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date submitted 04.07.2013
date updated 06.07.2013
genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
classification: adult

Fantastica volume 3 (The super raw edit. Maybe publish ready by 2016)

Victorio Velasquez

The 3rd volume of my satire of fiction/fantasy book series Fantastica.


This volume details the aftermath of the failed invasion. Shit and his surviving allies are taken prisoner to the great city to live a new life of enslaved servitude as gladiators for the emperor's amusement. Meanwhile, Dope returns to resuming life as a scantily clad palace slave.

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Lourdes wrote 387 days ago

Wow, Victorio.
Your tittle captured my attention and I must admit this is very different from anything I have ever read on this site. At first I laughed because it was funny, but towards the end of the first chapter, I though this must’ve been put together by some kind of sadistic psychopath, or, a man with a very bizarre sense of humor.
The only observation i have is a misspelled word towards the end of chapter one.
"So now it came to pass that many sharpened spears, a good number of them voluntarily furnished from the traitorous warriors loyal to there (their) esteemed leader."
It's a very well written piece of narrative, although i think i'll stop at chapter one, otherwise I’ll feel like a psychopath, myself. :D
The Path to Survival.