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date submitted 20.06.2012
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Carole Wood

Alexa falls for Eli, a Nephilim who is hunted by the demon, Astaroth. She's in over her head before she knows it...


A tornado strikes Alexa's hometown of Fortraven, Missouri almost killing her. In the aftermath she falls for Eli who is hiding a dark secret - he's a Nephilim, or half angel. Alexa uncovers his true nature through her increasingly prophetic dreams and she is shocked to learn that a demon is hunting them both. When Eli is taken, Alexa's world begins to unravel. She would do anything to get him back, including serving herself up instead. She hates lying to her mother and her best friend, Sasha but she can hardly tell them the truth about what exists in this world. Then Zach returns, making life a whole lot more complicated. Can she confide in him? She must find a way forward, to Graduation and life after high school but it is a journey that will bring her to the limits of her sanity. Alexa keeps her promises but fate is cruel and she is left feeling cheated, adrift in Miami. Then Zach shows up and she begins having the dreams again. She has a decision to make: stay alone in Miami or return to Fortraven and face the music?
You can't always get what you want...

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angels, demons, horror, nephilim, paranormal romance, romance, supernatural, teen, young adult

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MrsGray wrote 615 days ago

A HBJ (hottest books June) review


You have a light fluid style of writing that drew me forward in your story. I enjoyed it, and am curious about how the romance will turn out, starting so sweet and innocently and becoming more and more complicated.

Good job!

April Gray
The Illusion

KenMooney wrote 617 days ago


Some amazing writing here from someone else here in Ireland: I love your narrative style, giving just enough urgency away in each chapter but holding back with revelations. I also really like that you've committed to the first-person voice: difficult thing to do (and I avoid it myself) but there's so much of Alexa in here that it works really well.

Looking forward to seeing a lot more of this and making space on my bookshelf too.

junetee wrote 658 days ago


This is a great YA fantasy story with such beautiful descriptive writing.
A great start, written in the first person - I love books like these if theyre written well like this one.
It has a good flow and great dialogue, particularly between Alexa and Sasha.
I loved the paragraph in chapter one, beginning - 'And then the rain stopped...' You created a great atmosphere.
You write short chapters which is wise and great endings, which make the reader want to read on.
There are few issues like spellings grammar etc, just like any other book on the site. Give it another edit and you have a great book here. High stars.
FOUR one.The Rock Star

patio wrote 663 days ago

I read more of your book and starred it high

Wussyboy wrote 664 days ago

Well, you're doing something right, Carole, I only meant to read a couple of chapters tonight, ended up reading four! And I'm not a fantasy fan, to boot, so huge congrats on a very punchy, racy and highly enjoyable beginning. Yes, I think you might lose your prologue (unless you say "the word" to give it purpose) and yes, you could profitably trim your opening chapter (and re-boot it with shorter sentences), but from chap 3 this guns ahead with such lively characters and dialogue that I have no complaints at all. I particularly liked the exchanges between Alexa and Sasha - very hip, very sassy, very tuned into the YA 'Twilight' market. Like Dr J, I can see this being picked up soon by some perspicacious publisher. 5 stars for now, look forward to your next edit.

Joe Kovacs
Ginger the Buddha Cat

Wanttobeawriter wrote 665 days ago

This book begins with a dramatic contrast. Once minute everything is serene and quiet. The next, a tornado is crashing down onto the main character. Great contrast between the two portions. Alexa is easy to like because she came so close to death; also a bit mysterious because of the way she survived. Eli seems a bit too handsome and totally wonderful when he appears, but that’s okay because that’s how young love does begin. I think your writing strength is the way you’re able to get inside Alexa’s head and let your reader now what she’s thinking as well as what she’s saying. I’ve starred this and am adding it to my shelf. Wanttobeawriter: Who Killed the President?

patio wrote 666 days ago

Your prologue is fabulous. It flow like fuid

Let me turn the pages

OpheliaWrites wrote 667 days ago

Great opening chapter! The Prologue I could take or leave. Maybe it will seem more necessary once I've gotten further into the story. Your pace is incredible and I truly felt like I was being chased right along with the MC. A few cues I had problems with (and these are nitpicky, so please forgive):

Tornadoes are as much an auditory experience as they are visual and tactile. be sure to play that up more.

The formatting is weird. Did you have problems uploading? Your new paragraphs fail to start on a new line each time.

What did you mean by "taste the ozone"? Never heard of such a thing.

The phrase "a good few years back" was awkward. I think it might be better to simply say "several years back" as you are referring to a childhood experience and now the MC is a young adult.

Carefully monitor how often you use the word "that". It's usually an unnecessary space-filler.

Again, this was awesome. I'm reading on right after starring and watchlisting it!!

DN wrote 667 days ago

Descriptive language with a nice flow. Interesting plot developments and character arcs. Angst-ridden Twilight type fans are sure to enjoy. Good luck with this, it's sure to be one to watch!

carolecat wrote 667 days ago

Interesting stroyline; like the pace of the action. The only thing I suggest is at the end of the third paragraph in your prologue either breaking it up with a semi colon after futile or after light; either one will make it read better...

Thanks for the input DW :)

DWBrown wrote 667 days ago

Interesting stroyline; like the pace of the action. The only thing I suggest is at the end of the third paragraph in your prologue either breaking it up with a semi colon after futile or after light; either one will make it read better...