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In Bloom

J.L. Hohler III

A woman struggles to redefine herself after her divorce and to come to grips with independence, sexual liberation and her precocious, yet tremendously talented, daughter.


Katie, a frustrated artist, struggles to redefine herself in the year after her divorce and come to grips with her newfound independence, her sexual liberation and Lane, her precocious, yet tremendously talented, 15 year-old daughter. The story is told in the first person by both Katie and Lane and though it is not above finding the humor in their sometimes strained relationship, its true interest is in the more universal elements of life, specifically the issues we all face as we move beyond simply being young adults – full of naïve hopes and dreams – to being actual adults with children and mortgages and responsibilities.

Though written from the perspective of a woman and her daughter, In Bloom began as the story of Richard, a man that Katie took as a lover. However, after only a few pages it was clear that the dynamic between Katie and Lane, and Katie and herself, would drive the story and the initial approach was abandoned in favor of exploring the more resonant story of how Katie dealt with the compromises and disappointments of life and consequently tried to raise a child to avoid the same traps and mistakes she had made.

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Seringapatam wrote 484 days ago

Really good story and so well told. Its very sharp and flows well.

Sean Connolly British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R)

Moon Blossom wrote 816 days ago

Excellent exploration of sexuality...well-written too!