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Clairvoyant or Crazy????


Clairvoyant or Crazy?


So far the past twenty years, I had been what people call a psychic
clairvoyent medium. I had given them things that only they knew or
could take. They had come to me via the world and trusted my
belief and supported me with what they called the gift! But here I
was, now questioning everything.

How did I get all the information? Who was it that I spoke to?
Was it their relatives? I could sense their illnesses or those who
had passed. Who or what gave me such accurate information?
Was I really this person that everyone said I was or was I just one
sick woman who needed medical help, treatment, therapy? Or
should they just lock me up and throw the key away? I needed
answers and needed them fast.

This Book is based on my true life experiences

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Anthony Brady wrote 345 days ago

I am totally sceptical of this area of imaginative perception. The only time I ever visited a clairvoyant – Madame Phoenix - there was a note on her caravan window: CLOSED DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. Even so I Backed from my Watchlist Mrs. B’s book - Clairvoyant or Crazy? - because it appears in the True Life genre and maybe I can help its progress to The Editor’s Desk. Putting aside all personal considerations about the book’s subject, I will pose a series of questions that the HC editors are likely to ask as key critique criteria:

Is the Writing entertaining – imaginative? YES.

Is the Plot complex/simple hard to follow at times. Should it be simplified? YES & NO.

Is the Dialogue unrealistic/realistic and clearly used to help develop the plot? YES.

Is the Characterisation strong so as to get a real sense of who the characters are, their credibilty and what makes them tick? YES

Does it have Publishing potential? YES: but a tight edit on the whole is required.

Her book cover is stunning. Tony Brady. SCENES FROM AN EXAMINED LIFE – Books 1,2 & 3

NicoleM0623 wrote 373 days ago

Hi Mrs. B,
I was fascinated by your book and your life story! I read all the way to your last chapter and I want more! Your life has been both terrrifying and exciting. Your stories captivating, heart breaking and nerve-wracking! Your writing is well done and you describe the events well too. I, for one, don't think you're crazy! I have always been fascinated by the paranormal and the unexplained so your story was right up my alley. I hope you plan to continue your book and also seek a way to protect yourself and your family from the High Priestess's wrath. I myself have experienced things that I can't explain and lived in a home where a Wicca member once lived and I heard and saw things in that home that made me wonder if she was hexing me and my ex boyfriend at the time. Ever since the night I saw a shadow figure in my room move across the bed, over my boyfriend and come straight at my face, I sleep with a Bible right beside my bed. Anyway, Happy writing! Thanks for a great read!

Jane Law wrote 375 days ago

Dear Mrs B
I thought your book was very readable but it lacks an ending , it just seems to stop at Chap 9. Perhaps you mean to continue it. Also the suspense goes up and down, up and down and maybe gets a bit predictable after a while. I was also puzzled by your reference to doing your connecting at a church. Surely this is not a encouraged by the christian faith.
Good luck with the book - if the rating means anything then lots of other readers love it.

ShirleyGrace wrote 382 days ago

Harper True Life Review

Mrs. B.
I have read all you have uploaded and I certainly do not think you are crazy. I believe some people are more open to communication than others. I have personally experienced many things over the years. My grandmother spoke to me once on a road-trip and probably saved my life. I also believe spirits can "follow" a person from house to house. I have heard my doors slam, people talking, and I have seen things fly through the air such as glasses and soap dishes. I heard people "upstairs" when we lived in a one story house. I have heard laughs, giggles, and smelled a cigar from a former owner of a house I lived in who had long been dead.. My experiences have been too many to name here. Only once did I feel it was a threatening spirit. This was an old woman who had died in the house and was very very noisy in the middle of the night when we were trying to sleep. She would slide boxes and throw things. It was obvious she did not want us or anyone in that house.

I wish I could go into all I have witnessed but this is about your book. It is very readable and gets down to the facts and holds the reader. Perhaps there is only a fine, thin veil between the living and those who have went on. I absolutely think they are still with us as much as they can be. I can see where you would be hesitant to share this 'gift" as there are so many skeptics out there. Your book is well written and readable and I enjoyed it very much.It seems you have had many blessings and good times but also many that were very frightening. we are always afraid of that which we do not understand. I can't imagine the horror of what you went through with the illness of your child, however. High stars from me and I keep you on my W/L and hopefully to back you soon.
The Devil's Stepchild

Janet/Helen wrote 384 days ago

Clairvoyant or Crazy. Ch 1 to 9

This is a good read. I for one think you're clairvoyant and not crazy. I have no such 'gifts', have never seen a ghost or had any communiction from the dead, but I do believe there's an awful lot we can't explain and then we justify that lack of explanation with words like 'crazy'. I like your straightforward way of writing and the fact that you openly express your own doubts. Whether you believe in clairvoyancy or not - this is an excellent opening to an interesting book. Top stars from me and onto my watchlist. Janet

The Stranger In My Life

MagentaHead wrote 384 days ago

Gripping and fascinating story. I loved it a lot.


The Fantastic World of Sean Cleary

Grace Lyssett wrote 402 days ago

Loving this - from a fellow psychic. YOU ARE NOT and never have been CRAZY! it's great to read about your experiences and to see it taking a firm place amongst fiction writers.
Will read on and give feedback as soon as this crazy weekend is over.
Grace Lyssett
Harper True Life

MC Storm wrote 407 days ago

I've read three chaapters and love it! I'm amazed when I hear stories such as this. I too have experienced paranormal occurances and my book is based on these facts. I must say you write so well I can actually feel these spirits you've encountered. I feel things more than see things, but they are usually right. Crazy, never, different definately! Thanks so much for sharing this on the site!
Well done and high stars

Seringapatam wrote 418 days ago

Mrs B. This is awesome and worthy of publishing now. I loved the intelligence behind this writing and it still amazes me how someone can come up with something like this. Well done. brilliant Premise to the story, smooth flow that matches the book so well. Magical descriptions with a cracking pace to it. You should give yourself a big pat on the back and I score this high.
Sean Connolly. British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R) Please consider me for a read or watch list wont you?? Many thanks.Sean

Lyn4ny wrote 418 days ago

WOW finally someone that could understand me! Thanks for sharing this book. as I am psychic too and those pictures followed me too BUT at the time I didn't understand why. I was just a small child. I know understand fully what was going on. This is amazingly written and reels in the audience with your wealth of knowledge and understanding. I think it has a great flow to it and of course, is not like the other books on this site. Not many people understand this and at times I find it difficult to explain. SO, I am glad to see that you can get the words down here. No one believes me until they see it firsthand. As they say "The proof is in the pudding" Anyway, i'm giving you HIGH STARS and backing you, as I have a special interest in this. Hoping you will look at my work and possible do the same at some time. Thanks again for sharing and will continue reading on soon.

Forty-Four Footprints Following Me
-Surviving MANIC DEPRESSION- My Story & The Real Truth on Managing It

Helen Laycock wrote 497 days ago

What a fascinating insight into your life, Mrs B. You managed to give me goosepimples on several occasions!

I do hope you will finish this. You must have so many stories to tell.

Several things you mentioned unnerved me, having heard something similar from friends.
A very unemotional, sensible friend of mine who has never shown any interest in ghosts or the afterlife, years ago mentioned a black mass moving across the stairs and landing of her fairly new house. Neither of us could explain it, so you can imagine how taken aback I am at what you've reported! I daren't tell her.
Another friend has moved house over and over due to strange happenings, but it seems that these presences are attracted to her in the same way as they are to you. It's quite bizarre and, I imagine, very frightening.

This was a compelling, well-written read and I am sure it will do well. You do realise, I hope, that tonight I may well have nightmares!!

Good luck!
Glass Dreams

Helen Laycock wrote 502 days ago

Oooh, Mrs B! I read the first sentence of your pitch and I'm in. I have added this to my watchlist and look forward to reading all about your experiences.

Glass Dreams (which, incidentally, has a 'fortune teller' in it - not that you would call yourself one of those!)

Steven Stucky wrote 503 days ago

I read all of the nine chapters you have posted. This personal first person narrative is easy to read and engaging. It appears that every house you have lived in, with possible exception to your own when Nan was alive has involved some type of supernatural presence. I personally feel that seeing into the future can be more interesting than visits from the past, but that's probably just my nature. Although this is interesting to read, I wanted to see more of a plot. You have done a very good job of recalling individual experiences but it still for my reading should have a peek or perhaps include you overcoming of the negative spirits. The end of Four and Eight have a spacing upload difference but the writing itself is very clean and with grammatical errors. I'd like to have read more blow by blow readings and some closely defined encounters with seeing into the future for other people. - Steven

fictionguy8 wrote 503 days ago

This was yet another interesting book on the things in life that can never be proven. Although I am a non believer in any of those things, there are a lot of believers out there that are dying to read a book like this and this book is well written and takes the reader along a path that leads to where they want to go. I only read the intro and first chapter, but I am convinced this is publishable. Five stars

Andrea Taylor wrote 504 days ago

I found this very interesting because I am slightly psychic myself : in other words, I read the tarot cards, get 'messages' but choose not to be a Medium. I started as an Astrologer (I still am) but realised I was seeing more in the charts than was actually there!
So this is fascinating. Only thought; it might be good to 'hook' readers with a particularly amazing reading or experience. Some might be frightened by the talk of negative energy/spirits before they have got fully into the book. We know how sceptical/scary some people find this. Get them hooked and they'll read on.
Its a great idea for a book and I wish you luck.

carol jefferies wrote 505 days ago

Hi Mrs B

I have just read the first four chapters of 'Clairvoyant or Crazy,' and was interested to learn that it was your Nan Elizabeth that inspired you to practice and becomes a clairvoyant. Your story gives a good insight into it. You must have a natural gift too to detect circumstances of people.

Good luck with your book,

Carol Jefferies
(A Prince Unboyed)

PalmTreeSue wrote 506 days ago

Hi Mrs B,
I was advised you book was very interesting, I took a look and I wasn't disappointed.
Good Luck

Cathy Hardy wrote 512 days ago

Hi Mrs.B

I am finding your book fascinating and will be reading more. I believe you have a gift for what it's worth and am sure that I read somewhere it is common for girls aged around thirteen to experience their first idea of it. A really good read!


Wellbro-writer wrote 567 days ago

Hi Mrs B, Lenny Banks told me you have written a godo book, but lost all your supporters by accident. I am happy to support your book, I have read a coupel of the chapters and I think its great.
Highly Recommended.

Jennwith2ns wrote 573 days ago

You're right--the editing helped a lot! Well done.

I, too, am curious about why you're questioning your "gift" at this stage. My personal feeling is that that's the right thing to do, but that's probably because of my different approach to spirituality.

Abby Vandiver wrote 593 days ago

Good story. Ghost stories are great but are even better when they're true. But why question your gift. I think you should just enjoy it. And you'd rather not have it work on suppressing it.


Ginger_Girl wrote 601 days ago

Very good book to read. Like your style.

clairence wrote 601 days ago

fab cant wait to buy x

marina74 wrote 603 days ago

Absolutely fantastic. Well done.

LianneLB wrote 605 days ago

This is very intriguing. I never know how I feel about pyschics and clairvoyants - I've always been curious and even visited one (she said some correct things about my past but got nothing write about the future). Also, there were definitely ghosts, or echos of the past, or whatever they are, in my family home growing up. Sometimes I feel my Grandma around, and my Grandad often appears as a lone magpie - for example at my cousins funeral. To me, it could all be coincidence, or it could all be real - I can't decide. So to read a book about someone with psychic powers questioning it is a very interesting - and honest - read, because so many people do pretend to have a gift when they don't, giving a bad rep to all psychics. I'd like to read more chapters. Although the title is catchy - I don't think psycho is the right word - it seems a bit cruel. Good luck with this

Big Girl Lost

OJ Francis wrote 606 days ago

Mrs B
This is a very intriguing piece to read made so not only by the content but by the flawless style of writing. I hope you will consider putting in more chapters.

Good luck. I hope it makes it to the editing desk.

OJ Francis

OJ Francis wrote 606 days ago

Mrs B
This is a very intriguing piece to read made so not only by the content but by the flawless style of writing. I hope you will consider putting in more chapters.

Good luck. I hope it makes it to the editing desk.

OJ Francis

Lourdes wrote 606 days ago

Mrs. B,
Wow. This story would make the creepiest movie ever, and i mean that in the nicest way. I would change the title though, as i don't think you are crazy at all, just a very talented lady. I couldn't stop reading, the book had a grip on me and i was sad when i couldn't read past chapter nine. Loved Nan and the loving way you talked about her. The writing is flawless and the flow is brilliant.
Best of luck. If it's any help, six stars and on my shelf as soon as i can.
The Path to Survival

strachan gordon wrote 606 days ago

Hello, very interesting , I have had similar experiences myself , but more in the realm of 'remote viewing' which you have probably heard of and sympathetic reactions when someone I know is sick at quite substantial distance away(over 200 miles). I admire your guts in talking about is so openly , which I have not managed to do , partly because my 'remote viewing' relates primarily to sex - which is fine for me , but too embarassing to talk about - in other words I can see people at a distance having sex - please excuse me, if you think I am trying to be funny , because I can assure you I am not , but when one gets onto that subject peoples reactions differ widely and sometimes quite strongly .Would you be able to read the first chapter of my novel ' A Buccaneer' which is set amongst Pirates in the 17th century , with best wishes from Strachan Gordon.

Happy Writer wrote 607 days ago

I am mediumistic and fully understand how you feel...I have days like that...My only advice is NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF, OR YOUR GIFT...Book looks brill by way...

Kirrily Whatman wrote 607 days ago

Hey Mrs.B, good on you for writing about your gift! I will read this and watch its climb through the ranks with great interest. Am already riveted at chapter 2. It's a great read and fascinating stuff.

You may be interested in my book because it chronicles my journey to parenthood, communicating with my child along the way - before she is conceived until after her death. I started life like you, but had nobody to nurture my ability. I largely ignored things or called them coincidences and waved it all off. My book is about how I came to relearn and trust those universal messages, sometimes from other realms, something that came at a high price (the death of my firstborn) but willed me to respect and honour it, rather than doubt and fear it.

I really appreciate books like yours. They confirm and support me (and my mental state, which I've questioned a LOT too over the years!) and give me reassurance and comfort. Excellent topic. Thank you so much for writing it.

(not that this is a plug or push for you to do that, but... yeah... I'd be keen to get your thoughts, if you ever have some time to read it/rate it!).

All the best and good luck with this wonderful book
(Into The Bliss: Having & Holding Ellanor)

MRS.B wrote 607 days ago

Hi everyone,

My book has now been edited and I have lost all my watchers and bookshelve ratings... please all help me to get these back and please enjoy the updated version... Many thanks to genevieve from writing wildly for doing this..

Mrs B

Jane Mauret wrote 621 days ago

Psychic or Psycho by Mrs B
Hello, Mrs B
How marvellous to have such a gift. I have sometimes thought I might get a message from someone now dead whom I was close to in life, but no. And you relay the anecdotes so matter of factly that it is easy to accept their occurrence. You have a flowing style and everything moves so fast. I have been told I need to set the scene more which I will labour to do as I like to move the story along quickly. I think there will be a lot of interest in your book, the paranormal being so popular. Good luck.
Jane Mauret

MRS.B wrote 623 days ago

Hi everyone thanks so much for your comments.... my book is going into editing. It was ment to start yesterday but is now starting on 13th aug :)

I am really looking forward to seeing my book come to life and you will still sound like im talking x

Please can you all continue to show your support and reccomend this book to your friends. Once the editing has
been done I will re fresh the chapters.

love and light to you all

Mrs B

MrsGray wrote 626 days ago

A HBJ review swap

Mrs. B,

I love the honest, real, and candid way you write. Your stories were intriguing. I could easily see this book sitting on shelf for light reading. It needs a bit of polish to really shine, especially in the tense category, but the I think the content will find a ready market.

Warm wishes,

April Gray
The Illusion

Cheryl_Shepherd wrote 627 days ago

As per request from the Forums I came to take a look and was pleased with what I found so far,
I am really into this kind of thing and have a few biogs of mediums at home. Jean Cull being one of my favs.
I also think this book would do well for mediums who are just like yourself and will be comforted to know they are not alone.

Many books of this type do really well, so I do wish you all the very best with this.

If you can return the read I'd be very grateful.

Bless you


Jasonmattmackie1990 wrote 627 days ago

Fantastic !!

Jennwith2ns wrote 629 days ago

Some of your experiences sound familiar to me--by which I mean I've experienced similar (though not identical) things as a child. I chose to go a different way with my spirituality, however, taking it to and from Jesus.

Anyway. The accounts are interesting, but the writing needs a lot of work. You might want to consider finding a person who can help you with the mechanics of crafting the story for maximum readability. I don't mean just some other friend who writes as a hobby, but rather one who works professionally with language--an English teacher or a professional writer or, if you're lucky enough to know one, a real live editor.

I'm sure people would read your experiences--you just may want to polish them up a bit.

FRAN MACILVEY wrote 629 days ago

Dear Mrs B

I'm here for a return read, and I am sorry that it has taken me rather a long time to get back to you. As someone who believes in spirit and has some experience of it, I am puzzled by the title of your book - no-one in your intended readership - that is, those interested in stories of life after "death" - would really think you are psycho, for telling your own story of your encounter with mediumship, would they? These days? There is a flourishing of belief in all things spiritual, it seems to me.....However, I could be wrong.

I am always drawn to stories of spiritual experiences, and your account that has much to add to the books on this subject. Your sincere, engaging voice is refreshing. There are many accounts such as yours, all the more entertaining for being true to life. I take it, then, that this is definitely biography, and not fiction.

There is a lot you can do to polish your manuscript. You use the expression, "earth plain" which should be "plane" and telling your nan "word for word" what had happened, might instead be "exactly". Perhaps you can read through your MS aloud, which always help to spot changes, mainly for clarity, that the reader's eye might skip over.

Best of luck with this!

Fran :-))

ivanpope wrote 635 days ago

This is indeed a strange thing. You categorise your 'book' as both Fiction and Biography. But it can't be both.
This reads like the telling of a personal story, in a gushing rushing manner. Events just happen without any attempt to build up to them or to construct any sort of narrative. The only characters who appear in the book are those relevant to the events at hand - there is nothing going on in the background. Things are stated, e.g. suddenly 'you' have a fiancee. Well, where did he come from, how did you meet him. You can't really construct a book out of a series of events like this.
Having said that, the voice is quite intriguing. I did find myself wondering whether the voice was deliberate. I kept waiting for the novel to kick in, for the narrated story to end and find its place in a wider story. But it doesn't do that. It just goes on and on telling us things, never letting things develop in any way.
I would suggest two things: firstly, decide whether this is fiction or biography. One or the other. Of course it can be a fictionalised account of your own life, or a biography of a fictional character, but not both at the same time. Secondly, rewrite this into a narrative story, tell us about the other characters, about time passing, about the ebb and flow of life that builds up a picture of a world that draws us in.

Lenny Banks wrote 635 days ago

Hi Mrs.B, I read chapter 4. First, I added you to my list of friends- reads but couldn't find you when it was time to read your book. I wonder if you can ( or need to) change your profile name on here? (Type it in the search bar and see.) I was looking forward to reading your book from the pitch, and I wasn't dissapointed. This is a very interesting account of supernatural things that most people are very sceptical of, but people who have experneced them are complete believers. You have written your story very passionately and I admire you for what you have overcome and achieved. I noted a couple of nit picks, please don't be offended, we are all guilty of these:
'We had, had...' never looks good, maybe 'We'd had.... ' or maybe using another way of communicating that aspect.
'I would make m way' missing a 'y'
'She never scared me or' has some of the sentence has fallen off?
Bedroom. Over the years...' Is there some more fallen off?

Good Luck with the book, I see it is flying at the moment.
Kindest Regards and Best Wishes
Lenny Banks - Tide and Time: At The Rock.

leedsunited wrote 639 days ago

What a fantastic read, Truly very gifted, no doubt this book would fly off shelves...This has to be published!!! XxX

MrsHipkiss wrote 639 days ago

This is fantastic. A truly honest approach, very refreshing...this must be published x x x

Nicola93 wrote 639 days ago

This was amazing to read and i look forward to reading more,
You have such a gifted talent and i love the title although i am still unsure what
Wishing you all the luck for the future

fbfriend carla wrote 642 days ago

wow... an amzin read.. cannot wait for so many ways this book relates too many who have been there.. well done to the author wonderful..intriquing an even funny in pasrts x

fbfriend carla wrote 642 days ago

wow... an amzin read.. cannot wait for so many ways this book relates too many who have been there.. well done to the author wonderful..intriquing an even funny in pasrts x

MRS.B wrote 643 days ago


I would like to thank you all for taking time in reading my book Psychic or Psycho...

I am pleased to say that the book will go through editing on 6th August. SO my little baby will be brought to life :) cant wait.

thanks again

Mrs. B

Amy Smith wrote 643 days ago

This is a book which has a lot of potential for success. The title is great: short and catchy, making the reader instantly curious about the story behind it. You pitch also does a wonderful job of pulling the reader into the narative without giving too much away.
However, as much as i was intrigued by the story, your main character wasn't quite believable for me and i didn't find myself drawn to find out what happened to them. I think it was because the reader is told rather than shown your main characters' first spiritual experience and this made it more difficult to imagine what happened and its effects on your main characters' thoughts and feelings.
I also found that at times there were issues with grammar wich impaired the flow of the narative.
On the other hand, with some polishing, and some more development with your main character so the reader can follow her 'voice', this has the potential to be an enthralling novel.
I sincerely wish you the best of luck with this.
Amy :)

mrsdoubtfire wrote 644 days ago

Love it

laney2798 wrote 647 days ago

This is a great book, I cannot believe by reading some of the write ups about it that some people can be so nit picking about grammar etc. I can only admire your experiences and wish you luck with this and any future books and to ignore the people who have nothing better to do with their time than criticise such an amazing insight into your life and how you want to share your experiences with everyone. I am so sorry for all of your lost children and I do know what it is like to have lost a child so my thoughts are with you. They say that you have had to have experienced heartbreak to be an angel or spiritual person and this is so true in your case. Good luck for your future books you do so deserve this recognition, :)

My thoughts are with you constantly,