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date submitted 26.01.2009
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Army of forty - Daughter of the Muses

RL Davies

All blood lines of the muses meet together in one misfortunate young lady, destine to lo live the life of a modernised greek heroine.


The ability to move with frioctionless grace a beauty with any rythm would never be looked upon as a curse, nor would the ability to paint away ones emotion and vent modern angst and stresses through mediums of art, however these are symptoms of the soul. A soul of substance and depth nurtured within a body bound by genetics of the muse sisterhood, the women who inspired the ancient worlds poets, phillosophers and artists - and who apparently also 'tweeked' the world to hide the secrets of the past as legend and myth. Leanna Parish 'suffers' from these symptoms and thus stirs up some conrtoversy in the ancient worlds few surviving links; however these links aren't alone. And those that the Greek heroes were quested to defeat may just lay in slumber and as the universe begins to unravel Leanna finds herself as the newest quested heroine of the ancient days, now working with a much more modernised coven of heroes, she herself becomes known as the Army of Forty's Greek idol hoping to stop the world from meeting a fate that only the gods stopped in the past; right before they were forgotten and destroyed.

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, greek, modern, mythology

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Nick Poole2 wrote 1526 days ago

This a breathless slice of drunken egomaniac young life. Sex and booze and some violence and learning about love and not learning about responsibility. The first chapter is so long and jumps around so much that I feel drunk myself.

hahaha! God I had a good time at that age. It's all a bit blurred though.

Don't stop writing, dude, cos you have something here. I think you should read some more stuff to get a feel of structure maybe...but who knows, maybe this is the only structure this could have? One lomg ragged breath of events.

Anyway, I'm backing you. This should be doing better. It has that "spark".

"Mirror In The Sky".

mikegilli wrote 1533 days ago

Very entertaining. I enjoyed all I read. The blog is good for introducing Leanna and friends,
then the storyline is fun, the dialogue works well. I liked Selene´s triplet split!.
Glitch in trhe pitch.. I think it's´'tweaked'.. frictionless and philosophers.
Best luck,,,on my SHELF...............Mikell