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REFINED - Turning Pain into Purpoase

Todd Stocker

"If God is so good, why do I experience pain?" Todd helps us see that there is a purpose for the pain that we experience.


"If God is so good, why do I experience pain?" Many questions haunt us when our life is interrupted by sudden loss and the resulting grief. In "Refined: Turning Pain into Purpose," Todd helps us see that there is a purpose for the pain that we experience. After the death of his daughter, Todd worked at a refinery, melting down broken jewelry and making it useful again. One day, as he was pouring gold into a crucible, it occurred to him that this process of refining mirrored the process of grief. Table of Contents: 1 - Our Story: Is This Really Happening 2 - Illumination: Change Your Attitude 3 - Heating: Prepare For the Journey 4 - Protection: Trust in His Strength 5 - Loneliness: Look for Signs of God’s Presence 6 - Defiance: Surrender to the Refiner 7 - Reflection: Choose to be Radiant 8 - Timing: Wait for His Unfolding Purpose 9 - And Now …: A Word of Encouragement

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bereavement, christian life, death, god's will, purpose, purpose in life

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JamesRevoir wrote 694 days ago

Hello Todd:

I am so very sorry for your loss, though it is encouraging to see how God turned your tragedy into something beautiful. I am confident that you have already touched many lives and that you will touch many more through the wisdom you have gained and the grace that you have experienced. Formal ministry training is good, but often it is through the fiery trials of life that we are truly empowered to be a blessing and encouragement to others.

Refined presents a solid, theological explanation of suffering but does not stop there-it is a very practical resource to help people, as you said, to not only survive but to thrive.

Abundant blessings to you.


Lyn Ventura wrote 700 days ago

Your story is very encouraging, well written and necessary. Books like yours shed the love of Christ in a world that is hurting so very much. It helps us to bring a sense of purpose to the events that make no sense in our lives. God doesn't waste any of our experiences. Thank you. Good work!

Lyn Ventura
With All My Mind

Shelby Z. wrote 700 days ago

Strong opener, it catches the reader's attention.
Good message ideas clearly seen from the start.
One thing I would suggest is NOT using Bold font. It is hard on the eyes and doesn't look professional. You also may consider shortening your main pitch a little.
Otherwise very good work.

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

P.S. Please take a look at my Christian pirate adventure Driving Winds.