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date submitted 06.04.2012
date updated 06.04.2012
genres: Fiction, Children's
classification: universal

Billy and the Bumbles


Billy buys a broken telescope from a junk shop only to discover it leads to a magical world where everyone is named after their feelings.


When Billy's bike doesn't arrive for his seventh birthday, Billy's mum takes him shopping for a new gift. After meeting Mr. Atkins, the old junk shop owner, Billy buys a battered old telescope. As he plays with it later that night, Billy finds a strange inscription engraved around the eye piece. As he read it aloud the telescope bursts into life. Billy in transported to the magical world of Tutani, a world covered by a magical rainbow. Billy meets Dol (short for Doldrums) and together they face many adventures along with Stomp, Brag, Mumble and Cheeri and Bump. This is a lovely story for young readers.

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, adventure, children's, fun, magical

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Shadow The Writer wrote 413 days ago

Your book very good.

CaileD wrote 842 days ago

A very nice read, if I was a kid, I'd read this. Good set up, good writing, good dialogue, great little story. What more does a reader need? IMO should do well on the market. Backing...all of 'em