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Violet Ivy

Interviews with sexy Cougars and their young cubs. Real people who actively seek out this age difference.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know what a Cougar is; an older woman who is attracted to, and has intimate relations with, much younger men, the cubs. The actual age differences involved are a bit blurred depending on who you speak to. Is it true that Cougars are only into sexual conquests, not relationships? That’s a case by case scenario. The most famous introduction to this phenomenon in modern history was the groundbreaking film The Graduate. It depicts a middle-aged woman, Mrs. Robinson, who seduces a recent college graduate many years her junior. and are a couple of the many dating sites specifically set up for this type of couple. They claim to have thousands of members. Read, enjoy, be educated, shocked, surprised. These are real life people who not only don’t see anything wrong with the age difference but actively seek it out.

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shallow cut wrote 462 days ago

This feels smug and self-serving, kind of like those who can, do, and those who can't talk about it. Or if the 'cubs' were writing, they would be saying MILFs instead of cougars. And God forbid an older man write about a girlfriend a fraction of his age– we'd pillory him.

What an older woman can do is offer experience. A 20-something girl is likely to rush a blowjob thinking it's all action and frantic energy, too intent on showing off rather than enjoy. An older woman slows down, takes her time, and enjoys.

I'm going to back but I think it needs a shift from "Lookee what we can do" to a more insightful approach. A few grains of genuine passion and compassion would help too.

Bell52 wrote 464 days ago

Hi. I've read a few chapters and found it interesting. I had heard of a cougar but never knew the exact details before. I'm 34 and would never have classed anyone at my age being a courgar but horses for courses and all that! Your writing is easy to follow and i look forward to reading more (and getting some tips! lol).
Long Lost

Lourdes wrote 468 days ago

Before i ran into this book i had no idea what a Cougar was nor am i one, but the read was entertaining, realistic, and it kept a smile on my face throughout all nine chapters. It is of an intimate nature and very human in a mature sort of way, but tastefully pun intended :). Thanks for sharing and best of luck with it.
High stars and WLed.
The Path to Survival