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date submitted 18.11.2013
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Finger Bones and the Ghost Dog

Sara Stinson

Ryan and Shelley Dumpsters are twins, dead twins. They died on bad terms with their father. Max has returned to reunite them.


History has shown story after story of dogs traveling great distances to return to their human families. Max take this to the extreme. He returns from The Land of Mist, the Between World. Wendy Dee Winkelmann meets the extraordinary yellow lab with the big brown eyes. She soon learns this canine has a quest, and Wendy, Finger Bones, and her two best friends have their next ghost job. (I will add more later.)

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adventure, family-friendly, fiction, friends, ghosts, middle-grade, mystery, paranormal, small town, solving problems, witches, young adult

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D.J.Milne wrote 219 days ago


Sorry for the delay in commenting but I took a short break from the site.

A nice first chapter setting the scene with Wendy and Max. The interaction between the two is cute and well written, as is the dialogue between Wendy and Jessie.

You have a lovely gentle way with words and your scenes are very discriptive, even down to the hiccupping! I liked all the stuff about the cell phone it brings a good modern feel to the tale. A good hook at the end to get the page turning to find out if Max was badly hurt or not.

On the comments from only a couple of things jarred with me. You say that Max's paws 'clanked' as they made contact with the ground. this seemed like an odd choice of words unles there will be a reason why his paws made such a sound. Also when Jessie jumped out of the Doodlebug you say she 'jogged' to the front of the car. personally over such a short distance jogged sounded too heavy a word, perhaps try rushed or flew.

Well, good luck with this Sara and I hope it does as well a Finger Bones.

Spilota wrote 234 days ago

Good to see Wendy back in another adventure. I had a quick look at this and hope it will do well.