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Made For Man

David Kidd

One of the Ten Commandments has become the "poor cousin." Is it time to embrace your poor cousin?


This book is about the Fourth Commandment - the Sabbath, which has become the poor cousin of the Ten Commandments.

Saturday, the seventh day Sabbath, is the central holy day of the Bible. It was established at Creation and codified in the Ten Commandments. Sunday, however, has become the most important holy day of Christianity since the second century. The issue of Saturday versus Sunday Sabbath has been hotly debated for centuries. It's also the case that many other Christians no longer regard either day to be uniquely holy, seeing all time as sacred. Here, a case for the traditional Sabbath of the Ten Commandments is presented with respect shown toward other views, in light of the complexity of the issue.

Regardless of the stance taken in this debate, what shines through is our physical and spiritual need to enjoy the blessings of God's Sabbath rest. Sabbath rest is a dear friend amidst our hectic lifestyles in a world nearing spiritual bankruptcy.

Irrespective of our view on this issue however, the truth is that salvation is by God's grace, through faith, and not through commandment keeping

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blessing, controversy, holy days, refreshment, renewal, rest, sabbath

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Ernesto Tinajero wrote 252 days ago


This good. It is missing something to contrast it from similar text. Maybe adding more personal stories introducing the sections (you do that a little) on how keeping the Ten Commandments lead to a deeper connection with God and others.

Bergy wrote 255 days ago

I read through the first few chapters tonight, David. You addressed each of these chapters with a very scholarly, Bible-based approach. I plan to read the remaining chapters this week. Good, thoughtful reading. Thank you.

Christopher Holdstrom (Bergy)
A Plan Undone

Su Dan wrote 438 days ago

fascinating stuff: l haven't read all but you set the whole thing up well to get us thinking...

evermoore wrote 462 days ago

David...I so appreciate having found this. Your wisdom is clear within the easy to read, follow, and understand words of your book. I imagine all that read it will come away with something that they'll cling to...and that's a gift. I wish you all the best on your way to the editors desk...
God bless...
Daniel Simmons Journey
Children Walking with Jesus

faith rose wrote 543 days ago

Dear David,

Wow! This is such an important book! I remember visiting my grandparents as a child, and their whole town literally shut down on Sundays in observance of a "day of rest." As a child, I thought it was strange, but over the years I have come to realize the deep importance of keeping one day holy for worship and rest. I applaud you for writing this book with such skill and expertise. Your use of scripture is balanced, and your words are full of wisdom. Excellent work. Giving you many stars.

All the very best,
Faith Rose
Now To Him

AuthorSue442 wrote 662 days ago

I've read your first two chapters and look forward to reading the rest. Your book is very informative without being preachy and caused me to re-evaluate how my family treats Sunday. We continually try to make Sunday a family day without any electronic distractions, but fail more times than succeed. I'm backing your book and wish more Christian books made it to the ED (do any make it there?).
- Sue
"Guided Through Deception"

MaryBe wrote 685 days ago

I enjoyed your enthusiasm for a Sabbath rest. I try to have nothing to do but take a walk in the evening. During the day I alternate periods of rest with periods of contemplation on spiritual relationships to the Lord. I find prayer for healing to be effective on the Sabbath. I know not everybody can treat the Sabbath as a religious day. For instance my mother worked a full time job and needed Saturday to do grocery shopping, laundary, and housework. My Dad kept her going and helped as he could. I decided it rested her to just have time to keep caught up.

Your book presented many conflicting sides of trying to take a Sabbath rest. In my book I tried to have the reader realize that the world mostly stops on Saturday, when most people do not go to the office or to school. The Sabbath is still a reality.

Thank you for your encouraging and supporting principles. I too value my Sabbath rests.


mistybrooke wrote 691 days ago

very interesting topic! a topic that has been on my mind lately. I've been asking myself if I treat Sunday any differently than all the other days. I am curious of your stance. I hope the book does well!

JamesRevoir wrote 704 days ago

Hello David:

At your invitation I read Made for Man. Although I did not grow up observing the Sabbath, I am part of a body of believers who were raised in Adventism, for whom the seventh day Sabbath is deeply ingrained in their culture. Naturally, by virtue of joining with their lives, I, too, have adopted the observance into my life.

Your arguments are well-reasoned, without crossing the line as some tend to do into the extreme tone of conspiracy or divisive judgment and condemnation.

Blessings to you for your bold stand for truth. This book will likely not reach the ED but there are some important messages that transcend human kudos.