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date submitted 16.12.2008
date updated 13.08.2013
genres: Fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Gay
classification: universal

The Free


One lonely abused schoolgirl 'OCCUPIES' herself.. and sets off an explosive social and economic Revolution..


.The State is going bottoms up, the Climate is going crazy,
......we’re living the collapse of capitalism, blow by blow,
...............................with a rainbow.
..............Linda changes her name to Maxie
.....She and her new friends get free of their traumas,
..and get into dealing death blows, to a skinhead gang,
....a bankrupt school and the testerical special police.
.........Next thing they flee to Ragwort CoOp Pool,
........ in a big safe occupied working class area.
.......We play the adventure live through their eyes,
..laughing and lamenting... inventing social revolution.

..The PIF soldiers eventually arrive, to restore capitalist chaos,
............Macker and Maxie are missing, the hunt begins,
....while the spaced out invaders get subverted, corrupted,
..............................swallowed and digested.
Our odd family puzzles with the pieces.. finding a fun lifestyle,
......a coppice farm, and bright ideas for saving The Planet,
but keep your hankies handy, folks.. click on your giant wings,
........................... for the fantastic FLYING finale!

I try to return all Shelvings.. unless your book is fascist, sexist or racist..

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adventure, anarchist, climate-disaster, comedy, feminists, gay, magic, money-free, prison, romance, takeovers, terrorists

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HannahWar wrote 1357 days ago

Mike, The start of your book is incontestable, the first chapters make shivers run down your spine and provoke intense sympathy for the MC. Next to that, your humour, your control of language, your powers of observation are eviably correct, powerful, authentic. There is no other writer like you and that makes you stand out. I think that the dropping of your book in the ranks may have something to do with the fact that it portrays a view on Western life that people may find "amusing", interesting, unusual but are not ready for. You're a head of your time but because you believe in your philosophy with all your heart and make no attempt to disguise it, it loses part of the cheerful lightness that your writing absolutely has. Maybe you should write in your profile that you are a successful CEO and let the book tell it's own story. It's just a matter of finding what is more effective. I currently am rewriting a true-life story in a fiction-like way, which wasn't my original idea. Anyway, to me you are an exceptionally gifted writer whose book deserves 6 stars and a place on my shelf right now. Hannah

Elizabeth.NYC wrote 1355 days ago

Hello Mike,
What a ride for me to revisit the illustrious Linda and the land of the free - I remember this as one of the first books I read on Authonomy--way back when--and thinking how I wished I could write with such flair. I'm so happy The Free is being published. You first chapter is a great example of hooking through both characterization and your dark comic voice. Your choice of words are priceless from the bleeding yellow volcano (such a visual, that scene) to a zombie late for lunch. And has their ever been an antagonist more perfect than Sister Bernie. Not that I can remember. You've got the antics, and the adolescent rationale behind the antics, down pat. It's a great story and I'm so happy I came back.
(Out of Sync)

Josephine O Brien wrote 107 days ago

Hi Mike, as I said, I planned to skim through the chapters to get a feel for the book, but I fell for it and have read it all through dinner and two bottles of beer. You have a great book here. I couldn't stop.

Christo's chapter was a bit difficult to get into because I was so firmly involved with Maxie. But I was involved all over again and now... here you swap me back!!

You have a lovely way with words, I'm surprised this book hasn't hit the Ed's desk way before now, I guess you're not into that? Is it published already?

Any way chap 9 : Perhaps that should read ' I was scared I'd disturb old Barney....' Since she can't feel bad about something she didn't do!

Who turned on the light? Barney was behind the chair and the others were in the wardrobe.

I'm wondering if they are planning on taking over the club house and have the support of some of the teachers and priests, but at the same time could expect the police, why would they court trouble by provoking the hoodlums first? For a place they're hoping to make a caff and a shop etc. it seems like a dangerous move.

I had the impression that there would have been far more of the thugs, given the strangle hold they had,
though I guess bluster, swagger and brutality go a long way!

I had to peek ahead to chapter 10. I'm still laughing at the bitched sex scene- so believable and a wonderful ending to it.

The only thing that gave me pause was her describing her 'moist, delectable private parts.' This doesn't seem like her view of her own body, especially since we know she isn't comfortable with sex After all she's been through, I don't think she'd have come around to thinking of her own body as' delectable.'

MIke, this is a wonderful piece of work and I hope to come back and finish it very soon. If you are attempting an assault of the desk here, let me know and I'll back you in a few weeks.

sensual elle wrote 281 days ago

I can't put my finger on it, but there's something very Ray Bradbury about this book, very Illustrated Man of feminine gender. And Alan Ginsburg, the poet. Beat. Esoteric Unconventional. Lost. Dissociative. Fab.


Bradley Darewood wrote 297 days ago

That was insanely entertaining.
You deal with some incredibly heavy themes here, but you manage to touch on them in a way that is light and entertaining, but simultaneously heartfelt and meaningful. That's a worthy approach that takes talent and skill.

I read the first 6 chapters, you do a great job of capturing the experience of freedom-- I loved the line about the "empty house" and how she loved the possibilities in front of her now that she'd escaped. You did a good job in turn of expanding the concept of freedom to increasingly wider domains of social control and internalized beliefs.

You have a lot of amazing strengths as a writer-- A great sense of voice, great imagery, pacing, flow. Though I have to say your strongest feature is your voice. You had me fully engrossed in your character within a handful of paragraphs. Thank you for creating this vomit-filled adventure full of sexual indiscretions, nun-punching and that's just the beginning!

So your opening was very very very very very well written.
However, even though you titled the section "Linda" the opening two paragraphs had a very masculinist tone (nothing wrong with that) but I gave me a strong sense of a male voice, like a son, almost grudgingly proud of his dad's conquest. Until you mention Linda again. I'm gender stereotyping of course, but I felt like she was a guy for those first two paragraphs. That was the only point in the text I felt that way, for the rest of it, I had a strong, continuous sense of Linda/Maxie as a woman.

The vomiting scene was hilarious.

By the second chapter I was already too engrossed to read very critically.

I would note that I'm not sure the varied colors, fonts, using italics for dialogue, completely worked for me. That said, what kind of anarchist tome *doesn't* take liberties with conventions? So take that with a grain of salt. What I would change, however, is move the glossary all the way to the end. It's nice that you have it for reference, but I think having it up front keeps prospective readers from getting to your brilliant prose as fast as possible. Also, having the glossary is a nice reference but I don't think it should absolve you from the responsibility of offering enough context for the reader to figure out the terms as they go along.

Anyway, that's my two cents, it might be good advice, might be bad, but hopefully it's helpful.

Thanks again for writing this-- I'm glad it's out there and I'll definitely be point more people to it. I think it's something we all could learn from.

Oh, and having absurd police procedurals endlessly force-fed to us on the television, it's nice to get a scene with real cops being the bastards they are.

CM Waller wrote 305 days ago

Hi Mike,

I have read the first 8 chapters of "The Free" and was very impressed by what I saw. Your main character Linda / Maxine has a compelling voice and she really carries the story through. You do a great job of really getting into her head and sharing her thoughts and feelings which makes the reader feel very empathetic towards her.

Her life has been brutal and I find it sad that she is so accepting of the abuse she receives at the hands of the vile law enforcement offices but I think it is perhaps authentic for someone who has been around drink and violence for such a long time. I thought it was funny how she threw up over the nun.

Your language reflects the backdrop of the novel and, without meaning to sound overly-analytical, I think the short choppy sentences remind me how 'in the moment' her life is.

Your dialogue is well written, the punctuation of it is unconventional (i.e. in italics, with a hyphen at the start etc.) but in some ways I find this adds to the charm of the novel. There are one or two typos and you should standardise the capitalisation of Dad / Ma etc.

Having been in the head of Linda so long, it was a difficult transition when Christopher emerged as the narrator. I am sure I will get into his character in time.

Only other thing - I would say this novel is quite graphic so you might want to reconsider your universal rating to moderate if not adult.

Great read overall, High stars.

C.I. DeMann wrote 349 days ago

this is very well written stuff. moves along quickly and catches the reader right from the start. very good sense of setting and character. i like the hero and i think other readers will, too. good luck with this. i think it will find success.

carol jefferies wrote 393 days ago

Hi M,

The Free

I've never read anything quite like this on this website before. I admire your gritty and frank story telling.

I thought the story about Linda must have been set decades ago, and was shocked to discover it is much more recent judging by the reference to a computer.

I really felt your writing got under the skin of Linda, and was shocked when it was revealed her father had been abusing her for many years.

It was exhilarating to read about Linda's sense of freedom having left home.

What I liked best was the portrayal of hypocrisy of the nun, Sister Bernie, and her heartlessness when she witnesses Linda is upset yet still selects her to recite Poetry to the class. I was so pleased that Linda puked on her.

I look forward to reading more.

High stars,

Carol Jefferies
(The Witch of Fleet Street)

Reid-Sumter wrote 412 days ago

So far I've only gotten the chance to read the first chapter of your story, but I must say that this is quite different. It reminds me of the book "Thirst" by Christopher Pike. I love your tale it's very in depth and it seem that you've took a lot of time to make it unique. This story in a way, seems as though it will trail off to be very funny. It's still very well done. I will be reading the rest of your story in the future.

mikegilli wrote 414 days ago

E Book OUT NOW as a Free Download, from the Blog, for e.readers. ipods, kindles and other whatnots

Also available on Gooogle Boooks, Scribd, Issuu and the Anarchist Library
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I'm finally updating this 'authonomy edition' so in a few days there will
be an amazing improvement, at least in my dubious opinion

Thanks everyone for your help and support with this project.

...............After reaching Rank 7 the book has been neglected for over a year on this shite.
...........................I'm now hoping to get more active again here, hanging around rank 150
...................I'm still happy to review or comment on your book, but just for fun.. ON REQUEST.

.......................I do try to return all shelvings, unless your book is fascist, sexist or racist.
...............This is complicated, as there's no point backing for less than a few days it seems, so
.....................................................please let me know if I screw up!
............. .The BLOG/site is now worth checking out....
Plus it has a super page on FarceBook

..........I'm also using the book to promote CO2-Free fuel, now integrated into the text, as I'm now convinced
............................that the whole planet is being ever more rapidly and irrevocably trashed.
..............check it out here:

.............................................Thanx a trillion to all supporters of The Free

Luke Bramley wrote 414 days ago

Had you on my front page since the early days, now I've put you back on my shelf. Love the new cover by the way even if it's now old. The FREE is of an utterly superior quality. Read it and weep, minions! Luke Bramley, The Kingdom Within

Jed Oliver wrote 416 days ago

Even on page one, I realized this book was written by an exceptionally creative person. That's the biggest compliment I can think of. Jed Oliver (Saving Bob)

Sheena Macleod wrote 424 days ago

Mike - I enjoyed this, and have signed to follow the Blog on The Free. You address a number of serious issues in a light, almost aimless way. Multi-layered with hidden depths. I like the section where Linda realises her father is not the invincible hero of her girlhood. Wow, I remember that changing insight well. I will read on, I would like to see this in print. I don't feel that I can add anything constructive to this gem of a book- it is all there ready to go.
The Popish Plot

Seringapatam wrote 505 days ago

Mike, this came as a refreshing book for me. I love the quirky well paced premise and the delivery of the well timed narrative. There is so much good in the structure of this book and I can only see good things for it. Well flowed well delivered, a cracking idea for a book, so different and I loved it although I wouldnt have seen myself reading anything like this normally. So well done.
Sean Connolly. British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R) Please consider me for a read or watch list wont you?? Many thanks. Sean

Andrew Esposito wrote 506 days ago

The Free is a very stimulating read. It's great to find writing that challenges the conventions of a reader. At first I thought it needed a good edit, but as the narration of the mad cap Linda Moon continued, I settled into the dialogue and appreciated the fresh approach. It's very difficult to find originality in novels. Mike, I think you have created something that should be given a chance to shine. Nice to see you back with The Free on authonomy and I have no doubt your novel will rise to new heights. Best regards, Andrew Esposito / Killing Paradise

Fontaine wrote 509 days ago

Reading this was so energising. I love the MC and her humour and her struggle to make sense of everything. Very, very good writing. Refreshingly different. It eels as though you had enormous pleasure writing it and that shines through. Nothing to criticise. Thanks for an interesting and uplifting read. Made my day!

LCF Quartet wrote 571 days ago

Hi Mike,
I just came across your book, and after reading your profile and pitch, I came to the conclusion that it's an interesting piece of work to be read with pleasure. (They say intuition comes from experience.)

Having read 12 chapters now in one sitting, I'm glad I wasn't mistaken. You are a true talent when it comes to observing people's reactions, feelings and life-styles. THE FREE is a wonderfully written package deal...your characters, the premise, the dialogue parts and your first-person voice wrap it up to perfection.

Your descriptions are realistic and sincere, making it a great read.
6 stars from me and in my Watch List for further feedback as I read on.
Lucette- Ten Deep Footprints

Lenny Banks wrote 607 days ago

Hi Mike, I took a look at chapter 4, thanks for backing my book. This is very well written, I have a problem getting inside someone head for a different POV, but reading your work gives me inspiration to have another go at it. You have worked hard on this and it feels very real, I can see it is popular and you are already published so I wish you luck I am sure it is going to press a few buttons for quite a lot of people. Well Done High Stars.

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes
Lenny Banks - Tide and Time: At The Rock

patio wrote 672 days ago

Provocative but out right brilliant.

I'm not why you are on this site. Its for novice. You are a pro

Authonomy only offer reviews. You must start writing to publishers. This book must be published. Its fabulous from the start
max stars

glyn raine wrote 676 days ago

Energy infectious, read to the end of 6 and will read more.

My only quibble - and it's very, very minor - were occasional slips in tone. eg...."Turning the dirty sleet into swirling clouds of gold./It's an image I'll always remember, running in that suddenly golden snow." It was the 'an image' that seemed to strike a wrong note: suddenly Maxie was conciously referring to a literary trope. And also, from that very immediate narrative voice she was suddenly speaking from out of the future.

The being with Maggie changed my point of view in twenty minutes sequence semed a bit perfunctory - I'd have liked some more details, wanted to be convinced - and sometimes I found Maxie's summing up at the end of chapters either unnecessary or - the other extreme - heavyhanded. Only sometimes, other times they worked, again the difference between the two was tone.

But minor quibbles, And will read on happy.

And of course, if you'd care to take a look....
Glyn - Conjuring Tricks

Sanchez Lovers wrote 683 days ago

Hello Mike,
I find first a very kind message and it made me immediately click on your page. Haha then this reaction wooow book in print! Another click... 1369 cooments? Must be a special book? One more click... one more... one more ............................................
Oh and I am so happy you didn´t stop to promote kind person :)
I want it on my bookshelf!
But I first give it 6 stars and then I will google and visit pages you posted.
Thank you so much for sharing!

Tod Schneider wrote 688 days ago

Wow, this is great stuff! Your voice is just phenomenal. It's pitch perfect, with a rhythm that matches the words just right. You establish your main character as such a sympathetic character, and chapter one is such a perfect launching pad for your story. I am so impressed!
Best of luck with this!
If you have any interest in children's literature, please do come look at the Lost Wink.

Tarzan For Real wrote 724 days ago

Well this reads like "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole and Alan Moore's "V For Vendetta". You have that skewed look at mass rebellion from a protagonist a little out of the mainstream idealistic vision of a revolutionary. This is at it's core taking a non-plausible hero or unlikely band of heros that you have made conventional. It's the literary equivalent of taking Humpty Dumpty and making him Che Guevera.

Brillant writing executed with precise subtlety and I'll get it to my watchlist shortly.--JL "The Devil Of Black Bayou:"

Tarzan For Real wrote 724 days ago

Well this reads like "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole and Alan Moore's "V For Vendetta". You have that skewed look at mass rebellion from a protagonist a little out of the mainstream idealistic vision of a revolutionary. This is at it's core taking a non-plausible hero or unlikely band of heros that you have made conventional. It's the literary equivalent of taking Humpty Dumpty and making him Che Guevera.

Brillant writing executed with precise subtlety and I'll get it to my watchlist shortly.--JL "The Devil Of Black Bayou:"

Tarzan For Real wrote 724 days ago

Well this reads like "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole and Alan Moore's "V For Vendetta". You have that skewed look at mass rebellion from a protagonist a little out of the mainstream idealistic vision of a revolutionary. This is at it's core taking a non-plausible hero or unlikely band of heros that you have made conventional. It's the literary equivalent of taking Humpty Dumpty and making him Che Guevera.

Brillant writing executed with precise subtlety and I'll get it to my watchlist shortly.--JL "The Devil Of Black Bayou:"

Neville wrote 745 days ago

The Free.
M. Gilliland.

I read this book quite a long time ago when I backed and commented.
It was a good book then—it’s even better now!
Excellent description and dialogue bring the book alive to the reader.
I felt sorry for Linda, abused by her dad and not believed by her mum—whatever she said.
Love the northern dialogue!
There’s humor running throughout the book, such as when Linda’s sick over Sister Bernadette.
The feeling of relief. ..Of getting things off of her chest as she dances away.
Linda doesn’t take things lying down, that’s for sure.
I liked it when Barney took her in, his intentions were good so she felt safe with him…he may be gay anyway.
The way that you’ve laid out the book on the site, the color, the style and presentation is very striking.
A great deal of thought has gone into it and it’s been worthwhile in my opinion.
Loved this book last time—Love it more now!!
Six stars! Backed!

Best wishes,

Neville. The Secrets of the Forest – The Time Zone.

Soulhaven wrote 775 days ago

Backed. While not my usual genre, and part of me was put off by the unusal editing (something I suspect a publisher would expect to be "corrected"), your style is captivating and the MC real. I guess it could be a hard sell, being a bit of a "niche" target market ... I don't know, not being in the industry, myself, but it does seem like a risky one to sell. Still, you have said yourself that the downloads are popular, so hopefully that does it some good. Just because something seems riskier than the mainstream doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a look!
I could see this being a nice one to have availalbe in the school library (of course, I may not have read far enough to see just how dark it goes, but I think teens can handle more than we give them credit for ... especially those who take the time to read!). I'm thinking YA because of the age of the MC.
Good luck getting it to print. I think it would be nice to see. It has a certain art to it over and above the average novel.

maretha wrote 788 days ago

Dear Mike, Thank you so much for writing a book like The Free. Your main character is wonderful, despite her flaws and quite frankly I cheered her on in the first chapter - pity about the daffodils though...
I have other reading obligations - you know how it goes on Authonomy. I'm about halfway through and please don't remove Maxie just yet - many of us want to and can identiry with her and really that is what reading a story is all about - getting to be like a character - escapism. In my very humble opinion you have more than achieved your goal with this story.
I rated the book six stars for originality, dialogue, development of characters and honesty of the characters. It's nice not to have all these airy-fairy characters like the 17th and 18th century French literature portrays. When you're good, you're a saint and vice versa. Nice to read about "real" people.
I don''t have shelfspace available at present but if you are making a bid for the desk, I'll support you,
Keep writing stuff like this.
Maretha/African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends

JAMIE TUBBS wrote 790 days ago


This is such a deep and indulgent read, which is very difficult to put to one side til later, as it has the midas touch effect.
The characters are so well portrayed, and the story carries great promise to be a perfect novel.
It also reminded me of Suckerpunch, but takes the idea off in a totally original direction.
An ideal and addictive page-turner.

Jamie Tubbs.

rikasworld wrote 798 days ago

As kids we used to rate people as Phoney Tough or Crazy Brave. This book is a hundred percent Crazy Brave! Very gripping, and full of energy. The narrator really gets inside the reader's head, angry, mixed up but basically someone to identify with. Love the language, energetic and occasionally poetic, like the dirty sleet turning to gold. Six stars and staying on my watchlist.

Shelby Z. wrote 808 days ago

Creative and imaginative!
Good work!

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

P.S. Please take a look at my pirate adventure Driving Winds.

Sharda D wrote 809 days ago

Hi Mike,
This was visceral, earthy writing, pacy and direct with an extraordinarily elemental turn of phrase. You’re reinventing the language in places and it works gloriously!

I only had time for Chp1 today but here were my observations:
Great title to the chapter.
Strong believable, compelling situation. “Like a bee in a jar” is lovely.
“I had the idea that my father was great. It’s true he did shout and roar and get drunk. But I was his own big girl.” This is beautiful writing, we feel how torn she is between the emotional and the rational view of her father.
Similarly in,“But I still believed by dada was the best. For me he’d always been the bee’s knees. And I didn’t dare doubt it.”
“It was groaning brutal” is magnificent!
Nothing is simple here, it is life with all its hidden complexity, I liked, “I’m still not sure sure that I didn’t vomit on her on purpose” and “They always have their hooks inside your head” The world you've created is dark and rich.
“My feet went crunch crunch down the gravelled drive, like a zombie late for lunch.” Brilliant and funny, as is, “I’d like to say I couldn’t care two drops of diarrhea what he done. But that would be a sinful lie.” and I loved,
“because the sun and the moon and all the stars shone out of his arsehole” it is gloriously strong and earthy.

I'd like to say something constructive, but really I'm blown away by your use of language. It was astonishingly forceful and fresh. There was no pretention here, it was honest and strong.
6 stars from me for now.
Don't forget mine when you get a chance.

Melissa Writes wrote 813 days ago

I love the tone of this book - it swept me along from the first paragraph. Excellent, entertaining narrative, sympathetic MC and great touches of humour.
Lessons in the Dark

riantorr wrote 847 days ago

Colorful cover!

Rian Torr
New London Masquerade

Adeel wrote 882 days ago

A very nice reading which could be termed as highly remarkable and deserves 6 stars. Will put it on my book shelf soon.

jlbwye wrote 895 days ago

The Free. Dont know how I got you on my to-read list - you must have asked for my attention some time. Now I'm here, I am attracted by your humour. I like your cover and title. (You've been here a while).

Ch.1. Oh - Karen Eisenbury is a great writer. What she likes is always worth reading. And I, too, love horses (see my first chapter).
Such easy-going thoughts swinging along. Poor Linda. What a cruel world. I hope she stops hating in time.
Random thoughts, a touch of brave humour, a dont care attitude, but deep hurt. You show it all so well.
Love her not caring two drops of diarrhoea (have you spelled it right?) Where do you get such notions?

Chs. 2-3. Jaqnice had smashed a hole in my private aquarium and I got washed right out. Says it all.
I cant stop.

Ch.4. I was going to leave you now - your perception and skill are extraordinary. But after that hook, I just have to read on.

Ch.5. Yes - what is going to happen about that generation our so-called developed world has spawned...

You've written a masterpiece. I dont have a Kindle, and am of the age when I prefer to turn real pages. But I'm maxi-starring your book. I dont do that often, these days.
Thanks for a great read.
Jane (Breath of Africa).

Stark Silvercoin wrote 908 days ago

The Free is a story with a serious message, and the real joy of it is how author M.Gilliland disguises that within a very good story. Almost every other “message” book I’ve ever read has been a bit ham-handed and clunky, but The Free is, well, Free of all that.

Based on the somewhat disjointed pitch, I was expecting a fairly wacky tale, but The Free has many serious moments that could give literary fiction tales a run for their money. Dialog is spot on perfect and it’s easy to emphasize with the main character as either Linda or Maxie. In fact, in a lot of ways, Linda/Maxie and to some extent Macker are the normal ones, the straight-man role for the crazy world Gilliland has created.

It’s also interesting to note that The Free is quite a timely tale given what is happening in the world. We’re killing our climate and our economy is going down with it, making The Free an admirable anecdote to represent our somewhat lost generation.

John Breeden II
Old Number Seven

scarlettwarrior wrote 920 days ago

Great! Virile and aggressive, honest and funny. I like it, I like it a lot. I've only read a little so far, but you sure pack a punch with it! Good show!

RoyEarle93 wrote 922 days ago

I don't have any critisism to give you, just praise for a very strong and emotional story. This is a very well executed and powerful story with very well drawn out characters and vivid descriptions.

Best Wishes,

Roy Earle, "Bad Men and Bad Odds"

FrancesK wrote 932 days ago

you are on my shelf. Dystopias rule!

FrancesK wrote 933 days ago

Love this. Love your world and your wacky protagonist. Can I put it on my [free] Kindle app from your blogsite? I've read 7 chapters so far. What we need is a Dystopia Press that specialises in weird worlds. Love the comedy - and the Irishness. Fair play. Go maith!

coloratura wrote 933 days ago

Hi Mike
Finally got to reading the first three chapters of The Free and wow! what a brilliant, sassy, voice you have created for Linda. I fell in love with her right away and though not surprised was very sad to see the truth of her life in chapter 2. Very moving, gritty and real. Enjoyed your turns of phrase , e.g. 'like a bee in a jar' and 'Janice had smashed the nice aquarium' - find the dialogue very fluent and it's a hard-to-put down read. well starred and on my bookshelf for the first week of January. Best, Coloratura

JDalton wrote 947 days ago

Backed the book - feel free to back mine :) I saw you wrote to me over a year ago, sorry, had a long hiatus from the site!

nuknuk wrote 1138 days ago

Your pitch drew me in and i'm glad it did. It was a great read and I hope it goes far.
"Love has no borders" wrote 1191 days ago

Hi Mike,
I love this storyline, and I love your description and the use of similes. It rolls off the tongue very easily and flows. Your characters are strong and believable. A great read so far. I gave it six stars.

I now have several books on my list, feel free to have a look and give them a view.
All the best with this novel.


Kim D wrote 1229 days ago

A well written story with nicely drawn characters and a unique voice. I loved some of your descriptions (for example the one of Sister Bernice - a short, shriveled woman) and you certainly made me care about Linda. I have no choice but to read on to make sure she's ok in the end.
Good luck with publishing your story. I'm sure it'll do brilliantly.
St Viper's School for Super Villains wrote 1229 days ago

Hi, I have read your blurb and provisionally given you a 5 star rating. I will get to read some of your book asap. Keep in touch. Keith.

Nanty wrote 1237 days ago

The Free.
Act 1 - Linda.
Poor Linda, discovering her father having an affair with awful Janice in front of an audience. This passage works really well, oscillating between Linda's horrified embarrassment and her friends hilarity at what's going on. I could not only visualise this but hear the girls squeals and jeering comments.
'Oh my god... Maybe I'd killed a saint!' Really amusing, shows the uncertainty Linda has about religion despite the sister being a right harridan. Daddy's behaviour towards her isn't right as Linda is just beginning to understand, thanks to Janice. No wonder she's so angry.
Vibrant prose with realistic dialogue. Teenaged Linda's thoughts and actions are nicely observed and come across really well. Who couldn't like her or fail to empathise with her?

Nanty - Chrys!

LintonWood wrote 1257 days ago

Not my thing - but it is very well done and written with a sassy verve that allows the reader to relate to the central character. I read the first two chapters and could find no real errors of note and I wish you all the best with it.

Best wishes
Linton Wood

Marie Crist wrote 1261 days ago

I have just rated your book 6 stars!

Phyllis Burton wrote 1262 days ago

Hello Mike, This is not my favourtie genre or style of writing, but I can see as obviously a lot of other people can see, that your writing is very good. Your characters are rounded and appear real. I wish you the very best with this story. I would like to read more than the three chapters, so it is going on to my Watchlist for a spell.
Perhaps you would like to read some of my story PAPER DREAMS.
Best wishes to you


Brian Bandell wrote 1283 days ago

What a book. This is quite the unexpected gem you have found here. I'm glad this made it into English.