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date submitted 24.06.2012
date updated 24.06.2012
genres: Fiction, Thriller, Horror
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Three Deaths, One Pact

Samuel Nye

Four boys find a half devoured body, and a practical joke leads to one boy being injured. That night, he disappears into the woods.


Butch is leading his friends to a hangout spot called the Drop when the four of them come across a bloody trail leading into the woods. They find a half devoured man, struggling through the undergrowth, apparently rotting away with some disease. Butch jokingly pushes one of the boys toward the rotting person, and is dismayed when his friend seemingly gets infected by a scratch from the man. They decide to leave him there while they go to get help. However, when they return, they find that the boy and the body are mysteriously missing. Will Butch allow the other two to cover up his tragic mistake, or will he put an end to the secret right there in the woods?

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cover up, cover up story, horror short story, horror story, keeping a secret, murder story, pact story

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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 651 days ago

Your writing style is definitely Stephen King in the incident with the boys and the body, things going downhill for them from that point onward. Your mesmerizing narrative punctuated by incidents of blood and gore is like being on a rollercoaster ride through a tunnel of horror. The innocence of youth mixed with the unspeakable rising of the dead is a highly combustible.concoction. Thank you so much for the captivating read.

Kenneth Edward Lim
The North Korean

SamNye wrote 651 days ago

Thank you for the kind words about Three Deaths. I had never done a contagion story before, and even though I didn't start out with the intent of making one, something about that rotting body just screamed at the ghost-writer inside me to allow its disease to spread... so I did. I am glad you enjoyed it, and will definitely add to it soon. Thank you for the interest, and I hope to hear from you when I update the story in the future.
I currently began reading your work, but am having eye trouble and the online reading is causing me headaches. I am in the process of looking into glasses, as I do a lot of computer work, and I plan to continue reading once I solve this issue. Good luck with it :)

Maria44 wrote 656 days ago

Hello Samuel

When I saw 'the end' at chapter 1 's finish I wondered if it was a short story.

Anyway, at first when I read of the four walking into the wilderness I thought it would be a mixture of 'The body' by Stephen King or 'Stand by me' for the film mixed with 'Night of the living dead.' Interesting how the violence quickly escalated beyond their control when they were faced with adversity. Yet you made Butch's irrationality and paranoia believable and his slip into lunacy.

The writing is quite good. If I were to offer any advice I would say watch the repetitious words and a little more show where there is tell (but don't we all fall into that trap). I wasn't 100% sure but it appeared at one section that the points of view seemed to change a lot.

Overall I think you should perservere with this because I read a lot of potential. It has all the necessities for a good book, lots of conflict, a desire to keep reading and very good characters.