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word count 16386
date submitted 13.05.2012
date updated 13.05.2012
genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy
classification: universal

Universe One: Liberty

Cooper B. Anthony

In the 53rd Century the human race pulls a genius from the past to save their society. But have they got the right man?


History Teacher Jon Ransom is dragged into the future by what he believes is the last vestiges of the human race. Mistaken for a genius scientist brought forward in time to save the interstellar city-ship liberty from possible collapse and disaster. Centuries of life spans increasing have left the human race decadent and without the skills to save themselves. Shown the wonders of the massive interplanetary craft he finds that he is not the only one who has been brought forward. Other figures from across time have been kidnapped and they soon learn that not all is as it seems and they may have traveled more than just through time. The captured men discover that they have not only been brought forward in time; they have also been pulled into a different version of their Universe. Rather than the scientific genius they expected, they are from alternate realities where Philosophers become Army Colonels and scientific genius fails to make its mark. Together they must try to find a way to work together and to find a way home and learn the truth of Universe One.

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alternate reality, alternate universe, curie, distant future, einstein, hawking, science fiction, tesla, time travel, turing, wormholes

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Stefaniewrites wrote 709 days ago

Just stumbled across this great book and now I'm hooked - will comment once read but it's off to a great start !

Cooper B Anthony wrote 710 days ago

Cheers for the feedback - I'm very new to this and it helps to get an objective view

minorkey wrote 711 days ago

Interesting premise. Just enough action in the prologue to keep me interested - there was a lot of description which I thought a bit overdone - in the sense that the character we're following would know all about his ship and not need it described. Kind of worked as a narration but slowed things down a little. Also, at the end, how does the captain know the newcomer has a German accent? I'm not sure what century the prologue is set in, but that felt a bit odd to me.
Ch1 moved quickly enough and Reagan/Stevens has every right to be paying attention to accents so that works, as does his bewilderment. Haven't read any further as yet. Could do with an edit, some sentences were a bit clunky, eg: "He looked up as his visitor approached, clearly in an ugly mood". - grammatically, the 'clearly in an ugly mood' relates to the 'He' and 'his' at the beginning of the sentence - and the 'he' is Urpol, yet you mean it to refer to the 'visitor'. So I read it that Urpol was in an ugly mood and got confused.
Minor things, but worth cleaning up. I like sci fi and this has an interesting premise. On my watch list.

Cooper B Anthony wrote 711 days ago