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date submitted 23.01.2009
date updated 10.02.2009
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Joseph James

On Rodeo is the story of Abby Hanson, drug-addicted prostitute and her unlikely relationship with billionaire mogul, Gilbert Seymour, scion of Beverly Hills society.


Four short blocks in the middle of the Beverly Hills business district comprise Rodeo Drive, “the Most Famous Shopping Street in the World.” Here, it is possible to buy almost anything the mind can conjure--one-hundred-thousand-dollar dresses, two-hundred-thousand-dollar gold and diamond-encrusted watches, million-dollar vacations to every corner of the globe. You can even buy love here, though it isn’t advertised and few know where to look for it. On Rodeo is the story Beverly Hills billionaire, movie mogul Gilbert Seymour and his tortured relationship with Abby Hanson, a drug-addicted Echo Park prostitute. The novel spans one tempestuous year in the life of America’s wealthiest town (and its unbridled, sometimes unhinged citizenry.) It takes the reader on a no-holds-barred tour of the back lots and back streets of Beverly Hills---the homes, hangouts and billion dollar businesses that provide the glamorous and alluring backdrop for its very privileged and—until now--very private citizens. On Rodeo offers a sexy, intimate, shocking and dazzling peek behind the velvet ropes and silken curtains of the Golden Triangle—America’s wealthiest Zip Code.

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beverly hills, billionaire, conflict, intrigue, love, lovers, movie stars, movies, murder, passion, police, satire, scandals, sex, stars, television

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Violet Ivy wrote 605 days ago

The thing I love about your book is the use of stereotypical characters; the druggie hooker with the abusive druggie boyfriend, the handsome, kind millionaire wanting to do the right thing, the six foot two movie mogul, the Claudia Schiffer model. It's so Jackie Collins. It works so well. Were you tongue in cheek when you wrote it? It goes on, the hooker's shitty apartment, the millionaires row of Rodeo Drive, the six star hotels lining the streets etc etc.
GREAT backdrop of scenery and characters for this novel.
Well done
Violet Ivy

Dom C wrote 1818 days ago

I'm new here, I'm going to take a look at your book because the short pitch really grabbed me. I find flawed characters way more interesting (most times you meet a sex worker in fiction she's clean, also often a single mother just trying to get by/an angel/saint undercover), but I would have liked to see a bit more detail about the characters in the synopsis - we've all got a picture of beverly Hills. Having said that, as a fan of pulp fiction over the years, much of it set around LA and Hollywood, I always think that any story set where excessive wealth sits alongside excessive seediness has to be at least a bit interesting!