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rank 2011
word count 14598
date submitted 08.05.2012
date updated 08.05.2012
genres: Young Adult
classification: universal

A Bad Day

Jaclyn Weist

When Megan loses her luck to an evil leprechaun, she must fight to get it back, with the help of her friends.


Megan is a sixteen year old girl who has everything going for her. She gets good grades, has many friends, and does well in sports and cheerleading. One day she opens the door to a little man in green who offers her luck. When she refuses to take it, he becomes angry and takes all of her luck from her. She becomes instantly unlucky and chaos takes over. The little man pops in and out of her life at random times, always leaving a mess in his wake. While her parents don't believe her, she has two friends and her brother that are willing to help break Megan free from her bad luck. Together they make plans and go off to find the evil little man who has ruined her life. Will they get to him in time, before he destroys the lives of her family and friends?

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leprechaun, unlucky

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patio wrote 711 days ago

I read chapter one of A Bad Day. You start with, "The worst day ever". Then further down you said, a bad day for you is good day some people. I immediately thought you are a drama queen. But you introduced the mysterious man at your door. He knew a lot about you. That's creepy. Further, he attempted to sell what I would describe as mystery. You weren't interested. I wouldn't either. He got aggressive by preventing you from closing the door. My pulse was racing by then. He then warned you would regret not accepting his service before disappear. Up to then, fabulous. The rest is intriguing. I kept thinking the mystery man going to return, especially when you when you went to bed

Overall, brilliant. I
'll be back to see if the

patio wrote 711 days ago

your pitch promise explosion. I'm gonna dig in

jaclynweist wrote 711 days ago