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Investigating John 3:16

Rev. Eddie Madrigal

Investigating John 3:16 by Eddie Madrigal helps students of God’s Word discover for themselves the true significance of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


Investigating John 3:16 describes how you can discover for yourself the true meaning of the verse. When John said that “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life,” John literally meant every word. But, is this verse for everyone? Can all people relate to this verse in the same manner? The answer is that it depends on whether or not you have been called and on whether or not you are receptive. Far too many times we look at Bible verses and just cannot seem to figure out what God maybe trying to tell us … so we jump from one verse to another hoping to get a glimpse into the heart and mind of God only to find ourselves missing out on what He may be saying. But, if we quiet our spirits and meditate on a key verse, like John 3:16, much can be discovered and applied. God’s presence is seen throughout this book and the references it holds within it can change your life! May God bless you on your journey and I hope to read comments from you soon.

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Shiloh Yazdani wrote 6 days ago

A very good look at the love of God. What a wonderful God and what wonderful love that would cause Him to pay us a price for sinner's salvation and accept those who want to reject Him and His wonderful love.
I'm glad I got to read some of your book!
"Courage Through Faith"

SteveSeven wrote 631 days ago

Dear Eddie,

well, again I am impressed with the theological vigour that you have shown here with John 3:16.
I love the format that you use by introducing the themes and them giving differnt translations and then the full context of the 3rd chapter of John. After that going to the wisdom of Matthew Henry and John Gill for their astute commentaries is also a great way to bring together the message that you put together here. You have certainly made a very thorough-going exposition of this verse and are to be commended for the deep insights that you have shown.
Well done and very inspiring, keep up the good work.

Kind regards, Steve

AudreyB wrote 640 days ago

One of the perks of sending all the new folks a welcome message is that I'm often one of the first to check out a promising new book. I have always loved the words of John3:16 (we learned a song about it back in VBS but it sounded more like a funeral dirge). My current pastor often says to change "the world" to our own first names...For God so loved Eddie Madrigal, that if Eddie believes in him, he shall not perish but have eternal life.

Authonomy is giving me trouble at the moment so I may return to add to this review. Grrr...

Forgiveness Fits

MaryBe wrote 642 days ago

Rev. Madrigal,
Your book is certainly a theological study of John 3:16. I would be interested in taking your course (as I perceive the book to be) and learning from your teaching of it and from the other students as each chapter with lines for my own thoughts are studied. I enjoyed most chapter 3 with the list of interpretations of John 3:16. I carefully thought about each one and found my understanding of the verse expanding mightlly. God bless your efforts!