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date submitted 25.06.2012
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The Obsidian Gate - Book One of the Solarian Cycle

Sarah L. Wyman

When two vastly different worlds collide what can an unusual group of heroes hope to do to maintain peace?


Two worlds are about to be connected through a strange series of events. Danthias Silverbow, an elf from a world called Solaris, finds himself thrust through a portal to an odd place called Earth, where he meets and befriends a group of private investigators called the Sirens. The Sirens' Earth is one full of people with special powers, vampires, lycanthropes, and many other interesting groups. While the Sirens are helping Dan try to find his way home, he falls in love with one of their founding members, Alexandra Lee, a woman with a very haunted past. Despite their differences, the two fall in love and battle their personal demons together. However, getting through their various problems, pasts, and differences may be only the beginning of the problem. Not only are forces from both Solaris and Earth aligning against both Dan and Al personally, but the portal that brought Dan to Earth is highly unstable and may bring about catastrophe if not dealt with. Dan and the Sirens journey across both worlds with a courageous group of friends in hopes of ultimately saving both worlds.

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erotica, fantasy, fiction, horror, lycanthropes, romance, science fiction, time/space travel, vampires

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hockgtjoa wrote 565 days ago

This is a very interesting story, well told. I don't think Alex' accent helps--there are already so many different things going on in the story. Also I wouldn't call this science fiction. Other than these small matters, I am intrigued by this story (I like fantasy even though I don't care for paranormal/zombie stuff). You came close to having a character say "some of my best friends are paranormal" which to me would have been a hoot. I'm going to back this come October.

Julie_Undead wrote 611 days ago

I fell right in love with this story. A good deal of war realism is softened with a fairy tale quality that makes this a universal read. Lovely descriptive writing style that is not over the top. You have a very cohesive and engaging way of telling a story that holds a reader, and doesn't make them in any hurry to finish the book. A beautiful job, and I wish you all the best. Highly starred and recommended as well to my writing partner, Kristen, for some support.
If you get a chance to look at Running Home, it would be much appreciated.

Lenny Banks wrote 622 days ago

Hi Sarah, I read chapter 5 (5. & 6.) I found this to be well written and easy to follow. loved that line 'all the world seemed to go fuzzy' been there a couple of times for diffferent reasons. Good Luck with this, I think people who like fantasy adventures like this are going to love it.

Kind Regards

maretha wrote 648 days ago

Sarah L. Wyman - The Obsidian Gate - Book One of the Solanian Cycle
I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this most intriguing and well-developed story. Your imagination gave me wings as well. I'm at ch 7 - New York City and sit on the edge of my chair. Can Danthias escape from the police car or rather Gnomish death machine (excellent). You describe his escape so well "..if ever there was a time for a miracle..." "One solid mule kick, delivered from legs fueled by lycan strength shattered the door..." Also the demise of the cop car "..crumpling like a tin can hit by a mack truck..." Vivid description! Just a few paragraphs further you write about Dan looking back at the smashed vehicle: Dan "...glanced on, rather change the preposition and use glance at the twisted metal that was the Gnomish death machine.... Other than that, I just enjoyed the read.
Further in the chapter you describe a scene from two points of view. Dianthias finding Alexandra and Sarah's flat and his reaction to her - definite something romantic- and then from the sisters' point of view - he crashed in twisted metal and so forth. It seems the attraction is mutual - so much more to look forward to. Just a final line I really liked: Alexandra - "his face softened, he murmered something softly in a musical flowing language."
I really loved the tone of the book, fantastic original imagery and the dialogue among the different characters was easy to follow, making the reader part of the scene.
Well done and very high stars. I have no doubt that Danthias Silverbow, Shadow Stalker, Elf will remain a very loveable and believable character :-))
All the best on authonomy
Maretha/African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends

Sarah L Wyman wrote 657 days ago

Thank you very much, Debbie! :) I really appreciate it. You're probably right about the metaphor being a bit cliche. I'll look it over and consider replacing it with something more suitable for the final draft. Thanks again and I really appreciate the feedback

Debbie R wrote 657 days ago

First of all Sarah, I like the way you write. You balance description, action and dialogue well. Being able to describe things well is so key when writing a fantasy book and you do it very well. Your tone is engaging and the pace has a nice steady flow. The characters are building well - and I like the scene when the bandits attack and the Shadow Stalker appears.
One thing that didn't sit well for me was when you used the metaphor 'as white as a sheet'.
This certainly has all the elements of a very good fantasy book.

High stars and wishing you well.

Speedy McCready

Sarah L Wyman wrote 658 days ago

Dear Dr. J - I don't really know if there are words that can describe how honored I am at your post. Thank you for the wonderful comments and praise that you heaped on my story and I am so glad that you're enjoying it so much. It's wonderful to see someone else enjoy my world as much as I do. I will take everything you said under advisement and will happily extend the praise and same courtesy to you, when time permits. Thank you again, so, so very much.

Sarah L Wyman wrote 659 days ago

This is a very interesting read Sarah and quite a fresh concept. Rated highly and added to my watchlist, am interested to see how this develops.

Nathan Preedy
The War of the Gods

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the feedback and will be sure to extend you the same courtesy as time permits. It's a little scary to have my work out like this but it makes it worth it when I see that others enjoy it as much as I do. :)

bleeder4 wrote 659 days ago

This is a very interesting read Sarah and quite a fresh concept. Rated highly and added to my watchlist, am interested to see how this develops.

Nathan Preedy
The War of the Gods

Sarah L Wyman wrote 660 days ago

Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully this will be the start of something great. I love the characters and I can't wait to have them speak to me more and see where the story ends.

MrsGray wrote 660 days ago


I always think those who write fantasy are braver than most. It takes a lot of creativity to invent your own universe! You steadily paint a picture of lovely universe with rich, dense text. I am a girl who likes action, so my favorite parts are when things really start moving! Love your snarky MC! Overall, an exciting new fantasy world where anything can happen!

April Gray
The Illusion