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date submitted 25.06.2012
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A Walk in the Park with Mozart

Robin Ray

Physicist Henry Bowen, on the first true test of his time machine, accidentally brings Mozart with him into the 20th century.


Physicist Henry Bowen, on the first true test of his time machine, goes back in time to meet his childhood idol, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but accidentally brings him into the 20th century. With only 24 hours before his travel disrupts the time & space continuum, Mozart seeks to learn as many secrets from the future as he could.

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composer, einstein, mozart, opera, physics, seattle, symphony, time machine, time travel, vienna

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Pollyanna Pilsbury wrote 654 days ago

Hello Ray, I loved the idea of the story. So I backed it for a week until I got time to read it, to give you a boost. It reads more like a play than a book and as it is only 10,000 words complete, you might find writing it as a play would be an advantage. The few characters and scenes would be perfect for a performance.
Best of luck.
Pollyanna. 'Marsupeople'

Tod Schneider wrote 667 days ago

This is a very refreshing idea for a story, and I think you tell it well. The characters are well drawn, and you launch the action right away. Mozart discovering the modern world is entertaining to watch. Best of luck with this!
And If you have any interest in children's literature, you are invited to take a look at my novel the Lost Wink.

redrobin62 wrote 667 days ago

Hi leelah. Errors found and corrected! Thanks for reading.

leelah wrote 668 days ago

Hi, Please know that this is just my personal impression, just disregard what does not seem Ok to you.
this is an interesting read. I think it works well as a sketch - but after finishing it, I felt dissatisfied - as if I had expected some more meat on the bones. But as a sketch, it is good! And I would love to see it embroidered a bit more!
Mozart speak convincingly old-fashioned:-)

May I share some errors that i found?
"They can't here you"
"Easy, big fella" Alex advises him ( Mozart is a petite man :-)
!Herr Mozart" Komme! (Nono - Kommen Sie)
"I'll forever treasure your memory (should be: treasure MY memory (of you) Bowen smiles
Make up your mind if you want to call him Alex or Bowen
I am giving you stars, and wish you welcome at Authonomy

kind regards
Leelah Saachi