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date submitted 11.04.2012
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genres: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Erotica
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A War of the Heart

Hayley E.

What could be worse than finding out you're adopted? Finding out you're a werewolf of course!


Lucy just found out she is a werewolf and that her entire life is a lie. Her real father, thought to be dead, shows up and sends her life spiralling out of control. The only good thing in her life is her new love in a man that makes her heart race and her body ache. When someone threatens to take away everyone Lucy cares about, will she be able to find the courage to save them all?

Lucy is at an amusement park for her birthday when approached by a sensual male. He makes her body hum and her heart race. When he walks her to her car that night, she finds he was sent there to kidnap her. When she wakes she finds she is a werewolf and has less than a month before her body will go into heat. She has to find a mate and has plenty of sexy, male choices. The one that really catches her eye though, is a man that calls to her soul and brings out urges she has never experienced, but he comes with a dark past. Will she be able to control the strong attraction, or succumb to her desires?

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animal attraction, danger, despair, dominate, fantasy, fighting, friendship, fun, happy, hardships, heart, heartache, life, love, love triangle, pain,...

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sword of fire wrote 310 days ago

Just finished your book and I realy enjoyed it. I can see you coming out with another book in the series about Trent and the woman who just walked in. I don't know if you're already writing a different book, but if you're not I would suggest writing about Trent and the woman. In the book you could write about Lucy, Raice, and the baby. It's just a suggestion though.
Sword of Fire

sword of fire wrote 310 days ago

In chapter three your wrote "Easy Raice, we need you to remain calm. You're female is safe."
There are two things wrong here. In your dialog when you use a noun of direct address you put commas around it. Ex.- if someone were to write: "I already ate Dad." it would sound like they ate their dad but if you write: "I already ate, Dad." it doesn't sound like the speaker just ate their dad. Do you see what I mean?
Also you use the wrong "Your". You used "You're" (you are) instead of "Your"
Hope I helped
Sword of Fire

Werewolf436 wrote 388 days ago

This is a really good book!!

Werewolf436 wrote 388 days ago

This is a really good book!!

IKIRA wrote 457 days ago

oh god! this is awesome i totally liked the first chapter

WA0520 wrote 473 days ago

I think the Epilogue should include a bit more of Lucy and Raice since this is technically their story. And it might be better to use the last part with Trent as a Prologue for his story. Of course it's completely your decision to do whatever you wish, these are just suggestions. Otherwise, I think it is great, and I can't wait for the next part.


Seringapatam wrote 475 days ago

Hayley, Shelby is right. It certainly kept me going, but it seems you tried to drop as much info as possible into the start of the book, therefore it felt bottom heavy. On a plus side, I was hooked to the story and where it was going and thats a talent in anyones eyes. You brought your characters on nicely and explained them more than well enough for me. I will keep my eye on this as I see good things happening here. Well done.
Sean Connolly. British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R) Please consider me for a read or Watch List wont you? Happy New Year. Sean

Shelby Z. wrote 476 days ago

A War of the Heart by Hayley E.
You have a create touch to your story that keeps the reader going on. There are many such themes for books on here, but you did well in keeping it your own.
However you have a tendency to ramble all at once at the beginning of the story. The whole subject of her parents was good, but the parts about her sister you can scatter about so it isn't all information all at the same time. It can drag the pace down and be dry.
Otherwise, nice work with Lucy's characters. She seems real and interesting.
Good work.

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

WA0520 wrote 476 days ago

Keeps getting better as I read. The way you balance detail and importance keeps the story flowing smoothly and quickly without leaving the reader wondering what happened. You've also developed your characters nicely, though I still get confused with the brothers for some reason (though that's probably my fault not yours). Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the ending.


shade18 wrote 524 days ago

hi i really enjoyed reading this i hope there's more lol

shade18 wrote 524 days ago

hi i really enjoyed reading this i hope there's more lol

rlyon wrote 719 days ago

I've had a good read of your novel so far and I enjoyed what I read. I particularly liked the first section of Trent's thoughts. that was the section with the 'hook' for me.
It starts off very much like a young adult novel but further along the language and situations get more mature and, judging from the synopsis, I'm guessing that this will be the theme for the rest of the book. So my suggestion (and of course you can totally ignore me) would be to alter the beginning slightly to make Lucy's attitude a little more mature.
I have starred this and will give it a little spin on my shelf.
Good luck with the rest of your story.

Shaun Holt wrote 725 days ago

Hi, Hayley. Okay, to warn you, I am sick of vampire/werewolf stories because I think many writers are just trying to copy the success of Twilight. That said, as I read your pitch, it sounds like more of a humorous tale, maybe dark humor (I won’t know until I actually read it), but I like a story that kind of makes fun of its own genre.

I like your first sentence. “Why did I agree to this again?” It’s a good way to hook the reader.

“Her tan throat,” I’m not sure you really need to say tan here. When someone is described as tan, I usually picture their face or their arms… Not their throat being tan. If you want to say she’s tan, I’d find another way to do so. But that’s your choice.

“felt tight, and she tucked…” Again and again, people tell me that I shouldn’t have a comma in that spot. So I would give you the same advice. Remove the comma. Or separate it into two sentences. “Her throat felt tight. She tucked…”

“scared to death of heights, and Mindy knew it.” What about, “Heights scared her, and her sister knew it.” Or even begin the sentence with and. “Heights scared her. And her sister knew it.” I usually don’t like writers who begin the sentence with ‘and’, but this is a spot where ‘and’ could work.

“was fast, and had loops,” Again, remove the comma.

“taking out the trash, and paying the bills.” Remove comma.

I think you go too much into the backstory about Lucy moving in to the parent’s house, how they split the inheritance, how far they were from neighbors, etc. If you begin the chapter with the roller coaster, then most of the scene should be centered around the roller coaster. You don’t want to spend four paragraphs talking about the roller coaster, and then five paragraphs on backstory, and then pull us back to the roller coaster. Trim as much of the backstory as you can, or save it for later. Keep us in the present, not stuck explaining everything that’s already happened.

“you know I’m scared to death of heights.” If you want her to say that (which is fine, characters can use cliché in dialogue because that’s how people speak)… But if you want her to say this, then remove the earlier part about how she is scared of heights. Or change the earlier part to something such as her knee shakes as she peers up at the roller coaster – that’ll give us the impression she is afraid of heights.

“and I have the dirty blonde.” Hyphenate dirty-blonde.

“She took after my dad, and I took after my mother.” No comma.

I don’t like how she tells Trent stuff that he can obviously see. “My hair is dirty-blonde.” “My eyes are blue.” He can see that. She wouldn’t say it aloud. So find another way to let the reader know her hair and eye color.

Okay, that's all for now. Good luck with the rest of the story. All the best!

Shaun Holt
Waiting for the Rain / German Derelict / Columbian Death

jenniferkillby wrote 735 days ago

Oh, I forgot - when I have room on my shelf, I would like to back your story. I usually leave books there for a week or so.


jenniferkillby wrote 735 days ago


I like how this story starts out. It is full of promise. I like your characters and build up the surroundings and your characters very well. I would suggest besides a little editing is to watch your action scene at the end. In very intense scenes or scary ones, the sentences should be direct and to the point. It's okay to use one word for a sentence. This helps grab the reader and throws them into the scene. It also gives the reader no time to think about what's going on. Also use the active voice in these scenes and as much as possible. Try to eliminate filter words such as could or began. These can separate the reader also. Sometimes it's hard to see them in our own work, but if you start watching for them there will be less. :-)

I wish you the best of luck with your story. If you have any questions about anything I said, please feel free to ask.

Jennifer Killby - The Legend of the Travelers: Willow's Journey

TaniaJohansson wrote 740 days ago

Dear Hayley,

I really like the premise for this story. It is developing well through these first two chapters. I like Lucy, she has a strong, fiery side, but at the same time has a soft side too. I made some notes as I went along, some are just spelling mistakes, others just my opinion on sentence structure:

Chapter 1:
parent's (parents)
'...she had her parents full attention... (parents')
'She also inherited her parent's car had. (She also inherited her parents' car.)
End of chapter one: stuff (stuffed)

Chapter 2:
'It was then another good idea popped into her head.' (How about: She changed tactics.)

You write: 'He started running off after the girl, howling to giver her position away' paragraph: 'He started walking, shaking off the pain; his mind only on getting to Lucy. He started running moments later....' Was he not already running?

'He was larger than a normal wolf, almost like a small horse, only a little smaller' (He was larger than a normal wolf, only a little smaller than a horse. (or perhaps pony?) Otherwise you are saying it is a little smaller than a small horse...sounds a bit cluncky.

'...and felt her relax against her.' (against him.)

' hell he wasn't going to protect her.' (was going to protect her)

There is one paragraph where you use 'friend' three times. Maybe try to use some synonyms.

'...she might not have been mad at him.' (Well, maybe apart from the fact that he smacked her over the head, knocking her unconscious?)

'He knew instantly that something was wrong by the color of Riven's eyes.' (Raice's eyes)

'He would get his mate, not matter what.' (no matter what)

Overall, I enjoyed reading this and your clearly have talent!

Best of luck!

Tania Johansson
Book of Remembrance