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date submitted 19.06.2012
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genres: Fiction
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Brown Plague

Alex Stranger-Onoh

A married racist politician with a secret black mistress is outed when his wife discovers the affair and exacts a terrible vengeance.


Dave Radciffe is a disillusioned ex-squaddie, stuck in an unhappy marriage to a vicious nag, Claire. When his daughter is raped by two Moslem asylum seekers, who receive extremely linient sentences, he joins the ultra racist Party, The English National League (ENL) and soon becomes their MP for Coventry North East Constituency, running on his Islamophobic and racist manifesto. But Dave has a secret mistress, the mixed race lone parent, Dee Vickers, who has a son for him. He convinces Dee to join the Party as the first Black member of The ENL, after the courts rule their constitution which excludes Black members, unconstitutional. Dee is assualted by a group of Black youths for her perceived betrayal. Dave has a serious car accident on his way to hospital to see her. Claire discovers the secret in his Blackberry and contacts the press, who savage him in the papers. To make matters worse, he discoveres that he is not the biological father of his daughter, Tracey and demands a divorce. But Claire would rather kill him - literally - than expereince the ultimate humiliation. Brown Plague is a fictitious story, inspired by the manisfesto of The British National Party.

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black, bnp, christian, culture, england, flag of st george, moslem, multiculturalism, nationalism, patriot, patriotism, politics, racism, romance

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Juliet Blaxland wrote 669 days ago

Brown Plague should come with a big pink sticker, warning potential readers not to hit the 'offended' button too soon. Ch. 5, for example, starts with some high-camp comedy, involving a Laura Ashley sofa* and some frilly cushions in a correctly-spelt 'fuchsia' hue from the vivid puce area of the colour-wheel spectrum... *Use of the word 'sofa' (not 'settee', 'couch', etc.) also hints at the natural comfort-zone of the author, A Stranger-Oh no!?... [NB: I have not read this book 'properly', so it could well be deeply offensive after all...]