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date submitted 15.06.2012
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To Trust the Wolf

Peter Birk

Perdita Perrault has become the youngest novice of the Order of Law to complete all twelve trials. Now she faces her greatest challenge-- The Wolf.


As the mundanes riot against the control of the witches, threatening to tear the fragile realm of Raioume apart, the Gran Mater of the Coven races to defend one little girl who holds the key to mankind's future, only to find her beset by ancient demons the Gran Mater had assumed long vanquished. So begins the story of Perdita Perrault, an awkward but precocious young witch who struggles to find her place in the world, a path which ultimately leads her to the Gran Mater's greatest enemy, the vicious and blood-thirsty Wolf King, Lupus Rex. To Trust the Wolf is the first book of the Little Red series of novels, set in a land filled with political intrigue, governed by a matriarchal society led by a martial order, the Red Cloaks. The story of the Gran Mater, Perdita, and Lupus Rex weaves a dramatic thriller against a backdrop of magic, witches, and wolves that will captivate and enthrall.

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coven, demons, fantasy, french, latin, little red riding hood, magic, werewolves, witches, wolves

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junetee wrote 662 days ago

To trust the wolf.

This is an imaginative,fairy tale style of story.
I love your fast pace style of writing and the vivid scenes you have created.
I found it a little bit eerie and haunting in places, which was wonderful. You have set the mood very well.
By the way you have done a brilliant job of creating a French setting.
I wish you luck on the site with this book, and I've rated it highly.
FOUR one.The Rock Star.
(Please take a look at my Future Poems.)

ELAdams wrote 665 days ago

This is a really interesting and original take on the traditional fairytale. I love the opening image, which immediately pulls the reader into the story. You write very well, describing everything in vivid detail and creating suspense and intrigue. Your first chapter is atmospheric and you've clearly done a lot of research to make the French setting convincing.

The use of the present tense adds to the tension and fast pace. I really enjoyed the first chapter, and I'll be back for more. You've created a compelling and unique fantasy world, and I'm sure this will be successful.

Highly starred!

Emma, 'The Puppet Spell'

Jim Darcy wrote 669 days ago

Very good story that quickly draws the reader in. Great version of an old tale.

Wanttobeawriter wrote 670 days ago

This is an interesting story. The beginning is dramatic with the wild chase through the woods. It’s a good way to introduce back story, yet keep your story moving. Perdita is obviously going to be a good character to follow. She seems totally fearless in light of all the strange doings around her. A couple things made me wonder: wouldn’t she react more strongly to seeing the wolf turn into a naked man? A girl today would run into the bushes shouting, “Naked stranger!” Also, was it common for a woman to be a sheriff? Do you need to explain how the mother earned (or was appointed ) to that position? Either way, this is the beginning of a good story. Highly starred and added to my shelf. Wanttobeawriter: Who Killed the President?

Debbie R wrote 670 days ago

This is gearing up to be a great story. Your characterization is very good and you build a great atmosphere in your description. There is mystery abounding and lots of action. I particularly enjoyed the opening with the young girl clinging onto the wolf as it takes her through the forest.

I think that perhaps the first chapter could be split, if possible, as there is so much to take in and a lot of different characters. Apart from that I am really enjoying this engaging, fantasy world.
You write very well and this has a good pace to it.

Lots of stars and wishing you all the best

Speedy McCready

patio wrote 670 days ago

Scary stuff. I enjoyed reading chapter one

Tod Schneider wrote 671 days ago

This has great style and voice. You set the tone well and it never lets go. The imagery in the opening scene is wonderful, and the dialog rings true. I think this is good stuff!
My only critique notes are very small things, easily addressed if you choose: in the first two paragraphs the tenses shift a little bit, and, at least for me, this interfered with the smoothness of the read. The sentence "the wolf would stand..." followed by a straight present tense, followed by "the forest has been a blur" followed by "whips..." I would suggest sticking with the same verb form throughout. I.e. -- "The black and gray wolf stretches to his full fourteen foot length as he races..." and "the forest is a blur as she whips..."
That's all I could find to pick on in chapter one. Other than that, very nice work. Best of luck with this!
Tod Schneider

OpheliaWrites wrote 672 days ago

Chapter One

Very well-written and imagined. Love the matriarchal foundation to the story and the beauty of the classic red Riding Hood story turned on its head. This first chapter did feel a bit long though. Great work!