reader to the deeper, spiritual aspects of Christian service.

My only nit is that silly American vs. Australian interpretation of “redundant” shows up in the “Maintain Motivation.” chapter.

Kerrie, I truly pray that Answer The Call will reach the audience that you and God intend.


James Workman wrote 499 days ago

Hi Kerrie--This may be my final review of your work for CLF. I figured I better jump to the end and see where you have gone with this. You have written a strong field manual for a life of service to God. I hope a publisher sees the potential.

KMac23 wrote 499 days ago

CCRG and CLF Review – Answer the Call

Kerrie, I read your book quite a while ago the first time. It’s definitely can be read more than once, as this time around, I found chapters, which affected me differently than the first time I read it. Your work is truly a help to Christians who wish for a closer walk with God. I like how many times scripture is referred to, as it showcases God’s work in your writing.

I love your definition of ministry, ‘to express the spiritual nature of our service to God and people, which is a natural part of the Christian life.’ Your message is simple and straightforward and full of God’s wisdom. Your suggestions for reading scripture are original and so helpful. I liked the idea of reading first from an older child’s Bible storybook to help understand scripture.

A couple of the verses you referred to, have in some way have spoken to me more than once in the past couple of days, so I must pay some attention to them. Some of your questions gave serious food for thought.

It amazed me how many things God had you working on all at the same time. You are definitely qualified to write about serving and ministry. God has given you an amazing background for writing this book.

I like your advice about witnessing to others, not arguing, forcing opinions or putting others down in the process, but telling about God and standing for truth.

This is very succinct and to the point, and yet you have managed to include so many crucial pieces of advice for serving God in his ministry. If we could all follow these suggestions and make them part of our lives, our ministry and relationship with God would be so much richer and rewarding. I think this is a really powerful read. God is surely a part of this. Amazing!

A Gate Called Beautiful

Maria Constantine wrote 501 days ago

I am returning to your book for a second time and I am even more blessed this time in reading through the first five chapters than I was first time round. Your words and thoughts touch my heart and even though at different times in my life I have come across much of what you are writing about, the way you have brought it all together makes it such a fulfilling and spirit-filled experience.
God Bless
Six stars from me today and future backing.
Maria (Georgina's Family)

faith rose wrote 501 days ago

Dear Kerrie,

I was so happy to revisit Answer the Call for the CLF. It's been such a long time since I've read your book, and it was such an encouragement to pick it up again.

First of all, I really love the format. The 40-day set up is perfect, and the individual days are just right in length. The sections are long enough to meditate on yet short enough for daily focus. The 'Food For Thought' section was probably my favorite. I love the questions, and you give the reader such insightful thoughts to ponder.

I also really appreciated your practical, down-to-earth approach. For example, I really liked your idea of identifying with characters in the Bibile stories as we read the scripture. This is an excellent idea for deepening understanding of a passage. I love it.

You also have shared some very meaningful nuggets as well. I really liked your discussion of endurance as "not the grit-your-teeth kind of endurance, but the kind that can laugh at the impossibilities..." Very wise words, especially when we are resting in the One who holds our future.

This is a great book, Kerrie. It will surely encourage believers to have a closer, more meaningful walk with God.

All the very best,
Faith Rose
Now To Him

James Workman wrote 502 days ago

Kerrie--I've put this invitation to consider the calling of God--whether it be as a church worker or as an accountant--on my bookshelf and given it high stars. Your passion comes through and the world needs more of your kind of passion.

Best wishes,


PTingen wrote 504 days ago

Continued CLF review:

Ch. 11 - I thought this was a great chapter. Loved the personal stories/examples - so powerful as no one can question your own experience. The only thing I didn't like was the first question under food for thought. I would keep the focus on the reader deciding whether or not they are living the abundant life and making decisions that they need to rather than trying to discern where another person is at in their relationship with Christ.

Ch. 12 - love the line "Talk to Him, sing to Him, enjoy the things He's made." Sweet!! :-)

aurorawatcher wrote 505 days ago

CCRG - What can I say, Kerrie? Well-writen and well-edited. I applaud you using Chapter 1 for a Table of Contents. It's shakes up our standard Authonomy pattern of just reading the first chapter. :-) I have now read the first three chapters and will come back for more. Thank you for this non-preachy message from our Savior.

Lela Markham - The Willow Branch

Bart Jahn wrote 507 days ago

Dear Kerrie...this is my CLF review of Answer the Call, by Kerrie Price.

I started to read the entire book about 6 months ago, and wrote a CLF/CCRG critique 4-1/2 months ago. It has been on my bookshelf or my watchlist ever since. For this review, I read the Introduction, Days 1 through 3, Day 14, and skimmed through Days 12 & 13.

This is one of my favorite books on Authonomy, and one of my favorite people on Authonomy. Part of being a mature Christian is the tenor and tone that we present to the world, purchased through years of following Jesus and growing in grace. There are many Christian authors on Authonomy who have this. It is apparent in their books, their comments, and the way they conduct themselves on this site. Kerrie is one of those mature Christians, a special person along with many others, that I have been privileged to get to know on Authonomy.

About the me the wisdom in Answer the Call is priceless...pardon the pun. There is a wealth of practical truth and applied Christian experience here that speaks words of Life to beginning Christians and to the most experienced pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. I wish I could offer some constructive criticisms for improvement, but as I read through these updated chapters I thought the grammar, spelling, and writing were all very polished and error-free. I agree wholeheartedly with the theology and view the message of the book as inspired.

I see that Patti Tingen, Pat Laster, and singfam so far have done a thorough and commendable job of going through the book with a keen literary eye. Others have offered some conceptual criticisms from their perspectives. This is the strength of the CLF and CCRG forums.

My prayer for this book and other Christian books on Authonomy is that they reach their highest literary and artistic form, and that the Holy Spirit gets them into the hands of the people who are supposed to read them. God bless you, Kerrie. Bart Jahn

Keiran Proffer wrote 508 days ago

Kerrie, about "Answer the Call"

I've read the first 6 chapters and have come to the conclusion that religious matters are different in Australia from England. As such I don't really feel qualified to comment on your book. However, I did make some notes as I went through. See below. You are free to ignore them or take them on board as you wish.

I should say that your desire to help your fellow Christians is obvious, and the advice you give is very good.

Good luck with it.

Keiran Proffer

General comments:
1. Who exactly are you aiming this book at? In the blurb you speak of "Upcoming leaders", but the contents of the book seemed more to be aimed at new Christians, or even people who had not yet made up their minds to commit their lives to God. E.g. Chapter 5 mainly contains advice that an experienced Christian would already be following. (As in "Get to know the Bible stories")
2. A bit much to have a chapter a day. Either rename them to "Lessons" or "Topics", or make it clear that the reader can proceed at his or her own pace.

Chap 2.
1. Commercial training promises to provide a stable income for life: it cannot guarantee it!
2. Best to stick with one translation when you quote. You use KJV and NIV in same chapter.
3. "This writing is filled with practical advice and Godly wisdom" is a bit pretentious. Let the reader say that. Say instead "I have tried to give practical advice.."

Chap 3:
1. "(I was that woman)." Leave it out: in writing a spiritual book it is better not to parade yourself, but get the message across.

Chap 4:
1. In your list of the ways God speaks to us, you left out: the things that happen to us, calling for a response on our part. Have you read "The Sacrament of the Present Moment"? (From J P de Caussade's "Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence)
2. We can be deceived by Satan "Turning himself into an angel of light", and putting ideas in our heads which seem to come from God, but are in fact evil. One way to guard against this is, when in doubt, ask advice from some trustworthy person.
3. "Practice being very still". This is quite an advanced form of prayer, and someone new may not be able to achieve it without a more formal type of meditation first. St Francis de Sales in the "Introduction to the Devout Life" gives an example of how to start, then says let the Holy Spirit take you to the higher levels.

Chap 5.
1. "..Christian involves total surrender to the will of God". This has unfortunate connotations, at least in England, as it is the way Muslims speak. A Christian does not surrender to God (as you do to an enemy), but carries out his will from love.

Chap 6:
1. You could warn that the novelty WILL wear off. Don't expect it to last. All human projects start with enthusiasm. The test is when that honeymoon period wears off.

coCinstrumental wrote 509 days ago

It is good that you talk about Christ as He is alive, unlike other religious leaders. He is more than that. He is the Son of God and the Living God. I am gla you are writing a book on pleasing God. Sometimes ppl take the verse that says it's impossible to please Him and use that as an excuse to live how they want.

Crowded (on kindle)
Perfect Forgivenes (on kindle)
To Be Sane (on here, authonomy)

PTingen wrote 510 days ago

Just read ch. 8-10. You have some nice personal stories in some of those chapters which is great! I really think that's helpful in demonstrating the points that you're making. Nicely done! :-)

Kerrie Price wrote 511 days ago

Thank you Patti for your great suggestions. I am now working hard to add in some examples from my own life that will clearly show that our Christian lives are not 'neat and tidy'. I will upload the re-writes in the next day or so, and would love to hear your feedback.

PTingen wrote 511 days ago

I'm back for more... :-)

Ch. 6 - Everything you say is scriptural - and yet... It feels too neat and tidy to me. That if we do all the right things, all will work out wonderfully. Yet we know this isn't true (obvious example is Job) and you mention it briefly in the paragraph about there being all kinds of trials and troubles. I would suggest exploring that a bit more. Or alluding to that side of it towards the end perhaps where you lay out the "if - then scenario." You don't want to give the reader the impression that if something bad happens to them, it's because they did something wrong or weren't being holy enough. In some cases that could be true if they made a really poor decision and end up suffering the consequences. But if someone gets cancer, did they not receive the protection of God because they weren't committed strongly enough to Him? Our actions and God's will and His grace and how everything ties together is such a mystery and so hard to put in words. I just think it would be helpful to tie in the other side of things a bit more.

Kerrie, please know that I am really enjoying your book. (I feel like all I'm doing is offering critical feedback.) You offer much wisdom and your writing clearly shows the depth of your walk with Christ and all you have learned. There is much that I need to be reminded of in my own walk and I thank you for that!

Many blessings!


James Workman wrote 511 days ago

Kerrie--This is for CLF. I've reviewed your work before and think you have a great idea. It is an accessible and winsome invitation to go farther in life as a believer. The suggestions I made in my message to you just ask for more--more transitions and steps.

Best wishes,


PTingen wrote 513 days ago

CLF review:

Hi Kerrie!

I had read some of your book before and am pleased to come back for another look. Your writing is very polished so I'm not even going to focus on any sort of typos as I don't think I'd find any anyway. :-) So I'll see what I might offer as far as thoughts on your content. I think perhaps we have some theological differences, so I'll just offer my thoughts and you can do with them as you wish. I know your perspective is shared by many believers and is very conventional thinking, but I'd like to offer another perspective.

Ch. 3 - Day 1 - I feel like the impression from this chapter is that making a decision to answer God's call will most likely result in serving as a missionary somewhere or going to Bible college, etc. And while He absolutely calls folks to that, for some, their mission field may be right where they already are. But in a new way due to the deepening of their faith resulting from increased growth in Him.

Ch. 4 - Day 2 - Here you mention that you could get to be both a mechanic and a missionary. Perhaps that could be explained a bit more in regards to my thoughts above. Examples of side-tracks of career, relationship or sporting activity. While these could be side-tracks, it also gives me the impression that again, these types of things are "worldly" and separate from God's will. Because Jesus is living in us, He is in all things and I don't believe we need to separate out the spiritual from the secular, per se. I think He is with us in all of it and that we can be in His perfect will in a wide variety of situations and pursuits.

Ch. 5 - Day 3 - Talks about sticking with God's plan and not letting anything stop you from fulfilling God's will for your life. Maybe this is a section that should come later as at this point, I don't think I'd yet know what God's will is. So the info on how to learn about that should probably come first, and then this would come later.

I hope my comments are helpful and I do wish you all the best!


Ben Franklin wrote 518 days ago

Hey Kerrie! Wonderful insight. Easy to read and comprehend, and an excellent use of your personal experience. As proof of what you say, your words were exactly what I needed at exactly the right time, for I am in a holding pattern. This can be very frustrating, especially when negatives are attached. Your words are very reassuring,

God bless.

Ben Franklin (Godspeak)
P.S. You're on my bookshelf.

ShirleyGrace wrote 526 days ago

A nice clean refreshing read. It's a "feel good" book.High stars from me.

evermoore wrote 531 days ago

Kerrie...I had started to read this not long after I arrived, but was so bombarded with requests that I somehow lost track of the fact I wanted to revisit it. Well, I have...and I love the gift of it. You write in such a sunny, uplifting way that I find my heart smiling as I drink in your wisdom. This is a work that I'm certain will be published and I can see myself finding it in the local Family Bookstore. High stars and on my watchlist until I can make space on my shelf. ((Hugs)) Linda
Daniel Simmons Journey and Children Walking with Jesus

Phanuel wrote 547 days ago

Thanks, Kerrie.

I still had one vacancy on my bookshelf, so I had no choice but to back this great book. You may never know how much your writing touches people's lives.

I will keep your book on my bookshelf till it gets to the editors.

For me, it's six-star!

Keep up the good work.

Phanuel wrote 548 days ago

How to walk with God....this is the challenge that many Christians face today. There is therefore need for sound teaching in this area.

After reading the table of contents of 'Answer the Call', I immediately knew what to expect. I could straightaway identify with the book, because it talks to my life as well.

Keep it up Kerrie. May the good Lord continue to inspire you!

With love from Zimbabwe.

bionicfox wrote 555 days ago

Hi kerrie, your very kind, but I didn't anything you said to heart or view it as negative at all. Your comments were lovely and a blessing and I appreciated thank you. I have read the first chapter of your book, and I had a few Amens! could have come right out of one of my sermons...i hope you get it published because it deserves to be read by as many disciples and newborn Christians as possible, you sound like a lady after my own heart. I will continue reading...blessings...

bionicfox wrote 555 days ago

Hi kerrie, your very kind, but I didn't anything you said to heart or view it as negative at all. Your comments were lovely and a blessing and I appreciated thank you. I have read the first chapter of your book, and I had a few Amens! could have come right out of one of my sermons...i hope you get it published because it deserves to be read by as many disciples and newborn Christians as possible, you sound like a lady after my own heart. I will continue reading...blessings...

Di Manzara wrote 556 days ago

Hi Kerrie,

Thanks for writing this. It's a great guide and an inspiring one, too. I'll be really happy to buy this book if ever it gets published. You've written it beautifully and in a way that your points are easily understood. Highly starred.

Thanks very much for sharing and the best of luck,

singfam wrote 556 days ago

Dear Kerrie,
What a beautiful book! If you had more up, I would have read more. Couldn't stop. :-) So full of inspired truth, enthusiastic motivation, practical wisdom, and encouraging words of faith. The scriptures you have chosen to site, are among my favorites and have taken me through rough thoroughfares along my own journey. :-) They are precious to me and it touched me to see that they were special to you and would be shared in your book. I loved the "Food for Thought" at the end of each chapter. Wonderful questions. Sometimes when we have a book like this, we just read it so fast that we forget to stop and apply it in our lives. So I really appreciated that you had incorporated that section into your book, with very good, thought-provoking questions.
Your skills as a writer are beautiful. Your work is easy to read, and written in a way that I can and want to interpret, and apply your ideas and thoughts.

My favorite parts:
God can do wonderful things with our lives when we give our lives to Him to manage. sooo true!:-)
Be teachable!
God wants us to be seeking His will! soo true!
We need to make His desires become ours.
Our success means total surrender to God! (and our peace and our joy as well! :-) )
My weakness becomes strength when God is a part of my life. I like the scripture that says, "For when I am weak, then I am strong." I think is was Peter or Paul. :-) God takes our weaknesses and makes them into our strengths. :-)

I loved your thought, 'its easy for him to hit you with fiery darts of negative or depressing thoughts when you're too tired to lift the shield of faith." :-) !!! I have been there many times. ! and each time have been lifted by the following scripture that I thought you would love too! " . . now my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation where on if men build they cannot fall." Awesome! , right?!! :-)

I loved your chapter 6 about how we sometimes, (well really, all the time!) have to choose between better and best. :-) always seeking things that are good, lovely and excellent. Again, your thoughts reminded me of another favorite scripture ". . . if there is anything beautiful, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." :-)
I loved your 5 P's God's presence, His protection, His provision, His power, and his peace. I want to put them up in my house if that would be ok. :-) ???
I loved how you shared how "with God all things are possible." Brought another favorite scripture to mind : Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." :-)
I loved your chapter 9 how if you want to really know God we must be sure of our commitment. It is a lifelong training program. ( and a vigorous one at that!) and how earlier you had talked about how we need to be WILLING to do what the Lord asks, ( and sometimes even just willing to listen to His answer,) when we ask Him something. :-)

And #12 The stories of Gideon and Mary, two of my favorite scripture stories. :-) brought to mind another scripture I love, " I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save He shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which He hath commanded."

Probably my favorite chapter was #11 about our relationship with God. That has been my personal journey, and a beautiful one at that. You hit it right on the mark when you said, "Nothing can surpass a relationship with God."

And my favorite quote from you, "Being humble means having a true assessment of who you are as a child of God, knowing that you are loved and special to God and gifted in many ways, but only through the Grace of God."

To me, the definition of a really good book, is one that makes me think. One that stops me as I read and makes me ponder, bringing things from my own life (like the comments and favorite scriptures above that I couldn't help but add to your wonderful words! :-) sorry. :-) and putting it all together in my head, my heart, and my soul. Looks like you passed that test. :-) lol! sorry again.

The only thing that I can even think to encourage you to do would be to add more personal experiences. :-) I can tell that your own journey has been an amazing one. I know that God does not just deliver wisdom of this magnitude to persons randomly as they take their happy walks on the beach. But I am guessing that you have learned, as others have, through trials, tests, and challenges, as well as joyful experiences as you began to be lifted and inspired. I, and other readers (Im sure!) would love to share in this journey. It would bring such a personal touch to your book. I know that when I read of the experiences of others, what they say and what they want to teach me, becomes 100 times more significant. I am able to connect with them and what they are sharing because experiences and feelings I have had, often mirror those of others. The savior taught through stories that he knew would touch the hearts of his listeners because He knew they would recognize and identify with what was being taught, and connections and faith would be forged in their hearts.

Just my thoughts. Thanks so much for reading my book and sharing yours with me. :-) 6 stars. all the way. I will put it on my list to back when the two on my shelf that are at the top, get through. :-) Good luck to you! and May God continue to bless you as you strive to serve him in the future as you certainly have in the past. Wonderful words! Wonderful truth! :-)
Thanks again.
Jeannette Singleton
Journey to Kaladore

Ben Zwycky wrote 564 days ago

Answer the Call review

This is a CCRG review

Let me begin with my first impressions, this didn’t feel like a book aimed at leaders in the church, it felt like it was aimed at new Christians, there didn’t seem to be much depth to any of the chapters. There were occasional pieces of good advice that everyone needs to remind themselves of, such as prioritising your time, making sure to get enough rest, being patient, starting to serve where you are and learning to work under authority before seeking a position of authority etc, but there was nothing here that I haven’t heard many times before in many different places.

As I was reading I kept asking myself, ‘What does this book offer that isn’t already being offered by other books? What is the reader going to learn here that they didn’t already know? What is going to make a prospective publisher stand up and notice this book out of all the others as something worth investing in?’ I’m sorry to say I really struggled to find positive answers to any of those questions.

A number of your chapters depended on knowing God’s specific will for your life, and yet your chapter on how to hear God's voice is almost the last chapter in your book. I assume that hearing God’s voice is the basis you use for knowing his will. If so, then shouldn’t the chapter that explains how to hear it come before all the ones that assume you receive specific personal instructions and prompts from God from time to time? I have personal experience of this type of approach backfiring quite badly, and there didn’t appear to be any chapter on discernment in your book. Could I recommend taking a look at ‘Decision Making and the Will of God: A Biblical Alternative to the Traditional View’ by Garry Friesen and J. Robin Maxson, which might provide you with some fresh perspective on this issue.

As I have already said, the chapters feel more like introductions to topics than in-depth treatments, so I think this book would be greatly strengthened if there were (ideally) two or three recommendations for further reading at the end of each chapter, so that this work also acts as a springboard for those who want to really dive into these issues. Maybe that’s just me, as I prefer more systematic in-depth books.

nmsuli wrote 566 days ago

I find what you have written to be based in biblical truths. This is an ambitious endeavor. I can understand your heart and wanting to reach out to others to assist them in their walk with God. I feel the need to caution you of barriers or obstacles you may encounter. Some people may not even consider reading your work because there are so many other well-known authors out there who have similar materials. Some may find what you are presenting as legalistic because it outlines a plan. I can sympathize with your desires to reach believers and non-believers alike. I wish you immense success in this path.

Gordon James Ritchie wrote 566 days ago


You've begun a fantastic venture, and I urge you to continue along the same path - your writing is simple, your knowledge is sincere and founded, and your focus is on Christ.
A young philosopher once said, "A path is set not to stray or sit, instead it is individually made so that you might move along it." I believe you have done this, and have instructed others precisely (or near so) how they might do the same.

Best of luck,