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date submitted 15.04.2012
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genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy
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After the Storm book 2

Don Chase

The continuing post apocalyptic adventures of Duncan " Mack" Mackenzie and his clan as they fight to stay alive in a harsh new world.


It's been five plus years since the end of the world came and the few people that have survived have had to deal with unimaginable hardships in those five years. Now, the government has come out of the safety of their bunkers and want to take back there long lost control. Clans have taken place of towns and Mack is the clan chief of Arlington, along with his friends, family and loyal German Shepherd he fights to keep his people safe in this harsh new world and free from the old remnants of the government. The government has sent in a new colonel to clean things up in Massachusetts and they've given him the go ahead to use any means necessary. His biggest problem are the clan heads, especially Mack, that want nothing to do with these remnants of what was, and is no longer, a decent government. This is the second book of the After the Storm series.

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action, adventure, after the storm, boston, end of the world, post apocalypse, urban fantasy

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philthomas wrote 664 days ago

Hi Don just finished reading chapter 8 and i am already anxiously waiting for the next installment. this book has got to be published and made into a film. was the getaway easy because there is a traitor in the ranks?. Regards Phil.

philthomas wrote 665 days ago

Hi Don if you just leave me with four chapters I won't be your friend anymore. yours Phil.

philthomas wrote 680 days ago

Hi Don i have just read all four chapters of your book and can't wait for more it gripped me from the start to the end. this book would make a great film the action was intense it didn't let up once to allow me to catch my breath. Phil

David Olawoyin wrote 734 days ago

Intriguing premise and right down my lane, having an identical setting with my work, THE EVOLUTION OF ETERNITY. My different overall take on the post-apocalyptic world notwithstanding, I was particularly fascinated by your concept of the "clan" government, which also occurs in my work, albeit tagged "native government." The work, however, still needs further editing. There are some typos and the structure and presentation needs some sharpening for greater effect and more precise communication. Inkhorn regards!