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If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen Can I Get A Discount On Six?

Elizabeth Kathleen

Need a laugh that brings sunshine and chases those storm clouds away? Open the cover of this book and start smiling!


And you thought your family was funny! Try being caught in an elevator with policeman afraid you're about to deliver, riding in a vehicle with a dog who had rolled to his delight in another dog's excrement, mistaking hemorrhoids for a baby in the delivery room, blow-drying a half naked toddler's pants in the Smithsonian. In her quirky, lighthearted memoir, Elizabeth Kathleen shares the mayhem and fun of mothering a busy household. From clothing mishaps to outlandish pets, this family has seen it all. Things as simple as washing a dog turn into a comedy event when there are a dozen extra hands in the mix. Follow the fun-filled account of raising six children born within seven years! Shiloh, Abigail, Josiah, Elijah and twins Isaiah and Loru with their mom, Elizabeth Kathleen and guard dog, Mr. Fuzzy, will keep you entertained with their everday antics and leave you asking, If Children Are Cheaper by the Dozen, Can I Get a Discount on Six?

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Katiejo wrote 1 day ago

You are hilarious!! I got sick with all three of my kiddos... the entire time... not pleasant! You made it fun though. Love your style of writing... flows very nicely. Chapter 3 with the car ride is great... could picture the entire situation. Thanks for sharing your life. Was a lot of fun.

Memoir of a PK, Life in a Fishbowl

Sister Brigid wrote 9 days ago

This is wonderful and delightful. I kept smiling the whole way through. The author's ability to turn everyday, even humdrum, events into moments of hilarity is a rare talent. Highly recommended.

wheels1212 wrote 14 days ago

This book is full of witty and upbeat humor and will immediately put a smile on ones face while reading. The story flows smoothly and I know for me personally I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter. I look forward to seeing this on the bookshelves of major brick and mortar bookstores around the country.

David Olawoyin wrote 24 days ago

Very amusing title. I read only the pitch and i though this is hilarious.

Jubi wrote 46 days ago

It does me good to see your book at #35, Elizabeth Kathleen! I've had it on my shelf for a good while and I like to see my picks rise to the Editor's Desk! I wish you sincere success with your work!

topless wrote 49 days ago

very good read. simply does cheer me up on my days at work....

Spokenamos wrote 53 days ago

I don't know you but, I think you have a terrific personality to be able to write something like this. Well done! I have no kids-except four-legged ones- and I'm busting out laughing! Too funny.


"Possessions of the Human Kind"

PoetJean wrote 53 days ago

I enjoyed your story. I keep telling my daughter she should write a story like this as she is dramatic and has so many funny things happen. Raising kids will do that. I'm looking forward to your finished book. A laugh is always welcomed.

Jubi wrote 59 days ago

Just now backed this book after reading through 8 chapters. The things that happen to this mother are so humorous because all of us who are mothers of 3, 4, 5 and 6 babies know exactly how true these scenes could be. In reality, some of them we've experienced as well.


Kittenwoman wrote 60 days ago

Dear Elizabeth This is an amazingly funny and enjoyable book. It brought back the oh so not joyus delights of morning sickness I went through my daughters You write with such flair and fun. I had a smile on my face the whole time. As soon as I get some more time I will read some more.I'd love to now but my hubby needs some food too, and I must admit You have also managed to make me quite hungry! Brillient book love it and its going on my wish list Joy Ann

Jubi wrote 63 days ago

Elizabeth Kathleen, I have been meaning to start reading your book for a long time. It was when I saw the comments by Lindsay Cross that I decided NOW was the time to begin. I have confidence in Lindsay's opinions. So far, I have not been disappointed. I choose carefully what I want to read, because it did not take me long here to learn that if I 'swap read' everyone's request, I'd have to force-fed myself to read a few chapters. I am giving you high stars and this book IS on my watchlist, so I can finish reading. I have a bad habit...if I enjoy what I'm reading, I tend to read the whole book. Having birthed 4 children of my own, I can relate to so much that I've already read in the first two 2 chapters.

So far, I haven't spotted any typos or noticed other distractions. I know already that I will likely end up backing this book. I'll read more this evening. I'm expecting company, so I must get off here for now. I hope my company doesn't stay too long, because I want to get back to your book. Good work, Elizabeth!

Lindsay Cross wrote 64 days ago

I have read all five chapters and I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing, except when I was laughing. I can't read and laugh at the same time. I read some areas to my wife and son and got them laughing. I asked her if she remembered the pain for our 4 kids - all natural births. She said no.
I love this story. I can relate to this except I'm the husband and didn't have any pain. My wife didn't have morning sickness or cravings or anything as you describe, except for feeling uncomfortable. The pain of birth was there. I had cravings - if you can believe that. One I remember was french fries and ice cream. It was so bad I had to go get some. The first taste it went away.
One typo - 'you said bought of morning sickness in chapter 5, do you mean bout'.

Just for having twins alone is worth 6 stars.

Wonderful I will read more.
Lindsay Cross

Lindsay Cross wrote 64 days ago

Just started reading. I'm laughing already.

Lindsay Cross

Debbie R wrote 75 days ago

I think I read some of this ages ago but it's been good to have another read.
I thought you got across the excitement of the ultrasound really well in chapter one.
Your husband's reaction, 'Two babies, Elizabeth are you crazy?' was a great line.
'Smorgasbord' - I have never heard of this but it sounds great.
I liked the transition from barely eating at all to eating loads. You get a lot of humour into this.
I remember not being able to reach down to do my shoes up - brought back some memories!
Humorous image of you trying to squeeze into sports car. I think a lot of the humour works in this because it has a strong visual.
By chapter 4 you are pregnant again, and again and ... I almost lost count!

I loved the term ' star-gazer' given by the midwife.

There are some formatting issues as the text wraps around too soon on a regular basis.

This is a light-hearted and entertaining read. The pace is good and the humour sits nicely alongside the story.
Wishing you all the very best with it.

Jeff Jones wrote 77 days ago

Hello Elizabeth,
I reached the 17th Chapter of your book before commenting. I found the book very cheerful, light-hearted and witty. It's interesting to hear about how your life with your kids was different to how you expected it to be. The only change I would suggest to the book would be to maybe use more commas in your writing. Using more commas would allow the book to be read easier and are useful to separate different ideas. Other than that the book was good and I hope to finish it soon.

Jeff Jones

t23please wrote 102 days ago

Hi Elizabeth

I've just started reading through "If Children ..." again, & will be starting your other novel soon.

I still really like this story, it's cute, funny & informative - which I think is a really nice mix. Also, my sister has just had a baby, so it's interesting to read about what she's been through (and has to come!)

I did have a couple of thoughts - a dog rolling in dog poo is really icky for me, so having it in the blurb would put me off a bit (but that might just be me). & I think " ... the temperature of (falling) penguin saliva ..." would be the perfect analogy, cos - penguin saliva is probably actually quite warm, but falling penguin saliva would most definitely be chilly!

I'm really happy to add your novel to my bookshelf because it's one of the nicest and most entertaining pieces of writing that i've found on the site :)

Bye for now

Tim - The Latter Day Church of Tiny Tim

DLH Author wrote 131 days ago

Elizabeth, what a cute story! I have to say I find that husband of yours just slightly cranky. :-) As if your having twins was in fact all your own doing!

You are a really creative writer, and I can see this developing into a very successful book. I do want to mention just a couple of things to that end.

1. You'll want to have your writing edited. There are a lot of formatting and spacing issues, particularly, and a few punctuation details that should be corrected. Also, in a heading or title, short prepositions and articles (a, on, the, etc.) should be lowercase.

2. Please note that the most commercially successful books are generally at least 80,000 words in length (and no more than around 110,000 words). I can't see exactly how long your book is (because it's incomplete on here), but I did want to mention that in case you plan to publish and sell it commercially.

3. Finally (and most importantly), this is the kind of book (humorous, creative, light reading) that many women will be able to relate to and will deeply enjoy. You do very well at presenting even the unpleasant aspects of life in a comical light, allowing the reader to actually feel better about her own "suffering" as she identifies with you.

High stars and best wishes! :-)

t23please wrote 132 days ago


I enjoyed your writing. I hope you do really well!

Gave you some good stars.


(The Latter Day Church of Tiny Tim)

Colleen MacDougall wrote 133 days ago

If Children Are Cheaper by the Dozen

Yes, I needed a laugh and your book provided many. My sister just had twins and your experiences are spot on.
The only thing I would recommend is reformatting the manuscript as Authonomy's upload program is wreaking havoc on your format.
High stars and backed
The Patron Saint of Dogs

Trularin wrote 134 days ago


I read the first few chapters and other than personal preferences ( writing style ) I found the story entertaining. Having two myself, I was reminded of past events in simular content. I am no pro, so if there are mechanical errors, I did not spot them or they did not pop out at me.

It will be interesting to see how the book does.


ShirleyGrace wrote 137 days ago

This is hilarious.I am still reading but I could really relate to the first three chapters. In the first two, I thought you were talking about me. I lived on crackers for weeks. We had gardenia shrubs around the house and decades later , I still have nausea when I smell them. When I finally started eating, I woke up one night at 2 a m and I thought I would die if I did not have tomatoes and a cucumber and they HAD to be garden grown. My husband woke the man up at the fruit market and I ate an entire cucumber and two tomatoes and vomited for days. Sometimes the food would just come up with no vomiting. If I even caught the smell of a cigarette, I was throwing up for an hour.
That said and enough about me...this is well written and a very good read. I would think most women could relate to this, although I know many never experience morning sickness and some have it the entire nine months. I like your work very much and high stars while I continue the read.

Shirley Grace
The Devil'sStepchild

writingbear wrote 180 days ago


Good job! I backed your book. If you could take a look at my novel, DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS, for your possible backing, your help is needed and appreciated. Good luck and happy writing.


Robyn Quaker wrote 219 days ago

If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen... By Elizabeth Kathleen
Such fun. Lighthearted. I loved the term Penguins saliva. Very witty. The title is quirky and the cover is so apt. l would buy this book for my many friends who have children. It is on my watchlist. I see it is doing well too. High stars and Good luck.
Robyn Quaker
Halfpennies And Blue Vinyl.

AlexandraMahanaim wrote 243 days ago

If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen Can I Get A Discount On Six

My mother had six children: girl, boy, girl(me), boy, girl, boy. Definitely understand that life is an eventful place with so many wonderful children. My brother also has six, one Down Syndrome: he loves them all.

You have a way of describing things that it makes the story come to life with interesting events that you go through. I have seen ultrasound machine many times. They are clearer these days and was even able to tell the baby’s heartbeat several times. I think it is clever to compare it to the TV without receiver. It does remind that when I think of it now. I also liked how you used Rebecca and Isaac as an example. I read two chapters and enjoyed it very much.

Thank you for sharing your book,
Alexandra Mahanaim
Return to Eternity (Symbolic approach to creation and love)
Matters of the Heart Poetry Book

Geowonderland wrote 244 days ago

Your writing is smooth and fun. There were many scenes that made me laugh, among them was your husband's reaction to the twins' news or men waving their arms to warn you and you refused to make eye contact. Pretty funny.
I just googled smorgasbord. I had no idea what that was. Now, I know :)
Good luck,

ssurfer wrote 246 days ago

Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for your encouragng comments. I will look forward to reading your books, and good laughter, I'm sure.
God bless you and yours...
Very sincerely, Bill

singfam wrote 246 days ago

Cheaper by the dozen:

Your writing style is fun to read. Things like “Diamonds didn’t sparkle like a roast beef sandwich.” Couldn’t be more perfect.  and they seem to flow effortlessly from your hand.

Every once in a while there is an awkward sentence. You will find them as you continue over your work. I think it really helps to read outloud. You will hear them then. Things like:
“Joshua’s birthday was due any day.”
“there was only so often the boys would play dolls with her.”
“A beautiful baby boy joined the other five making it an even half dozen.” You might just need a coma after “five”. Its just a little hard to read.

But most of your writing is flawless. 

I loved the idea of the mathematical formula for the number of hours you were getting for sleep, but it would be fun if you were to come up with a more accurate equation.  Something like, number of hours in a night, minus the time it takes to get the last one to sleep, minus the number of babies multiplied by the number of minutes it takes to change a diaper, minus the number of babies multiplied by the time it takes to feed the babies, minus the number of babies multiplied by the time it takes to burp each baby, minus the number of babies multiplied by the time it takes to get back to sleep. Hahaha!!  maybe simple is best after all. 

I love the story of your “lost baby!” I did that once when we were camping! Oh my! Amazing what we go through and how our kids survive! Your writing is perfect there. Very smooth! Crisp and accurate. 

Loved the story of the blouse. It’s happened to most of us.  Things they never warned us about, right? !!! I loved your note, “It’s okay for you to groan, Mr Flash the whole Maternity Ward, but I’m new at this.”

Sooo hilarious! because so many of us have been there and know your stories personally! sooo great!

Great book. Mother’s out there will eat it up. I would take the time to read through it outloud, to catch the few things that might need a little smooth over. But really great stuff!

Good luck!
Jeannette Singleton

singfam wrote 247 days ago

Hi! I saw your book out there and it reminded me of my own family adventures. :-) I have 7 kids of my own. hahaha! :-) all grown now. Im looking for a fun swap. Are you interested or have time for that these days?
I am looking to read something fun. :-)
Jeannette Singleton
Journey to Kalado're

Wizard of Oz wrote 252 days ago


This is a great read with fun and humorous references througout. Those of us with children can certainly relate to the mishaps and struggles recounted in the book! It's nice to know that we parents aren't as strange as we think we are--we all go through similar experiences.

Good luck and best wishes as you seem to be well on your way to the editor's desk.


diane_stiffler wrote 255 days ago

Elizabeth, this is one hilarious read. It brought back a lot of fond memories from when I was pregnant. I can definitely see this flying off of bookshelves!

Full stars for now and this will be on my shelf in a couple weeks.

Thanks for the laughs!

cozymel wrote 264 days ago

Funny stuff. It's great how some people can find humor in difficult circumstances. I remember my mother saying she lived in the bathroom for the first 3 months with all her children. I read the first two chapters, and hope to find time for more. I like the cover artwork too. Grace and peace to you.


philthomas wrote 276 days ago

Hi Elizabeth I just read the first three chapters of your book it is bursting with humour and easy to read high stars and on my wall I will read more tomorrow. Phil.

M Caulder wrote 277 days ago

Had to view your book because the title made me laugh. I read the first chapter and laughed some more! It's so funny, and the dialogue between you and other characters reads like a comedy routine. (I love how you ask the doctor if he has the ultrasound on the wrong channel, and how Raymon asks what you were thinking in having twins!) In fact, it all reads like a well developed comedy skit and it's hilarious. Thanks for sharing your experiences and making it seem like a humorous adventure! : D Rated 5 stars and added to watchlist awaiting completion of the book.

Favorite Constellations

Sue Seabury wrote 281 days ago

Love the title and great opening. The internet is very slow today for some reason, but I will read more when I get time. Perhaps you could add a line at the end, like, "That misunderstanding was truly just a drop in the bucket of my ignorance about motherhood." Just a suggestion. It's very funny.

Kathy K G wrote 290 days ago

I've read comments by other readers and all I can do is echo them. These sweet and funny stories feel so real and your writing style is so intimate, it truly does feel as if we are a couple of friends swapping stories over a cup of coffee and dessert. A really good dessert too, the kind we'd have to hide from the kids because they'd eat it too fast to really appreciate it. :o)


TobyC wrote 291 days ago

If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen Can I Get a Discount on Six? by Elizabeth Kathleen

Return read for Dreams Bound in Black

What simple treasures this book shares with readers. The narrator is like a friend that relates stories over a cup of coffee. The sidetracks are enlightening. Character development comes in terms of pregnancy measurement, but falls short of describing Elizabeth Kathleen. The humor is subtle. Overall, a pleasant read. Thank you for sharing some of your life experiences with us.

Dreams Bound in Black

Christine May wrote 295 days ago

So glad I found you and your book. Have read three chapters, You have a great talent for telling a story with humor. There is no self pity as the heroine tries to juggle pregnancy, work and life.
Will read more tomorrow.

NLG-86 wrote 301 days ago

This is a delight – easy to read, funny, warm.

It feels very natural, as if someone was telling me a story, rather than me reading it.

There are lots of great anecdotes (eg. the Groucho Marx eyebrows.)

I have read up to Chapter 9 and will be back to read more. Highly recommended and highly starred.

Best of luck,

Gev wrote 304 days ago

WARNING: DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EATING OR DRINKING OR EVEN PLAN ON HAVING A SNACK WHILE YOU READ. I nearly had to do the Heimlich on myself, it's that unexpectedly funny. Just sit down, read, and enjoy. Sure, Chapter four could flow better, but ... this book has the sound of a best friend telling stories at the kitchen table. Very natural, and I like that.

Lisa Abraham wrote 313 days ago

CLF2 review and return read.
Elizabeth, this is fun, amusing, very easy to read and a page turner.
I read the first four chapters.
Your description of eating and eating and eating brought back memories, and the subsequent weight-gain - and I only had 1!!
I did find though that chapter 4 didn't flow quite as well as the first three. It was too fast-paced it became a little confused. Perhaps a little more padding with that observational wit of yours?!
On my watch list.
Lisa Abraham
Great Big Safari Park Stories

KirkH wrote 314 days ago

Hi Elizabeth,
Finally I have some time to read some chapters in your book.
I wasn't disappointed at all!
I think you have a very funny family comedy story. I chuckled on the first page of chapter one; about the ultra-sound check and penguin saliva, (that was good).
Twins - oh my, double trouble.
You got a story, here and its going to snowball into something really cool. Even you book cover is great.
Have you shown this to any agents yet? I'm asking because I think this is something that may attract an audience.
I remember some of the family comedy routines of Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. They all had thier special styles, and in most cases, never needed to speak with foul language to deliver the punchline.
Writing comedy is definately not an easy thing to do, but you seem to have a natural talent to it.
I think I backed your book before, but I'm doing it again and giving you high stars.
All the best
"The Notorious Expat Wives"
"How to Steal a Lion"

strswimmer155 wrote 315 days ago

I was in stitches! Thanks for writing this book. It's definitely a must read for anyone! The best thing is your humor is so true to life that anyone, whether they have children or not, could understand it and find themselves cracking up with the rest of the world at the antics in this book! I don't have children and I found myself cracking up because it reminded me of my childhood. Thanks for the laughs!

Brendie wrote 316 days ago

Thanks Elizabeth - I've just spilt tea in my lap!!! I laughed out loud when I read 'I'm convinced paranormal pictures are surely old ultrasounds someone found lying around.' I went to show Jennifer and forgot I was holding a cup in my hand.
The bit about filling the jug to the top with a urine sample was classic - unfortunately not as rare as you'd think, but I try not to think about the time I had to take a sample in a pop bottle on the bus when I was a child, and I left it on the bus ... on the way home I caught the same bus, and found my bottle still on the seat. It was empty!
We can relate to your sickness too - my daughter Sarah was sick every day for the whole nine months and ended up in hospital three times.
This is a wonderful story and you tell it in a lovely style that makes it easy to read ... I hope you get it printed
soon and I'll be the first to buy it ...
Best wishes

Booklover515 wrote 320 days ago

Dear Elizabeth
This book was so funny it made me laugh so hard I loved it. You truly have a gift from God to write this book was hilarious. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to read it. Very, very well written book.

Lourdes wrote 325 days ago

"CLF2 review"
Dear Elizabeth,
This was a fun read, the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. I was not blessed with it, but I've heard enough about it all, to imagine exactly what you went through. Like i said, a fun read. From an editing perspective, i couldn't even find a comma out of place and the three chapters i read were smooth and enjoyable.
High stars, and I will back your book as soon as i can. :)
The Path to Survival

KathrynW wrote 330 days ago

Dear Elizabeth

I have read the first four chapters and they move along at a great pace. You have an easy natural style which draws the reader into your story. I enjoyed the first chapter very much, and was hoping that chapter 2 would continue with the flashback when you first discovered you were pregnant. You never showed us your reaction when you had the results of the urine test, nor the reaction of Raymond. Chapter one ends with a great hook, and then the reader is left dangling. I am sure there must be a funny story there - you were obviously very young and naive not to have realised!

The next three chapters move at quite a fast pace - babies flying out like bullets. Again, I wanted to know a bit more about how you were juggling all these infants, particularly the twins. It's a shock to any mum when the first baby arrives, let alone two. It would be lovely to have at least one story from each of your children's first few months which would enable to reader to understand their differernt characters. As with fiction, if you introduce too many characters at the outset, the reader can get confused. Description of their physical appearance, hair and eye colour, funny mannerisms etc would be great, and would add extra texture to the stories. I'm not suggesting that you slow the narrative down too much. Part of it's strength is its snappy delivery (no pun intended), but just a few extra brush strokes to satisfy the reader;s appetite. And you know all about appetite . . .

Best wishes

'Highway Code' and 'Waters of Grace'

nautaV wrote 331 days ago

Dear Elizabeth, you are great!
Reading your wonderful and most sincere book, full of humour and parental happiness, I recalled those happy days when my wife was going to give birth to our children. Although it was so long ago, I remember those feelings very clearly. I remember what a difficult time it was for my dear wife - sickness, vomiting, you know... I remember those long sleepless nights when we took turn lulling the baby to sleep. At times, I was almost falling asleep, while walking with a baby in my hands... I remember that awful, chocking feeling when it seemed the baby had already slept out of your hands - uhh!
Thank you for these memories!
High stars, my WL for now and my very best regards, happy Elizabeth!
Here are some notes doen as I was reading:
Raymons reaction is wonderful!
32 ounces - Oh!!! :):):)
'Day three...' ( a gap between 'Then later...' )
'At work (a gap) during lunch...'
'Boy this office gossip is (a gap) ridiculous.'
I stopped denoting those gaps in the sentences because there are a lot of them. Maybe they are the result of Authonomy formatting, maybe not. Anyway, I'd try to get rid of them.
'Apparently so did Raymon before I could day...' ( 'I could say' for sure?)
'He looked at the phone...kept on preach-ing.' ('preaching'?)

Thanks again for the six wonderful chapters!


BeeJoy wrote 332 days ago

What a fun and hilarious book! I was laughing at the part where she couldn't see the babies in the ultra sound. Lol. Love it. Your writing flows free and really well. Great job on this!

Scott Butcher wrote 353 days ago

Hi Elizabeth Kathleen,

I've actually owed you this return read for some time now. Sorry it took me so long to get to it. This looks like a fun book, I should have come to have a peek earlier. Now let's see what you've got.....hmmm.....

In chapter 1, I liked the scene in the doctors office when you find out you have twins coming, I don't think doctors know half as much as they pretend to. The urine supply incident was quite funny too, but you didn't really conclude it with the result! How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant? Doubly embarrassed?

Chapter 2: "I was afraid the babies and I were going to starve to death together." I think you can drop the last word "together" for this sentence, it sounds awkward with it there and it's not really needed.

Last paragraph "not being one to put on things off" should that be "not being one to put things off".

Chapter 3: "I was like lioness..." should be "I was like a lioness...".

"It would run through my mind how I could explain getting two large milkshakes again to the girls behind the counter." a bit awkward, maybe better as "It would briefly run through my mind how I was, again, going to have to explain to the girls behind the counter that I was in need of two extra-large milkshakes for myself."

"them their hills" should be "them there hills" or "them dere hills" if you want to add a bit of ascent.

"I don't think I learned everything I should know how to deliver a baby." should be "I don't think I learned everything I should know about how to deliver a baby."

"you're the only one going the wrong direction." maybe better as "you're the only one going in the wrong direction."

What a rude policeman! And what a harrowing experience it must have been going the wrong way on a four lane road! I enjoyed reading your stories Elizabeth Kathleen, you sound as mad as my wife is. I think she'd enjoy reading this too. Well done. High stars!

Regards Scott Butcher, The Merlin Falcon

MC Storm wrote 383 days ago

I finally got to reading this very entertaining book. What a hoot. You certainly put humor into your writing. I read the first three chapters its so easy to read. Actually I can relate to your pregnancy (except for the twins) part as I too went through a 3 month bout of morning sickness only to overendulge on food once I could eat. My stomach was so big I used it as tray to hold my plate or coffee cup. I really had a good laugh when you ggave the urine sample.
Overall, this is a great book and I 've given it high stars.