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Balloons and Band Aids

Karon White Gibson, RN TV Nurse

As sequel to the book, Nurses On Our Own, portraying the obstacles, challenges adventures and great success of a hospital nurse turned entrepreneur millionaire .


This story begins after a court battle with a hospital who unfairly terminated this nurse for the "outside interest" in nursing. After a successful out of court settlement, she pioneered a "hospital without walls". As the creator of a Nursing Service Business that provided everthing from movie set nurses to amusement park first aid , traveling nurses and models to design uniforms on, she went on to become a millionaire nurse , As producer host of a television talk show leading to a longer life, she interviews experts, Doctors , Nurses, Lawyers, Cosmeticians, Chemists, Nutritionists and Naturopaths to research and disseminate "Outspoken" information not heard anywhere else. As a Registered Nurse with experience in e varied specialties from ER to Occupational Health and Movie consulting to writing a healthcare column for local newspapers, she has led an adventurous careers with many facets. This is a story of women overcoming obstacles and making a significant change in the bittersweet lives of others, nurses or not. Her story is both personal and professional and reaches the hearts of men and women as she challenges the system and wins patient advocate court battles without an attorney. Experience the adventurous mystique of medicial nurses.

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Balloons and Band Aids wrote 666 days ago

There were no objections. Because I was not a lawyer, I was allowed to say more than usual.

4wardassociates wrote 802 days ago

I'm not sure why you chose to write about your experiences in the third-person rather than first person. It reads like fiction because of that.

The first chapter was sometimes hard to follow because it wasn't clear if we were flashing back to a memory or it was part of her testimony in the court. I would have expected some objections if it was testimony since she was going beyond her direct experience (in the narration at least).

Scott W.
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